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  1. For the lvling i'll probbly be doing it on my Dark Knight, since all those are boxes Summoner is gonna be main but since we dont have beast shots atm i'll do it on Knight. and will be much easyer once we get 2.0 with the new macro system aswell
  2. Alright, what armor would be better ? also have mithril set, and top D jewels.
  3. Moon set or whatever it calld from Lv.25 quest and Top D Duals +10 Class will be: Wizard / Dark Knight / Elf Knight
  4. upup
  5. Yah i know that, but some places are better then others. And thats what im looking for.
  6. Im looking for some tips on where to level from 26-40 with my boxes, planing on lvling some support boxes but need some good spot tips before i get started buying PA to all my accounts.
  7. bump
  8. As topic says, im looking for active CP for my SH level 52+ *Short info* Language: english Timezone: GMT+2 TS3 / Discord. If you want more info feel free to post here.
  9. Love it, cant wait for it
  10. Got it working now after thins not to one shot and restarted the quest must have miss something before. Thanks y'all
  11. lol ok i restarted the quest and i'll try again, maybe i did fk something up last night
  12. Yes i do, im uesin Top D Duals +10, but why would that be a problem o.o?
  13. Zombie Forest Elf it what Wiki says and they spawns right at swampland
  14. No i dont have those quest items, Thats what im saying, been killin the quest mobs for 45min ish now and still nothing.