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  1. jeezz people are sooo creative these days.
  2. 99% its adrenaline, i have seen enough in modoys vid.
  3. 42:30 prp(2nd window) goes around the tree very smoothly
  4. Adrenaline bot 90%, both.
  5. I guess this is because you use vpn, proxy or ad block and then g2a security blocks your transactions, Turn off all plugins and other programs who affects your browsing and wait 24h. By then do not try to make more transactions because if you fail to many times security blocks again.
  6. up
  7. wtb demon dagger +7 to +10 and crystal dagger over +8
  8. up
  9. WTB: emi bow +12 / crystal dagger +8 or more PM your offer. Thank you
  10. Bro, i dont need bow.
  11. thank you, but no
  12. up
  13. just pm offers
  14. CLOSED