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  1. bug??

    wtf? me no speak london
  2. shitpost

    Best ending part ever, is that hardcoreballet or something?
  3. Great Pata, Damascus

    Thank you was free up btw
  4. Great Pata, Damascus

    I had one Damascus +9 but failed on +10
  5. Dajtovillage PvP #9 Fin

    1:52 ErKy FUCK this ErKy shit , hahahahaha Good vid daj, sad is last one you were good enemy party, always bad seeing good enemies leaving. I remember this first pvp, as always just our party pushing when we are more in numbers i think it was a 3ptvs2pt, but rest stayed behind as always even tho we gave order to push in. Was fun, hopefully better times will come for the server.
  6. SoulMate lf CPs

    Dont take Armbar, he's feeding donkeys all the day long in Blazing to china guys.

    I think its not clear , you should post more times same Screenshot
  8. Global discussion

    Magic Time
  9. Several obt cuts

    huh? i dont get what u mean , i told him to do test w/o Counter Critical because we wont see any CC anytime soon on 2.0 on this server, so testing like this is completly unreal. If im not mistaken CC gives huge critical damage boost when its on, or atleast it used to be like that.
  10. Several obt cuts

    Gz mate nice damage, now just re-do video with no Counter critical and lvl 76-78 to be realistic
  11. WTS SHOP

  12. WTS SHOP

    He just wanted to hijack my post
  13. WTS SHOP

  14. WTS SHOP

    WTS Damascus +7 SLS +12 Mail me ingame/forum Serious offers please