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  1. MoDoy vol. 3 Solo pvp

    good music on 5:00 + gj :)
  2. Из кого рецепты?

    ​с рб дроп, врятли такое крафтят
  3. клан FEAR

    Доброго времени суток! Пожалуй, пора уже начать этот топик Клан FEAR (10%, пока 3 лвл) ищет русскоговорящих СВС/ЕЕ/БП/ВК с хорошим онлайном, 50+ лвл. Также рассмотрим другие профы (не спойлеры/ше/пп ect.) Писать в ЛС на форуме, в игре ПМ/Мэйл FantasticDamage / Nigma / bazzlaiter С ув.
  4. WTS/WTB

  5. Classic Valentine's Event

    ​ ​oh, my bad, ty!
  6. Classic Valentine's Event

    need to update?
  7. WTS/WTB

  8. WTS/WTB

  9. WTS/WTB

  10. Enough

    ​facepalm.jpg New neutral clans must accept war too? ​well, i watched streams and played a bit on gran kain. i saw no neutrals or mid war clans on main farm spots. they get pk, if u dont have no def it means u have no farm. p.s. so there is a point of joining top sides instead of neutrals if you want to compete at top level and develop as player/CP ​This is not an argument, it is heresy as well as all your previous posts about it. If clan/cp dont wanna join such sides so its it should not be penalized, it looks like fear, that's only what? such actions can only get the hatred. in general, everything is clear to me, to speak on this subject with anyone, and unfortunately there is nothing. We wait and see, to be continued.
  11. Новый игрок

  12. Enough

    ​facepalm.jpg New neutral clans must accept war too?
  13. Enough

    ​my boy, i just told u that neutrals dont exist. and no side has interest in a neutral party of 70, because you dont know who they will join. biz and soil had agreement in past that neutrals have to chose or get rekt, and how i said soil got greedy. talking about angelineri i made a short story, there is more but it doesnt matter. u dont pk the "neutrals" and they join war. they got pk when we saw in a movie made by war where angelineri told war that demoss party at hill spot, suck up on that. Logic:D ​u commented only those words? i pointed out "neutral", i didnt say neutral - i meant the fake neutrals who just want to farm easy. i see you dont have what else to say, you lost the agrue here have a nice day. ​This is a very big problem because this server is a stereotype that if a new clan with good online - it means someone's fake, twink`s, etc.
  14. Russian chat tab

  15. WTS/WTB