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  1. Low lvl clan recruiting

    good initiative
  2. transfer money

    Tex for answering. Problem is solved . I waited for a day and then it was on my account.
  3. transfer money

    Yeah thats the problem it is not on my account 😅
  4. transfer money

    Good afternoon, i transfered 6 euros but i dont see it in my auction house? When will i see it so i can buy an item?
  5. email items to other account

    Can I send to a lvl 1 if I am 20?
  6. email items to other account

    I just started on this server. no i am lvl 15 now. Should i be higher than 20 to send an email?
  7. Sorry for these questions all the time but how can i send items to my brothers account? i cant seem to attach anything to the email?
  8. Donate

    thanks for the replies
  9. Donate

    good morning, I am wondering if you get ingame rewards for donating? (adena/ gear ?). on another note i saw somewhere that you can buy items for real money? How to do this?
  10. Dwarf spoils

    Hey thanks allot for the fast answer I just read a bit on the forum but it isn;t allowed to dual box unless you pay for it? Can't i just login on 2 accounts? Or use my brothers account if he isn't online?
  11. Dwarf spoils

    Good day Everyone, my brother And me want to start on this server this weekend (played l2 when it game out in Korea And the first Year in europe). want to know if it is worth it to start a dwarf spoiler For beter gear later on? greets