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  1. My love letter and BlueZerg

    this server never truly free for us
  2. My love letter and BlueZerg

    the clown is being ignored, pff
  3. Server fixes

    hate to say this but those bot coder will break throught again and our admin wont have time to fight with them all day, all night, chinese bring population and money to keep server alive but also corruption, just have to accept and cope with it /china_number_one

    rule is rule, make ticket to admin, explain the situation, maybe you have 3rd chance, LOL
  5. [FIXED]Mark of battle

    in case you need name of box char cant receive marks, here is mine: mrhehe, spiritofwind, cartherin, misskill, khactiep
  6. Hero Mystic Muse PvP vol.2

    he worked his ass off to get hero and you called him coward coz he used it,ok, gl mate
  7. Aoere lv13

    WTS aoere lv13, inbox me if interested

    i think you need to ask around in your RU community about this, i bet its about the amount of each drop, it may contain 3-5 per drop but not 1, becoz with this speed, even a side which is have better control of TOI like WS side would cost like 1 year to have full skills for 1 Cp, with farming 5 hours a day
  9. Biggest Scammer of 2017(from WK)

    such bullsh!t, that clan hall belong to vigilance aka nighstalker, vogias aka redlight changed his heart so he nicely give it to his chinese friend, and for sure chinese + korean gather up adena (about 20 bil as i was informed) to bid it, then drama happened at koreans switch side again >>> scammer, pfff
  10. Biggest Scammer of 2017

    becoz if he gives the clan back to kiam, members will be homeless, be a scammer is better choice in this situation
  11. Hello !

    where is the door?
  12. exp loss in siege

    we are from NF and when got wiped by chinos at Aden, we didnt lose exp even though we were holding oren which mean no registration at Aden, you should check this
  13. Kure the unstoppable!

    Lunatic, ok, noted
  14. Vision bug of transformation

    ppl cant see the transformation from other players