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  1. WS was weak =))
  2. ally whole server then complaint, kill yourself chinos
  3. really hope 2.0 will come soon, TOI will like savior to melee/archer players, its just easier for 1 on 1 grinding than LOA, almost 2 years i think im one of the most patient players on this server, but....idk,
  4. and pls, one more thing, dont even consider any kind of respect from us, you cant slap into other ppl's faces then expect "respect" still exists
  5. at least when AD left, he said straight to our faces that we were not in the same page so goodbye, but wtf are you doing here? you trying really hard to make impression that you left becoz some us FORCED you to do it, but no, no one fking force you anything, you leave due to your own insterests, you turned your back on ppl who tried to defend for you on many aspects, do you fking know how many times OOC wanted to crush your little JF ? Yes, right or left, you betrayed us, with a brighter future and higher price, still, smart move, but pls stop acting so mighty and innocent, you fking hypocrite, good luck.
  6. myrciu doesnt lie, he just trying to convince himself, still, smart move, if i were as smart as you, maybe something more funny could have happened, good luck with your path
  7. soon, soon, soon, soonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn
  8. nah, ok, good luck
  9. trade done
  10. no offense but i suggest you to change to some warrior type DD or just wait till TOI is released, becoz with your set up right now its literraly that you are recruiting a pt to help you leech exp, and...i dont think anyone will want to team up with you at this moment, best regard
  11. i know we dont have spy, we have too less ppl to any spy can blend into our forces, but i felt weird becoz jerna didnt even tell this to anyone beside his Cp members so this is my guess, jerryz tell annie, annie tell you >>> jerry the 007 LUL
  12. jumped on TS, tell jerryz "hey, mother fukers, ppl voted us strongest clan, man" he was like:
  13. sorry AD, last siege we had 36-39 on CC and only 3-4 boxes, all dance/sing/healer char was active ;)) and, how you know they pmed us? =)) im feeling so werid right now =))
  14. no one hold TFD at oren, it was Kiam understimated ES and just choose to keep oren then giran, bad choice
  15. i voted Other then show result and saw SM got 25 votes, just muahahahaha