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Many ppl keep asking over and over "whats next?", "when new event?", "when this will be done?" and so on, so i decided to make this topic where i gonna try to keep ppl updated on what is going on atm.

Take special note on the fact that just cuz we work on something does not mean this will be available shortly on live server. for instance if i come and say something like "manton now working on augmentation system", this does not mean that augmentation system will be the next thing being instaled or that augmentation system will be available shortly.

this will work some sort of a journal with entries not daily but as often as changes occur on what we work on.


Entry 1 - 24.03.2018

Atm we have a couple of things in focus bigger one being some update on antibot that is being tested atm and some changes to macro cyclic system, yes we warned couple of times that if this would start being abused heavily in game and as a excuse for the bot ban, changes would be done to them, we have been trying for long time to find a solution for it but it was not possible till now cuz it comes on client as a full system pack so either we had macros working with this cyclic system or we had no macros at all, but now we think we might have found a solution on this so expect changes to macro system to come in short period of time.

Bug fixes. This is a constant priority, every time a bug is reported, its analyzed and a task is created for it either for me or manton or the other scripters depending on who is suposed to fix acording to the problm it is. atm we have couple of fixes coming out regarding some soulshots behavior, lightning strike, chain strike, guard talisman related issues and some more stuff. They will be instaled on next restart when we decide that server was stressed enough without crashing. 

Events - We have event 90% ready to pop so expect something coming out during next week. Spoiler alert, rabbits are fun.

About latest restarts skipping (join discord i talked about this couple of times there and explained why they were being skipped) -  we installed about 2 weeks ago what we hope it was the final resolution for the crash problms, as you can see server has been running non stop for almost 2 weeks now without problms and crashes (except some proxy DCs which are out of our hands to control). Still some more crashes might happen in a short period when instaling some other stuff but the major crash issue seams to be solved bringing back our stability of the past.

More content - As i also said it on discord couple of times, my focus atm on the content department is in releasing content that will make players fight for something, increasing pvp activities for the clans and alliances instead of smaller scales pvp. For now the "epic priests" are being finished missing some small adjustments on their skills and they should be released after that. Hero weapons will be here at end of this olympiad period.

Advertisement - This never stopped, everyone who see youtube videos, uses google or other most popular search engines or browsers and was at some point searching for lineage related stuff sees the advertisement everywhere. about top rating sites and votings as mentioned before they are useless and work only for money so lets say we have 5000 votes but server pays them more, even if they have only 100 votes they will be on top of us.

Comfort changes - After request of many families, sleep animation removed from the offline shops.

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Entry 2 - 09.04.2018


Mini Epics close from being done, expect some news on this in short period of time. some decisions still to be made about their re-spawn times. For now the decision is to keep them on a 30 hour re-spawn so every next re-spawn will be on a different prime this way reducing the chances of one side(or location) locking down this bosses increasing the fairness and mass pvp possibilities for them, as well as not speeding up too much the amount of the A grade gear in server.


During this past 2 weeks We started  discussions about process of adding new content. will have more info on this as soon as all is done on the mini epics and start focusing on tasks for further changes and content updates.


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Entry 3 - 24.04.2018


Mini epics will be installed with tomorrow restart. They will be killed upon server restart and normal spawn time will count from the moment server comes back on.

Respawn time for this bosses will be 30 hours static, no random window.



LoA and ToI pvp event being tweaked also and will be available for all of you shortly. 

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Entry 4 - 08.05.2018


We finished now with a task we were working for some time to prevent players from dorping when death by raid boss. In one of the next restarts it should not be possible for characters to drop items when they die to a raid boss. Death to normal monster or npcs is still causing chance to drop items as it was before.


Also some tweaks were made on the pet soulshot behavior to stop the issue that sometimes when switching weapons would cause pet shots to stop working.


At the moment we put all the focus on solving the issues on guard talisman and other items/skills where this immune function might create some problems or not resist properly in some situations and some skills.


After this and a few more tasks are checked, we plan to start working on the new client so we can proceed with small updates related to the zaken patch.

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Entry 5 - 13.08.2018


It has been a while since last time i posted in here. we have been terribly busy working on the future xD

after very very VERY hard and long process we can now say that finally our new client is almost ready for our next update.

Very important note, this does not mean the update is ready. this means the client for us to use after the update is close from being ready.

after conclusion on the works in the client we will then see what is missing of the zaken update to keep on working it out to bring it for you as fast and well as we can.

little spoiler



Best regards.

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Entry 6 - 15.09.2018


Client almost complete and ready.

Most of the items, characters and skills changes complete and on testing.

New areas geodata getting a couple more work out.

Next steps will be monster spawns on this new areas and new bosses while working out augmentation system.

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