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  1. Update server info before 2.0

    stiba be like:
  2. Anytime - Treasure Hunter POV

    anytime level is low as fck, only this dagger and that BD is 74, i dont know how can he reach 74 srly
  3. "Critical" CP recruiting

    ah since cat critical buff will be removed, i strongly recommend to not recruit this class, gl in hell btw
  4. wtb emi 12/bop 6

  5. wtb emi 12/bop 6

    inbox or mail Kiddy in-game LMAO
  6. WTB/WTS/WTT stuffs

  7. WTB/WTS/WTT stuffs

  8. WTB/WTS/WTT stuffs

    wtb emi 12 wtb fp 6 4 part maill kiddy in-game
  9. Castle of 2kkk

    this is what i was tryign to say, everything, evrything is becoz of soil, only you pvp with UQ? wth is free farm? and yea, at some point, and yea, still after that, so basically becoz soil's force was too strong so you have to gather zerg, yea, even your blackjack admited that, what are you trying to explain here?
  10. Castle of 2kkk

    and what i dont like is when you obviously have zerg and still trying to deny it like a girl with pregancy trying to tell her BF "no, its your baby" and then keep briinging soil to make excuse yourself, when soil raising his force, he did it from 0, no allies, no lv5 clan, when your bizz inherited everything from reaver, even the clan hall, and you still keep bringing him up like he was some kind of mystery force appeared from mid air and has top lv
  11. WTS homu 12

    give me offer pr mail Kiddy
  12. Custom pets

    i love my pony, its pretty fat one, but... agreed
  13. Castle Siege

    y, suddenly all of you forget that you and ES used to be family, nicely done no one expect you to break something, you keep your numbers, ppl say you have numbers, you have zerg, and you react in very funny way like "oh my god, we have numbers?? no, we dont, ohhh" LMAO
  14. SoulMate lf CPs

    then come back here when you care, pff, good luck
  15. It is fine to start playing here?

    ruskie is not playing L2, theyre doing sport, at RU off, ofc