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Found 37 results

  1. Pinkyska - lol PW (17.12.2017)

    some random pvp from today
  2. Fun Stream

    I am now to this stream kinda stuff so i will do stream for fun and relaxing Come watch say hello
  3. Join the Goodlife!

    Hello L2Club players! We are a new clan forming under the name 'Goodlife'. We are looking for EU timezone based players to join the goodlife! What can we offer? - Experienced players -10% exp bonus -Discord & clanforums -Raidboss CP -Clanlvl 5 What we want from our members: - English speaking players - a good sense of humor - decent activity ( real life always comes first) - Communication! Be on discord! Currently looking for all support classes especially bishop but also, Warlord, Tyrant, Destroyer and main spoiler , any new player can apply to our secondary clan called the Whitewalkers, clanleader is Planetofzeus/Jurgel so make sure to contact him! "Pm me for website url" o/ Humble
  4. Necromancer newbie

    Hello guys I am looking for some help on how I play necromancer . can someone please tell me the basic dyes I should have on for patch 2 and also what kind of things I should macro together for pvp. The server is 3x So it will be while I get to A grade. I want to play the class to the best of my ablity and have fun pvping at b grade. any Informantion would be usefull, thanks.
  5. Hello, as the title says i would like to know your opinion on the way the CP potions work in Lineage 2. In my opinion their existance simply comes to spamming that one extra button while doing PVP. Thank you for sharing your ideas and opinions.
  6. Wheres my gang?

    Hello community, My names Dave and Im looking for a new set of friends I can hangout with. I stopped this server last year because my friends left :(. But I decided to return because I love this game even when going solo. A little about Deibu: started playing lineage on c2 private server. Played allot of highrate because of the pvp. My base playstyle is solo so you can imagine me having a hard time here xP. And thus Im looking for a clan that will have me. I come with 2 lvl 60++ chars. Dagger and Se. I have a microphone and Im not afraid to use it. Likes forum and communication, might even make some pvp footage eventually. Playtimes: very random im afraid.. I work in shifts at work. So for example its impossible for me to be online every friday 8am. So a cp is a little hard for me. And thus looking for a clan with allot of activity all around so I can make partys when Im online. Im from the Netherlands living in GMT+1, english speaking. Anything else you would like to know hit me up here or ingame. O/ Deibu Walker of plains
  7. The PK problem

    I have a problem with the PK on this server. It happened to me few times, and I realize the whole concept here is very wrong. The players do PK without any reasons and consequences. There are people with thousands of PKs and few PvPs. In general the PK is an essential part of the open world PvP. Every PvP starts with an attempt to PK. But here the PK do not leads to PvP. In general it is griefing of low level players from high level players. This is not L2. This is Tera. In L2 the PK has consequences, and that is why the game is so good. The whole concept with PK scrolls is absurd. It is clear P2W, as you can pay to save time, and to avoid the consequences. With GoD the NCSoft made the PK almost impossible and destroyed the OW PvP, but here I see the opposite extremity. Where is the classic quest system for PK clearance? And do not get me wrong, my problem is not that someone will PK me. The problem is the PK is completely pointless like this. Every noob can PK when there are not consequences.
  8. WTS Scallop Jamadhr +4 TOP D

    WTS Scallop Jamadhr +4 TOP D p.m Rahna
  9. Team White Channel (30/01/17)

    Bishop Arziit Elven Elder Afrody Shillien Elder Lemer Overlord Eligoz BladeDancer Veigallian SwordSinger Kyoro SpellSinger Kiam Necromancer Trinx SpellHowler Malcriad0 ​
  10. Events

    Hi , I have to ask, There will be Events in the Live? When I say Events is something like : Elimination tournament solo / 2 vs 2. that you pay 50 k (in the first week) and the winners obtain something like: 1º (60% of the adena ) + EWD 2º (25% of the adena ) + EAD 3º (15% of the adena ) + random piece of armor D. Or a Gymkana. i don't know. Could be fun. The lvl 20-30 is very diferent of the lvl 40+
  11. twitch

  12. monopoli compilation

    ssssddsdadd ss
  13. Spoil vs TH

  14. Most bored tard noob of this server

    Ladies and Gentleman! I would like to introduce you the most wierd player on this server. All he do is standing 24/7 in one corridor in Cruma as 50+ level Tyrant with 3-4 boxes (buffer, healer, dances) and attacking people farming in Cruma, pulling them to spot showed on map. I would like to report this tard for harassment, because this is not good what he is doing, I know its Lineage 2 and PvP but attacking naive lowbie players is good PvP? Come one! What a noob he is? Being top PvP in scorelist that ways is a exploit. His PvP stats should be at least wiped to 0.
  15. HellHound VS Soil

    Hello all, I have decided upload some video too... hope you wiill enjoy it... feel free to comment... used Davinci Resolve 12,5... =) PS: looking for clan or CP
  16. PvP Video - Arziit

    - First fight is a bit old (september) just have free time now. - Fraps without ganks - Not focused on great editions. - Open to suggestions Hope you guys enjoy it! See you on the battlefield.
  17. WARNING!!! UniQue Siege Gludio 14.08.2016

    GO LIKE AND SUBSCRIBE BRO UniQue Clan OppA CP Talking Island x3 PTS Music: Popek - Rydah 4 Life
  18. UniQue PVP TIME

    UniQue Clan Oppa - CP P.S Сорри за качество, лень переделывать было
  19. WARNING!!! UniQue TIME PVP #2

    GO LIKE AND SUBSCRIBE BRO UniQue Clan OppA - CP Talking Island x3 PTS Music: Ice Cube – Sasquatch
  20. Arziit Channel - Bishop PvP

    Take It easy, It's my first video