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How to insert a picture on the Forum

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Dear friends!

I've noticed that some of you having troubles with inserting pictures into the posts.

So i decided t make tutorial with explanation how to do it fast and easy.

To upload the picture i will use

Right after entering the Site you will see green button "New Post" in top left corner

By pressing it you will get a window, where you need to pick an image you want to upload.

You can just drag the image there or press "Browse" and pick it old style

As soon as you will drag/pick an image, it will automatically upload on the server.

Now click arrow in the top right corner on your image and pick "Get share links"

From 4 presented links you need BBCode (Forums). Just click on a link there, press Copy and you are free to post it in the forum.

The image will show without any problem! Just like this one!




Best regards,

Classic Team


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