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Found 5 results

  1. Hi, from this post: 2.0 Preliminary patch notes are you still going to add these feature or it was removed? @San0 25) Academy System. We think its more then time for academy to show up, we do not understand why ncsoft havent done it on classic yet, but we dont want to wait more. Academy system will bring to us a lot of solutions for a lot of problems. Clans will be able to have their lower ranks in the main clan without having to create multiple alt clans. Lower level members will not have to be in empty boxes clans feeling alone and they will now have the chance to be in an active clan and chat with ppl, see the actions etc. Clans will have access to some bonus CRPs and will be able to more precisely filter who they want to have in main clan or not cuz they can actually control those lower level players activity and actions. New comers will be able to join an academy and found themselves in the possession of a clan buffer to make their life not so miserable when trying to reach the higher levels. New comers can make friends easier without feeling like they are alone in the world while battling through those low levels.
  2. Hi All, I have just started playing here, currently cleric on path to become bishop one day. Playing L2 on and off since 2005- mostly old chronicles, had few years break. Looking for someone to play with; EU timezone preferably. Can use TS or other communication methods. PM on forum or in game "GingerNinja. Greetings to players and thanks to administration for running this server. See you in game. -GingerNinja
  3. Hey all i start here today with orc mystic i dont know if i go overlord or wc im looking for clan or academy with ppl to xp together and if someone can to give me some money or d armor-wep 23lvl i hope il go 40 max in 3-4 days and thats cuz i dont have bow for going rb. and some tips about server? name ingame: BlessedByTheGods
  4. Hey guys, I'm looking for a clan with an open spot in their academy :). Also, are Clan Oath sets available in this version? pm me here or @Tataru in-game
  5. Hello everyone , i just started on server and i am looking for support academy during my early levels. atm i am 21 lvl Rogue and going to be Hawkeye. I play 5~ Hours/day and 8~ on weekends . If there is any clan with Ch and bonus exp interesting u can PM here or ingame (GTultimate) Ts3 + Discord + Mic + english.