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  1. Post on Spoil vs TH in Media

    By monopoli, posted
  2. Bishop                  Arziit
    Elven Elder          Afrody
    Shillien Elder       Lemer 
    Overlord              Eligoz
    BladeDancer       Veigallian
    SwordSinger       Kyoro
    SpellSinger         Kiam
    Necromancer       Trinx      
    SpellHowler        Malcriad0


  3. Post on Lin's Vids [UPDATED NOV 27] in Media

    By Lin, posted
  4. Post on HellHound VS Soil in Media

    By HellHound, posted
    Hello all,
    I have decided upload some video too... hope you wiill enjoy it... feel free to comment... used Davinci Resolve 12,5...  =)
    PS: looking for clan or CP
  5. Post on PvP Video - Arziit in Media

    By rutra, posted
    - First fight is a bit old (september) just have free time now.
    - Fraps without ganks
    - Not focused on great editions.
    - Open to suggestions
    Hope you guys enjoy it! See you on the battlefield. 

  6. Post on ROK Video in Media

    By ROKDevil, posted
    UniQue Clan
    OppA CP Talking Island x3 PTS
    Music: Popek - Rydah 4 Life
    UniQue Clan
    OppA - CP Talking Island x3 PTS
    Music: Ice Cube – Sasquatch
  9. Post on UniQue PVP TIME in Media

    By WaterDefender, posted
    UniQue Clan
    Oppa - CP
    P.S Сорри за качество, лень переделывать было
  10. Post on Arziit Channel - Bishop PvP in Media

    By rutra, posted
    Take It easy, It's my first video 
  11. Post on Team White [Pvp] in Media

    By Malcriad0, posted
  12. Soon to be level 4 clan with a clan hall looking to recruit all classes(active)
    I was the second clan on the server to achieve lvl 3 clan, I played Retail for 14 years, my last clan was Nova(Renovatio) if anyone is familiar with us, we were a dominating clan and held the server for years..
    My Nickname in game is Mizuno  if anyone would be interested in joining, id like conversation first before clan entry, also if im not online you can send me a mail in-game.
    Looking forward to hearing from many people to get a nice strong clan!
  13. Hi all,
    i checked the new skills in this new patch version and there is no new skills for dwarves. I think is a good idea to add Fatal Strike for them, it should help a little bit in pvp/pve.
    Dwarves will thank you.
    opinions ?
  14. Hello Guys!
    I want to speak about BladeDancer in PvP.
    I and my friends tried our main and few other class in test server (in pvp), so I played BD with different option of tattoes.
    We fought only with selfbuffs so I like BD have a advantage cause I have dance's. And PvP with BD is bad, I know that BladeDancer isn't great PvP class but at least I think that he should have some chance against other characters if they fight only with they selfbuffs. BladeDancer in my opinion isn't only support like EE/SE he is still subtank and he have Dual Swords and he still have hex.
    I fought against
    SwordSinger - PvP against SWS it depends how he use mana, if he use mana right so I dont have chance to beat him because he is too tanks.
    SpellSinger - I win only 1 round against SPS nothing to say...Barely I get close to him so  I'm already dead.
    Hawkeye - Against archers I have pretty good chance, in PvP against Hawkeye I won every round but I survive only with few HP. 
    Gladiator - No chance to beat him, but thats understandable.

    In my opinion he should get buff in P/M def maybe little bit more P.atk, once again I know that BD isn't PvP class but SWS is most similiar to BD (both of them  are fighting support) and he have more bigger chance in PvP, he have chance against all mage's (expect Necro maybe?) and bigger chance to beat archer. BD have just some chance against Archers.
    I think if you boost BD it wont be something bad because he never will be best PvP class, he will have only better chance in pvp and if you boost this class maybe people start play him more often, and all want active BD players :D.
  15. Post on Pride reborn? :) in Media

    By datplays, posted
    Glad to see you guys back;)
    U didn't had to giveaway gifts :3


    P.S i dun not know anything bout the screen quality, i'm just uploading for someone.
  16. - Can't kill 6,5pt? Zerg them...

    This video contains wins and loses. I see not everybody include that in their movies.
    6,5 pt - 6CP member + low lvl BD, lack of SE emp lv 3 and BD 50+ dances.
    Yup, im the lowest lvl (except BD)

    Spend whole (read: whole) day making this vid, be good for me. Read credits.
  17. random pvp random song
    no fancy intro
  18. no fancy intro, no bullshit, just some random PvP
  19. Ladies and Gentleman!
    I would like to introduce you the most wierd player on this server.
    All he do is standing 24/7 in one corridor in Cruma as 50+ level Tyrant  with 3-4 boxes
    (buffer, healer, dances) and attacking people farming in Cruma, pulling them to spot showed on map.
    I would like to report this tard for harassment, because this is not good what he is doing, I know its Lineage 2 and PvP but attacking naive lowbie players is good PvP?
    Come one! What a noob he is? Being top PvP in scorelist that ways is a exploit.
    His PvP stats should be at least wiped to 0.

  20. Yesterday was a bloody Sunday on
    Voices sound effects powered by Lin & Kiz   pew pew
  21. Whats up LoD ?, Why do you guys all joined Exotq alt clan ?
    Was funny yesterday, RUN FOREST !
  22. So here is the story.
    COMA tried to stun our tank while farming in DV. We declared the war and they accepted it. We decided to go mess with their raid. We ended killing 12 players.
    gf, see you around soon for episode 2 <3
  23. Здравствуйте , доброе время суток.
    Ше ишю кп предпочитаю маг кп через вл или чистое маг .
    Зовут Иван мне 24 года я из Молдовы, одекватен. Могу опшятся с любыми личностями без конфликтов.
    Что требую от кп :
    Слаженная игра ;
    Грамотный пл ;
    Без афк на праймах ;
    Мемберов без котов собак на прайме и вечно уходящих в другую комнату для зоварки чая ;
    Фарм чара до 64 + ;
    И уже буст чара до топ б в 2.0 патче.
    Что могу предложить пати :
    Знаю Руский,Румынский,Английский языки ( для разговоров между сайдоми ) ;
    Есть опыт игры на лоу рейтах х1-х3 ;
    Знаю свой клас пве/пвп ;
    Комп, гарнитура, софт 10+ ;
    Знаю что это играть в кп ;
    Есть возможность загрузить 2+ окна ;
    Могу оставит лог/пас ПЛу  ;
    Не курю , не завариваю чай каждые 5 мин в друой комнате, не афкащу(bluetooth Audio headset)
    Мои минусы :
    Не буду донатить ;
    Могу держать любой прайм кроме тех дней когда на работе, а это от 1-3 дней с 17.00 до следующего дня(утра) в неделю.
    Мои контакты :
    Ник в игре : CriminalDamage
    Skype : Vany6a
    Форум тема/лс : лутче не надо .
    На данный момент по развитию :
    ШЕ 31 лвл ;
    Окно ПП 28 лвл ;
    Планирую крафт 30+ ,Спойл 30 + ,ПП качнуть до 35.
    Всем  гг гл хф
  24. Post on twitch in Chat

    By CHERNYI, posted
  25. Post on Events in Suggestions

    By Srkur0, posted
    Hi , I have to ask, There will be Events in the Live?
    When I say Events is something like :
    Elimination tournament solo / 2 vs 2. that you pay 50 k (in the first week) and the winners obtain something like:
    1º (60% of the adena ) + EWD
    2º  (25% of the adena  ) + EAD 
    3º  (15% of the adena  ) + random piece of armor D.
    Or a Gymkana. i don't know.
    Could be fun. The lvl 20-30 is very diferent of the lvl 40+