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    Is there a reason ?

    Dude from 40 to 55 I died like 15 times to that guy, I made macros to find him. I want to slap him in the face, for real dude.
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    my QQ post about this server

    That is a good point of view. I think a lot of games people think pvp balance is easier than it actually is. You made a good point, pvp feels smarter here 9v9, although 1v1 is bad.
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    2.0 Update Great Contest!

    I mean, it's hard to join the contest when you have these bad rewards. I do work with marketing including video production, but 10 euro obviously is not worth wasting any time doing it. Any basic video production clip would be at least $500. I get it, it's not meant to be super professional, but really, couldn't be anything better than these crappy rewards? I think better rewards would motivate more skilled professionals, or at least push amateur editors to make better videos. I mean, that would be good material to use on your facebook ads or adwords/doubleclick campaigns, right? And at this point, you think giving like $200 worth of COL (or anything else) would make any difference in a 2 year server?
  5. Hello, I'd like to know if someone have tips on decent places for solo/duo sorcerer+SE(box) for 45+, 50+, 55+, 60+ Reason I'm asking is because I can't join a party on a fixed time, as my playtime can change a lot. I don't want to invest time in the game if the way I play I won't be able to reach 70+, that's the main objective on my question. Also, if there's another class that would be MUCH easier to solo/duo leveling, it would be appreaciated to know. Thanks =)
  6. That's exactly what I wrote. It seems that this announcement is not enough, since it has been mentioned by many players that newcomers are not reading this before going to giran and leaving the server because they don't see anyone. We obviously know that there is a system announcement. Please don't answer posts like we're retards.
  7. The current location of the teleport to Giran Harbor in the interface sometimes might be ignored by most of the newcomers. As we know, new players usually check Giran's population as a meter of the server population, and even though the option is in RED in the GK, new players usually don't read every option since they probably already played this game, so they go straight into the common "Teleport" option. Adding the Giran Harbor TP inside that "sub-menu" might help them to read and know where is the current trade zone of the server, and not leaving the server after seeing Giran empty. I've seen a couple of friends that started in the server and only knew about the Giran Harbor after I said it to them. Even with the chat notification on login we must remember some ppl don't read english or just simply ignore every notification since they feel that they know everything about the game.