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Dedicated to all virgin media clients!

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Dedicated to all virgin media clients!


Internet provider virgin media facing problem on the DNS server.
The problem is: DNS server of the Internet provider virgin media gives incorrect answer in the call to domain (and probably many other domains too)
Domain - is the address of the service of protection against DDoS attacks, whose services are used by our project.

Because of the problem at the ISP virgin media - customers of this ISP can not enter the game on our project.


1) Make sure that you are  virgin media user
If you are using a WiFi network, open your browser > in the address bar type and press Enter. You will find the appropriate picture virgin media super hub

2) Start cmd.exe as administrator (Search on drive C will help you locate the file) > When the cmd.exe command prompt will open, type the following command nslookup
You will see the following response:

The correct IP address is only
Confirmation of this -

3) Go to the setting of your Internet connection (as shown in the video) and change DNS address for your connection. Type there google DNS addresses (,

4) After that, your problem will be resolved.
You can check this by repeating the steps of the second paragraph.
Your answer should be:


PS: better if you reboot pc after this configuration.

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