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  1. Future SWS lf clan/cp

    Future sws looking for active clan o cp..thanks.
  2. Yesterday/Today Donation problems

    Thanks but i have been waiting three days....and i have send all mails that show that the payment is done..thanks
  3. Donate

    Here equallly.....Sad.
  4. Fail in donation service

    I have been waiting for a one day,i hope they can solve it as soon as possible.
  5. Fail in donation service

    Im waiting: Greetings,thank you for contacting G2A Digital Marketplace Customer Support. G2A is a marketplace where Customers have a wide range of products offered by independent sellers.Thank you for bringing this issue to our attention. After having checked the both transactions in our system we can confirm that the payments has been successful. At G2A Pay we are responsible for transferring the money to the merchant which has due taken place. If you have not received the goods from the merchant despite this fact, please contact their respective customer support. Should you not receive any answer to your inquiry, please contact us again and provide information in this regard. Please note that different merchants might have different average response time.If you'd like to make another purchase at G2A Marketplace, please use this code to receive 3% of the price cashed back to your G2A Wallet: XXXxxxxxxxxxxxxXXIt'll be good for the next 7 days & when there's only 1 product in your cart. With Best Regards,
  6. Fail in donation service

    I cant see in my account my donation...
  7. WTB spellbook Aegis

    M look for this book...i need buy it...Wisp in game Ind1go..thanks!!!
  8. account banned after change class

    will be that althought the service description puts 24hours..
  9. hello,is it normal that after requesting a class change has taken more than a day and a half and still have the account banned and cant not play¿? thanks you very much..
  10. WTS BW Tunic

    wisp Sifu WTS blue wolf Tunic
  11. Server down?

    i cant enter...its down ?
  12. Consejos para jugador nuevo

    Hola,mándame un wisp in game a Sifu,que te pasó algo de equipo y Adenas.
  13. WTB: sb phantom cubic

    wisp in game Sifu, i need buy spellbook phantom cubic,for phantom sumoner Thxx
  14. Auction service

    ok thanks for yours answers....i hope not to have to wait too