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  1. exp loss in siege

    we are from NF and when got wiped by chinos at Aden, we didnt lose exp even though we were holding oren which mean no registration at Aden, you should check this
  2. Kure the unstoppable!

    Lunatic, ok, noted
  3. Vision bug of transformation

    ppl cant see the transformation from other players
  4. Update info before 2nd Baium

    where is my best clan? fcker?
  5. Christmas Event spree!

    is cloak tradeable? for fc ksake?
  6. WTT emi 12 = bop 7

    as titled said, pls inbox or mail Kiddy ingame
  7. Back To The Game

    pls hurt this guy more
  8. Summoners while on Mount

    i dont see any "noob" from joushi666 performance , that last fight he doesnt evenn need to mount to kite both of you
  9. Question about new CH change

    y, i agree, just how i feel
  10. Question about new CH change

    @san0 sometimes i dont how to feel about our server wonderful it is, but sometimes it feels so wrong this is very very big disadvantage for ppl which didnt have hall before
  11. Question about new CH change

    @San0 hi, man, cain i know that if i can buy exp scroll ever again? you added 2 kinds of SP scroll and i just wonder if i buy all of that, exp scroll will replace by chance or something else?
  12. Chronicles of Shinryu 2nd Season - episode 2

    i think i found a minor bug here, when dagger uses shadown step, its supposed to cancel any target that other players had on him