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  1. vinter

    Server politics

    GO RR. ..
  2. vinter

    FearNoOne CP Vol.03 - BS/SPS/EE PoV

    I want copy rights.
  3. vinter

    about new bosses

    "EU" server, even being "EU" server China controll most of epic and if adms decide to no custom spawn time, for sure they will controll new bosses also...
  4. vinter

    Disturbing the peace II

    Show us all fights, please...
  5. vinter

    Disturbing the peace II

    Our peace are intact, u can't disturbe me. =)
  6. vinter

    Disturbing the peace II

    RMT 100%.
  7. vinter

    Disturbing the peace II

    Stun resist 200%...
  8. vinter

    Heroes Of The Talking Island

    BraimDamage = SM HelloFriend is not WK
  9. vinter

    First Olympiad Heroes !!!

    That's the spirit!
  10. vinter

    First Olympiad Heroes !!!

    Myrciu disappointed me...
  11. vinter

    Giran CH BUGGED

    No msg anymore. But now all clan can't receive reward.
  12. vinter

    Giran CH BUGGED

    last night, because i was afraid to lose 20kk for bug or something like that,so i remove 20kk and put 11kk...
  13. vinter

    Giran CH BUGGED

    Message still there. Look.
  14. vinter

    Giran CH BUGGED

    1 - yes. 2 - yes. 3 - i'm offline.