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  1. siege 23/04/17

    Problem isnt 2.0 soon..real is server will DIE SOON.
  2. Easter Event!

    again no ench scroll...
  3. some advice for new players?

    oh STIBA u still play? i wondering u only take castle with 100vs300 siege.. why u die every evening? with ur FANTASTIC CLAN..?
  4. Siege bugg or no?

    not on official server..only here

    Yo guyz best setup for WARLOR ARMOR? DYES ? i'm wondering to change something on my stuff ty all
  6. Classic Valentine's Event

    No enchant scroll...wtf
  7. BAN after class change

    Banned after class change..why? how much time need for return playable?
  8. Fail in donation service

    still nothing
  9. Question about class change

    If i change my class to another i take all SP earned till my level? 59 or i take only sp till 40?
  10. Fail in donation service

    i've same problem ive maked 2 donation and no money on account i've maked a ticket but the problem is i need to recharge 20 euro more for char change but if it's this problem i cant can u help me?