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Can't get past last Tablet for Saga Cardinal quest

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I get to the last tablet  paragraph 17 from here

When I kill the Angel nothing happens and  Winter Hunter Kadyth says "I've missed.... Beter  luck next time".

He disappears in ~5min and when I try again it's exactly the same. I've tried already 10+ times.


IGN: LorenStrawberry

Here's the video

I tried different things:

- I checked that my inventory has space

- I restarted the client

-  I've updated the client

- I've launched the game on another PC

- I did the same quest with a different char an hour ago and it worked. But not with this cardinal

- No one in the party

- I tried to last hit it with a melee attack

- I tried to let the NPC last hit it, but it has too low damage for that



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