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  1. Deflect Magic

    Tbh i dont know either how this skill is supossed to work really :D, dunno if it should evade magic skills, give more mdef or what.
  2. Bug

    Nope srry, i dont have video about it
  3. Bug

    Wasnt in chaotic state, i was white and when i used mounted i had half cp, but still had same maximum cp
  4. Bug

    From time to time when i get on 3rd class mount i lose half of my cp. Also when people get into mount and you had them in target it looks like if you would lose target of them but you still have it.
  5. WTS/WTB List

  6. WTS/WTB List

  7. WTS/WTB List

  8. WTS/WTB List

    WTS: Doom Light armor WTB: Doom boots Doom gloves Drake Boots +6
  9. Cloaks for all Castles

    Such a Cloakcist
  10. WTS SLS +10

    Sold can close topic.
  11. WTS SLS +10

  12. WTS SLS +10

    As title says WTS SLS +10 pm or mail.
  13. "Jumping hp"

    Happens even w/o using tokens, this flashing hp bar effect
  14. [FIXED]Clan Hunting Bonus

    It seem to be bugged, atleast the Hunting Bonus one.