New player and streamer Jeffboya

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My name is Jeff i play since friday on this server. I also love to stream, so i stream whenever i play and have time!
I hope to be able to get going in some months to start the Sieges, pvp, raids and more!


I cannot post yet on the forums ^^ so i wont update that often here but i can be found on twitch ~5 times a week!

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Learned so much last session. NPC Strix = in giran Harbor giving Daily coins + a sick exp boost buff + Scroll. And thanks to the "easter event" i got a +7 demon staff and a TOI 4 tali <3 

BIG Thanks for the tips and tricks on this server for those who watch the stream from time to time! Cause of the tips i gotten i would like to give the "12 streamer coins" away to the person that gave me most tips the past 1,5 week. I gave KSE "Encube" his name, thanks for the support! 

Stream will be up for an early morning grind session in 15-20 mins. 

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Going stronk again. 52+

Any tips how to exp faster or get better gear or w/e are welcome. 

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Short stream today, busy with work related stuff ;)
Thanks for following the stream i decided that @ 100 followers I will be giving away some things during a stream:
1. 30 days VIP
2. Top B weapon of choise
3. 7 days VIP

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Still going, 60 in exactly 3 weeks. Ofc with the full support team leeching.

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Dear Jeffboya,

We have received a report of a claimed breach in relation to your account. It concerns the following:

Alleged infringing content:

at https://www.twitch.tv/jeffboya, streamed on Fri, 14 May 2021 11:39:27 UTC
Other deleted copies of allegedly infringing content:

Copyrighted work: Lineage 2 Private Server

Copyright plaintiff: Innova Distribution LLC

Email address of the copyright claimant: lineage2eu@inn.ru

As a result of this notification, the affected content and archives of that content have been removed from Twitch. Your account has been suspended for 48 hours and has been warned for copyright infringement.

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