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  1. When Anyone dont know where we

    Damn thats even better quality than Shinryu's frapses
  2. First Olympiad Heroes !!!

    Did anyone got 1k crp for becoming hero? i guess its another thing going into the bug list...
  3. Christmas Event Rewards

  4. Stuck loc

    Yes , i reported it since start of 2.0, i guess its geodata bug so i guess they wont fix ;D
  5. Olympiad 29th-30th

    @Koll Said they wont skip oly period 29-30
  6. EUprime CP LF Bishop

    You need to play bishop not afk sitting EE sorry
  7. WTS/WTB List

  8. EUprime CP LF Bishop

    We want YOU! We are looking for 1 more Player +/- LVL: 70! What we are looking for? • Bishop (driving 74+ character - or with your own character) Setup: Average LVL in Party: 74-75 (Dont wonder: we build with 10 People to ensure we have 9/9 active in Party) • Swordsinger (✔) • Bladedancer (✔) • Warcryer (✔) • Shillien Elder (✔) • Dark Avenger (✔) • Treasure Hunter (✔) • Destroyer (✔) • Gladiator (✔) • Bishop (open - driving possible) Destroyer (✔) Elven Elder (BOX) Our Playtimes/Primetime (CET): • Monday-Thursday: 20.00 to 23:00 • Friday/Saturday: not all on (small or mixed Party) • Sunday: 18.00/20.00 to 23:00 Clan/Ally • Clan: Nonfactors (LVL: 4; Clan Hall; Castle; 10% EXP) What we can offer you: • 100% reliable and trustworthy persons • help on gearing up • Communication on Teamspeak and Discord • Players with decent English • Wars and Sieges • nearly daily EXP • Clan Hall • having a good time together What we expect from you: • LVL: +/- 70 • speak English • be active (please refer Primetime) • use Teamspeak and Discord • support CP and also Clan/Ally • Deal with daily PvP and Wars Contact us! PM or Mail Ingame: "Anytime "ErKy Mail on Forum: Anytime, ErKy
  9. WTS/WTB List

  10. WTS/WTB List

  11. Olympiad bugs

    Well since i still see this is not getting fixed im gonna keep remind @San0 about it, debuff time on my shield stun + horror are completly random. So please fix this, there is no human way im supossed to time my debuffs correctly in olympiad or anywhere else if they are completly random. If the debuff says 7 seconds it should be 7 seconds, not 3 or 4 or 5. Skills to be fixed: Horror Shield Stun
  12. WTS/WTB List

  13. Olympiad Period

    Ok thank you , just wanted to know it clear
  14. Olympiad Period

    So this basically means we have 5 week period this month right?