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  1. Need few tips about class change from SwS

    Huh. This is new. Anyway... Read l2 classic wiki about classes you are interested in, learn what skills they have, what they can/can't do. Every class is good at the end game, but some are strong in 1vs1, some are strong in mass pvp, some are strong in pve, some are must have in every party. You just need to decide if you want to play ranged/melee dd and what is more important for you: pvp or pve content. As it was said before, necro is very powerful (good dmg, lots of debuffs, high survivability). Or you can try to play PR, this is one of the most powerful dd's as well, but he's very fragile and can't go aoe. If you're into melee classes, you can try DA. Or you can continue playing SWS trying to get higher lvl. While you're playing SWS you have time to learn more about different classes and ask more ppl.
  2. Bounty Hunter - Main

    They're both good, but WC has less buffs at low lvls, you're gonna exp him very hard. PP has more buffs from the beginning and has better healing, but he doesn't have vampiric rage. So it's up to you to decide which one fits you better.
  3. Simple Question about server

    You can't just compare a dead one server (dex) and an alive one. Almost every day it's like at least 5-7 guys asking about online at this server and most of them started to play here. I guess this fact can tell you something about online. Here's a lot of newcomers, this is a good sign, so give it a shot. I had some doubts too, now i play here for more than 6 months, and online is still good and will be like that for a few years.
  4. Привет

    Новенькие есть и их очень много, один на своём уровне точно не останешься, всегда кто-то фармит 20-40 рейд боссов и иногда на АОЕ пати собирают. Саппорт всегда найдет здесь пати, ибо не у каждого есть второе окно. Больше всего здесь оконных ПП и ШЕ, есть и БД, но гораздо меньше. Так что можешь смело создавать ЕЕ или СВС, шаманы для хардкорщиков (трудно их в здешних реалиях качать, почти никто не берет в пати на лоу уровнях). Смотри к чему душа лежит, короче. Если сильно топишь за какой-то класс, то поиграй за него, даже если он не сильно тут популярен. Лучше играть за того кто тебе нравится, чем качнуть на востребованном классе большой уровень и понять, что это не твоё.
  5. Bounty Hunter - Main

    IMO not the best choice. If you're gonna make BH and you don't have any friends to party with or CP, you need at least SE for heal/recharge/basic buffs. But hey, if you're really into BH, you love this class and all, then you should try. Anyway if u won't like it and you will decide to reroll, you'll have adena for your other char. Remember - fortune favors the brave ones!
  6. Music Thread

  7. 2.0 Update! 24.10.2017

    Probably, but in the long run. Which is fine, i don't like to rush anyways.
  8. Newbie

    Зайди на форуме в раздел "Медиа" и посмотри тему "Server online" Рус Патч для игры скачай в русскоязычном разделе.
  9. SWS Setup Help

    Your setup depends on what you're gonna do. If you're into mass pvp and sieges, you might want go +CON and Doom set. But having BW would be nice too, especially if you're gonna try oly. Anyway, you'll need lots of adena. Btw, there's no such thing as SA, we have weapon runes here, i'd say the most useful for sws is yul (+speed) which you can put in any cheap D grade dagger and othell (+crit rate) in your main weapon. Of course, there's other runes with other bonuses, you can google it and decide what suits you. You also might want to check RBs and gather party by yourself. Later you won't need to do this, but at your lvl it's the only way to lvl up fast. Take the initiative in your hands. Just do it! Don't let your dreams be dreams.
  10. Name Barry

    J3arry looks like an elegant option
  11. New to the game need help

    Try to dance in front of other players. Maybe they'll give you some adena.
  12. SwordSinger setup

    Isn't it better to use a two-handed sword for more dps?
  13. Гайд для старта на сервер

    Это скорее гайд для фарма адены
  14. Humain knight

    Hello! Tank is a good choice here, but it is kinda hard, because for good leveling you need to run a lot. You can check party matching from time to time, people always need tanks for RB, but your task is to run by circles while others damaging RB with bows. Quest armor and any dagger is enough, but sometimes you need bow too, especially if RB agro on someone else, you need to deal damage too and try to agro it back. From 34-35 lvl you can go pull trains at alligator island with aoe mages, you'll have some sweet loot and adena there. Basically this is entire gameplay for tank: RBs and trains. So it is up for you to decide if u can handle it.