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  1. like hell they could be faster than here, 2.0 features is very huge , just chill out
  2. yea, maybe fun will contact kse and tell him that they were the one with legal adena, and illegal adena might be was traded by 2 sub-char so these 2 sub-char will get banned
  3. i think Fun is not that stupid and use one of their char to bid the hall, its a sub clan with a sub char as its leader, i think
  4. i am speechless gg, wp
  5. if legianna make this movie to make them lost their sh!t, lol, he did it
  6. low lv ===> zerg for domination high lv also want domination ===> swamp double standard =)
  7. SOME newcomers, its those who never try classic before, trust me, if you try classic version once, in any server, grain kain, sekth, talking island, you will understand what i means, its 2 differet games already.
  8. im doubt about that, why? becoz classic is like a new world comapred with H5, its like 2 totally different games actually, maybe some newcowers will go for H5, but LOL, those old hags who have been here for more than 6 months? nah, like hell they will, my clan doesnt even care about this h5 anymore
  9. i feel you, bro, i had an idiot yolo here anw, fcking jerryz
  10. ofc soil is an idiot, who cares? =) we dont follow him, we playing with him, this alliance was formed since vigilance wasnt even a thing, when soil was just a yolo gladitor with yolo the red, yolo the kou and some more yolo folks, winning is good, losing is bad, the taste of winning ofc is more tastier and more better, but who cares? =) no one wins forever , i very expect when that day comes we can be yolo idiots again, good luck =)
  11. if you guys really are allies, you should act more properly in next siege, 80-90% of our vietnamese and korean players doesnt understand Soi's command on CC, every single command Soil had, we had to repeat and make a chain command for our members to follow, and i think chinese clans can do the same, good luck next time, in the meantime we will enjoy our giran, oh oh oh
  12. actually, lots of ppl sell warlod accounts on grain kain, right, sano just need to buy one and test himself, problems solved, LUL
  13. maye its not wrong, maybe beocz its innova that made their hands into skill mechanic, need some tests on korean off
  14. im justfruit's fan and modoy was right, i always wonder why many, many warlord players in RU off chose the +12 con - 15 str build but not +12 - 15 DEx like our servers, but since im not a warlord player myself so i just ignore it and keep focus on my stuffs, and bow i think this is the answer, good job but, since the decription says the skill has critical chance, then a deep reseach should be needed
  15. my lv75 ovl is now more OP ,ty soil