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Testimony of life quest bug

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hi, i almost complited the quest.

i have to kill lizardmen in order to obtain 6 quest items, i killed them and obtained the items..... but the quest doesn't go on, i deleted the items and get them another time..... but nothig.

here is a screen


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on the screen the pop up of the quest only show 5 quest items but in my inventory there are all 6 of them.

i'm farming the lizardmen because you never know but nothig seems to happen

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ok i managed this!

i went to lizardman and got all the 6 quest items, then came back to the NPC who didn't recognize the items.

so i deleted all the items, recollected them and came back to the foker over and over until he gave me the quest item.

i did this something like 15 times, dunno why the first 14 times the quest didn't work.

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