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Sensei    39
12 hours ago, Cbiscuit said:

1) Hiding RB ok, I can cover minimap and chat, sounds reasonable. They showed up with 2 characters within boss's range (unable to rb curse) with +10+ Top C staff, 1 to flag 1 to kill. Fine PK us fight us, no, we can't just do that, we have to buff the boss, because we weren't invited.

2)If you would've watched my stream you would've seen i've accrued (in my 4 days playing) a good and growing group of friends from max lvl to lower level, and they have been more then helpful in every aspect. Ask @Mtwo he knows, he might not admit it, but he knows.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Part 2                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            

1)Read above                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    

2) "don't be a pussy" i quickly realised what their objective was, orc flags necro runs out of town and kills anyone that flags. Fool me once shame you, fool me twice shame one me. Unflag and finish the boss while higher levels show up, AGAIN GREAT!, but no they buffed the boss. All because they were lonely and not invitied.

When i was raiding on Skelth, there was a "hero" who could find my rbs anywhere in the map using bot (ofc he was never caught), Fortunately i met a great tank with brains, he was always capable to position the rb between us and the high lvl smartass,,. not allowing him to flag. As he started getting desperate, he decided to buff it with his pp, which died in 2 seconds after flagging due to assist. The situation repeated for like a month...then one day I noticed my lvl and I realized: Oh cool, I don't need raids anymore! :D
It's not a favorable situation defending the rb for sure. But your main advantage is the number of people with you....
Just saying there is always something you can do.
I did watch your videos, and when i saw that necro killing your guys, I thought: what a perfect opportunity to assist on that karmian and send it to sleep...but noone did.

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FinalFen    8
7 minutes ago, Sensei said:

I did watch your videos, and when i saw that necro killing your guys, I thought: what a perfect opportunity to assist on that karmian and send it to sleep...but noone did.

Gota admit that this is a repeating issues that most of randoms and non-factors seem to have no real idea of how to play the game outside of farming. I myself noticed such behaviour as well, when while training on AI some dagger  (think he actually had C grades) was flagging on our tank, trying to get him killed. Even though we had like 5-6 people in our party everyone seemed to be petrified with fear. I myslef spammed on party chat like 4 times to attack this guy because he's just a solo dagger, yet EVEN a necro who was in my party ( M2 ), stood there doing nothing but running. In the end I unloaded my Tyrant combo + additional blaster and started running back after mentioned dagger dropped me low and then finally our pussy necro decided to nuke the guy (2 nukes were enough to finish him off).

Funny fact is that even though this M2 was big enough of a pussy to not go for the ez kill on the dagger (who is at a great dissadvantage against a necro), he then PK'ed me during next train because apparently I hurt his childish feeling when saying "mate you need to grow some balls and attack faater next time" ;]

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88262500    18

if it isnot ws wk clan char.i can help u to fck them .otherwise I can try to stop that:) pm in forum .more friend more fun .more enrmy more fun too

Edited by 88262500

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