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Kse Streaming campaign

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Kse    575



You love playing Lineage on

You like to stream and get profit out of it?

Then this campaign is for you!

Participate, stream, bring new players and earn rewards!


How does campaign work:

  • Create a topic about your stream in Stream section on the forum
  • Apply to the campaign and get your own referral link
  • Add this link to your twitch channel, so your viewers can join our server by your link
  • Bump your stream topic on the forum every time your stream goes live
  • Make interesting streams
  • Save stream videos for at least 2 weeks (if your channel allowing it)

Every streamer is being rewarded for bringing new players and good streaming activity.


How to apply:

  1. Create the topic with your stream channel promotion on "Streamers club" forum.
  2. Wait for Administrators to check and approve your topic.
  3. Receive your personal referral link and you are good to go.


What can you get for the streaming:

Streamers gets a reward in a new currency - Streamer Coin (SC)

It can not be exchanged, sold or dropped.

At this moment there are 2 ways of obtaining Streamer Coins:

  • For players*, registered by following your referral link and achieved several goals (level 30, level 50, level 70)
  • For good stream activity and interesting streams**

Rewards are being sent to your character every Saturday. Statistics are being revealed in a first reply to your thread every Saturday as well.

Reward for invited player after he reach lvl 30: 1 Coin = 0.5 euro = 5 CoL
Reward for invited player after he reach lvl 50: 3 Coin = 1.5 euro = 15 CoL
Reward for invited player after he reach lvl 70: 10 Coin = 5 euro = 50 CoL


What can you buy with Streamer Coin:

This Friday, 08.09.2017, NPC Streamers shop will appear in Giran Harbor. It will have a shop for this currency.

In there you can buy everything, presented in common Nostalgia shop, with some extra items, but for SC.

Extra items - Suits from events, hats, which are not presented in common shop, agathions, not presented in common shop.

Premium Account can't be purchased in Streamers Shop. Streamers can obtain it as a reward for invited players achievements:

  • Every 30th player who will reach level 30 = 7 days PA
  • Every 20th player who will reach level 50 = 7х2 days PA
  • Every 10th player who will reach level 70 = 30 days PA


Few Rules, which are obligatory to follow:


  • Stream other games from the same channel


  • Bump your topic in the Streams section if you are streaming other game/server
  • Break any server/game rules

Punishment for violation - according to server rules + withdrawal from the campaign and removal of all Streamer Coins.

* Unique players, dual boxes doesn't count.

** Rewarding for the streaming activity is at the discretion of the Administration. No claims are being accepted.


More features will be added to this campaign in a near future!


Best regards,

Classic Team

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Bambi    12
25 minutes ago, chevignon said:

u dont need to fight against a bugged 2 month server...

They had several classic projects in the past and all failed due to the enormes amount of bugs

Problem not is even about bugs, it's just PVP server with low rates, which having weird system of wiping servers and merge characters to dead one.

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Kse    575

First statistics were posted in streamers topics

Streamers shop NPC is a bit late, should show up tomorrow after restart.


Dear streamers!

Don't forget to "bump" your stream topic when you are streaming.

Otherwise we can't know you are, and can't see your activity for more achievements.

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Cbiscuit    3

Are there any rules in place to prevent players from actively stream sniping?

Which makes the streamer unable to stream and effectively sabotages the campaign?

Or is the only solution for the streamer to set a 12 hour delay?

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