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  1. =)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))
  2. sws, Tk not so good
  3. it seems soil still a trend here
  4. and you not worth my time, young padawan
  5. mental shield from our server doesnt reduce duration anymore, you dont know that?
  6. yea, do the same and you will realize how embarassed you were, clown =))
  7. modification of mental shield from our server is not so right, in our admins mind it sound ok, but from real experiences i think its not, becoz they never suffer from 1 minute silence from a top lv ovl, in 2.0 debuff duration time will get reduced by a half, it means if with how mental shield shoul work on offcial, we will have only 15s of silence, 5s of fear, 15s of root. i really hope that san0 and his staff could afford more time to rework mental shield
  8. its not a far future anymore, its the good thing to have cp, and only with karik you can have more adena for enchating or to buy OE weapon, or EAB for armor
  9. hi man, i think you should recruit 1 more DD, better be tyrant or destroyer, potential of your cp right now is pretty limited, even you want to AOE its still pretty hard to do it with karik
  10. dont,,, just dont...
  11. =)))
  12. @Anytimeyou my favourite =))))
  13. we are following RU offcial
  14. congrats guys, finally