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  1. linnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn
  2. 5:00 Am, oh god, no, its 7:00 Am, keep telling yourself that
  3. both ideals is pointless, class change service has it own restriction, no unbalance will happen due to that, dont worry
  4. darkside, darkside, darkside
  5. you killed my eyes, ganja, i will bomb your house
  6. so poor
  7. be a family for enternity pls
  8. what a big family
  9. oh wait.. sory, am i too soon? sorry, pls keep continue
  10. Recruiting arche pack, level min 74+, required necro on your pack and have to use karmian, prime time is 24/24, pm ScreamForMe for more info,
  11. ty for the show
  12. my popcorn is still half full, pls keep the show
  13. what a troublesome family