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  1. qloc01

    Perkunas CP lf necro

    try thisismylife, maybe hes free
  2. qloc01


    just 9 months
  3. qloc01


    epic is just an exmaple for my point, andrey, lmao, ofc ppl wont break just becoz of epic
  4. qloc01


    dont worry, when this zerg have enought epic they will break again, just wait
  5. qloc01

    Worth to start here?

  6. qloc01

    Samuarai Long Sword (appearance )

  7. qloc01

    SM recruiting pm Valeera

    soil, or bizz, or jerry, none of them like zerg, this what i am sure of as anyone can be. soil started his side from zero, literally, when you, bizz, you took over from your previous leader - reaver, so pls tell me, how the hell that soil could started with outnumbered? dude? are you on this server for 2 years+ for real? or somebody just took over your char over and over again? and soil CP was pretty no life, like 16 hours non-stop exp/pvp from every prime, from asian to EU, to NA, and ofc they left you behind, and since you realize you couldnt keep up with epic/level, you chose numbers, like what jerryz choose today, and chinos/ES you pull everything to you, to overhelm soil by numbers, and thats the point we started to call you zergunas. And you and everyone from perk on this forum was trying to avoid that truth and put every excusses on soil/AD (again, for real?), no one want zerg, i can tell you and everybody here that not even 50% of us really treat each other as true allies, but well, zerg is still zerg, as long as it could bring better results, the blue side should keep it for a while. Last but not least, yes, SM is zerg now, we accepted it, made fun of it, so you zergunas ever admit and accepted it?
  8. qloc01

    SM recruiting pm Valeera

    we called you zergunas becoz you were zergunas, it was no sarcasm, no insult, it was true, you were zerg, you chosed to be a zerg, but you dont accept it and lots of you were acting so mighty and put excuesses on 1 or 2 invidual like soil or awakendemon (srly?) call us zerg everyway you want, coz its also true, jerry never came here and make excusses for it, he wanted it, he accepted it and go full zerg mode then go vacation and let the zerg do the work like it should be
  9. qloc01

    SM recruiting pm Valeera

    still, circle of life, when perk recruits and ally everything, even chinos for like 6 months - 1 year, lots of perks come here and put all the blames on soil, coz soil this, coz soil that, now jerry also got more and more inactivity and the rest of his side couldnt catch up, ofc ppl from blue had to accept they dont and unlikly can have quality so they need quantity to back it up, compare to get perk side get free farm is still better this way, good luck for next siege
  10. qloc01

    SM recruiting pm Valeera

    circle of life, a year ago ppl from blue side also made joke about bizz recuriting everything to take soil down, we go around and around =))))
  11. qloc01

    Missed me?

    myrciu-senpaiiiiii !!!!
  12. qloc01

    SM(Blue side) LF 4th CP in Clan

  13. qloc01


    should i say welcome to classic ?
  14. qloc01

    Jerry going HAM

    jerry such retard, muahahahaha
  15. qloc01

    about new bosses

    im on jerry and andrey side about this epic contest, china control epic becoz they have too many ppl and ppl from other prime gave up, not becoz they are from china/asian/megatron, epic still respawn in EU/NA prime sometime, if you consist enought and have enough no lifer like china have, you can try to take it back, but you not, well, you cant blame them 100% like that, you lost, they won, accept it, and yes, becoz they have ppl, they can bring like 10 pt to defend epic, thats what they are.