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  1. Class Change Service 2.0?

    The class system should change only one thing in 2.0, the maximum lvl to change class should be 65-. So as not to be unfair to anyone who has always played with the same class and who thinks about playing the olympiads.
  2. rip in peaces

    Nice video, i enjoy it, good gameplay also. =D
  3. 1 day, first weapon will be dualsword for sure.
  4. Red August 2017

    Are u serious? 15 players?
  5. Red August 2017

    Ex DarkLegion members speaking about zerg...
  6. Strongest CPs?

    Worst WL server shut up, please. =)
  7. Amnesty make toxic players back to server, so NO!
  8. New to server

    u wellcome =)
  9. I can't log in OBT, how i do to log in?
  10. 2.0 Open Beta Test

    No drama pleaseeee! I'm nervous.
  11. Testosterone Fuel

    Nice video, i hope someday we go 9x9...
  12. Samurai long sword skin

    Don't need change it...
  13. Strongest clan

    EternalShine????? WTF, ES is a fcking noob clan, full pve, and his better cp (Bloodbrothers) moves to anarchy.