1. Tuss

    Sneeky fucking russians!

  2. Tuss

    I was here just a minute ago...

  3. ~Seraphina~

    So! I finally got into an AoE group that actually had a SPOT! And no PvP jerks ever came to ruin the party!!! Of course, I got kicked out of the party within the first 2 minutes after arriving because I was only Lv.22 and didn't have Empower yet, but lo and behold - they kept the party going for 3 hours which goes to show that it IS possible to have a stable uninterrupted AoE party going. =)

  4. Bubab

    Добавь букву "Е" в начало моего ника и узнаешь название песни группы "Ленинград".

  5. Silverwing

    Waiting for the first wind in L2

  6. Cyanerds


  7. Rinek

    Can't wait for server to launch! Draqla putting in hard work to give us the true classic experience! Thanks for doing what Innova or NC West wouldn't :)

  8. seaxroks

    Que tal :)? algún chileno ? ADD PLEASE :)

  9. Ss0n1a

    finished withh my woman

    'cause she couldn't help with my mind

    people think i;m insane because iam frowling all the time.....

    All day long i thing of things but nothing seems to satisfy...

    Thing i'll lose my mind if i dont find something to pasify...........

  10. Shiloh

    xupa mi piko

  11. Stefan

    Time ''20''hours days
    classe: archer,dagger
    contact: forum,[email protected]

  12. Kamus

    Unindo os hues

  13. золберг


  14. Inozemec

    Оператор по Добыче Нефти и Газа - "Лукоил-Пермь"
    Сила во времени, кто умеет ждать, тот получает все!