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How to donate via Bank Card (NextPay)

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Dear friends!

Since now we are experiencing technical problems with G2A, we have left only NextPay billing system connected.

In this tutorial I'll explain to all non-Russian speakers how to use it.



As always type the amount of Euro you want to donate, pick Visa and press Pay



From drop down menu pick 1st option - Банковские карты

Money are being automatically exchanged for RUR currency.


1 - The amount of RURs you have to pay without taxes

2 - The amount of RURs you have to pay including taxes

3 - Press "Продолжить" to continue



Fill next fields in a following way:

1 - Full name

2 - Email

3 - Phone number (in international format)

4 - Press "Продолжить" to continue



Fill following fields:

1 - Card number

2 - Card expiration date (Month)

3 - Card expiration date (Year)

4 - Cardholder name

5 - CVV/CVC number

6 - Pay



From this moment you just need for Euro to appear on your account! (it might take some time, so please be patient).

IMPORTANT! Not all countries can donate via NextPay. 


Best regards,

Classic Team

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