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  1. L2 classic ES 2.0

    He is not Crazy
  2. Aden Castle teleport.

    Please fix teleport to entrance of seal ofshilien from Aden Castle.
  3. New "work in progress" for 2.0

    Please ,don't do it again.
  4. CP BR Recruta!

  5. CP BR Recruta!

    CP BR Recruit: SWS - 67 + (or driver for our sws 74) EE - 67 + OL- 67 + (or driver for our WC 76) Prime: 19:30 - 00:00 - Brazilia ( GMT -2) PM/Mail InGame : SORVETE/ MASSDMG
  6. No NPC at Aden castle.

    No NPC at Aden castle.
  7. 2nd Anniversary

    YugiOh event...hahaha
  8. Castle of 2kkk

    3 cps bizz,kiam, str also.
  9. Castle Siege

    Keep crying guys, we still here f cking your lifes. 😆
  10. Castle of 2kkk

    Zerg and proud.
  11. Castle of 2kkk

    Also Know stop qq, and fi 69 for nothing...
  12. Class Change Service 2.0?

    The class system should change only one thing in 2.0, the maximum lvl to change class should be 65-. So as not to be unfair to anyone who has always played with the same class and who thinks about playing the olympiads.
  13. rip in peaces

    Nice video, i enjoy it, good gameplay also. =D
  14. 1 day, first weapon will be dualsword for sure.
  15. Red August 2017

    Are u serious? 15 players?