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  2. I think both should stay, but adena reward should be removed from Strix (for now).
  3. just a suggestion: remove the double box.😈🔥
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  5. in 1.5 version the hunting areas are already limited , this progress tracker will limit it even more. My suggestion for this tracker is to be added at 2.0 if not later
  6. Suggestion #1: Make EPIC Raids level to scale with Server state so it doesn't become a chore, but a great opportunity for Daily PvP.
  8. Dear friends! Our Talking Island x3 server is up and running for 7 years. It was opened before official EU/NA Classic servers and kept growing all these years, outliving those official servers. 7 years - a long period of time, and no one but us managed to create such a long living project and connect players from all over the world. During this time we withstood a lot of difficulties, such as forced domain change, social network accounts and content bans, and many others. And here we are, still standing strong. But for a very long time, we kept being asked for a new server, a fresh start, a new journey And we feel, that now it's a time for a New Chapter of story New server Dion x3 Classic 1.5 is going Live on 14.01.2023! Full server description can be found HERE Forum and discord will get new sections in a nearest future. And our precious Talking Island x3 players! Your journey does not end here! Talking Island server was made to stay! Sincerely, Classic Team
  9. Our New Server DION x3 Classic 1.5 will open it's doors January, 14 2023 at 16:00 CET How hard will it be: XP: x3 SP: x3 ADENA: x2 (amount) DROP: x1 (chance) SPOIL: x1 (chance) x1 (amount) QUEST: x2 (xp/adena) Raid Bosses: x1 (chance) Except: Queen Ant, Core, Orfen x2 (chance), Epic Jewels x1 (chance) As our veteran players already know, we are not blindly following NCsoft updates, so there is a list of differences for Dion x3 from official servers: GENERAL: - Game Chronicle - Classic 1.5 - Game Client - Antharas - Max players level - 70 - One account allowed. Premium users allowed to log 1 additional account. - Paid teleports from level 1 - Trade zone: Classic in the cities - Soulshot/Spiritshot use numbers are equal to Classic 2.0 - Agathion bracelet system is not available - Achievement system An Achievement System has been added for players lv.1-50 Level-up Rewards are found in the new Daily Mission window. - Daily Reward System A Daily reward system has been added Daily Coin and Daily Mission Reward Chests can be earned for participation in game activities: Redeem Daily Coin for special rewards through any Hierarch/High Priest NPC in any village: HUNTING ZONES: - Dungeon of Abyss do not exist on Dion x3 - Catacombs/Necropolises do not exist on Dion x3 - LoA is not open right from the start CLANS/CLAN HALLS: - Clan Halls in Aden are available - Provisional Clan Halls are disabled - Max Clan level - 5 - Clan Login Bonus grants access to Clan Teamwork Buff: - Clan Hunting Bonus ITEMS: - Dualsword Crafting Stamp is not being sold in Clan Halls. You can obtain it from following mobs: ITEM MONSTER AMOUNT CHANCE Dual Weapon Crafting Stamp Death Wave From 1 to 1 0.10% Maluk Lord From 1 to 1 0.25% Karik (when Loa is open) From 1 to 1 0.50% Knorik (when Loa is open) From 1 to 3 2% - Enchant Weapon Scrolls are not being sold in Clan Halls. You can get them by spoil from following mobs: ITEM MONSTER AMOUNT CHANCE LOCATION Scroll: Enchant Weapon B Cave Keeper 1 0.06% Dragon Valley Cave Maiden 1 0.07% Dragon Valley Valley Treant 1 0.04% Enchanted Valley Scroll: Enchant Weapon C Tarlk Bugbear Warrior 1 0.20% Forest of Evil Cave Servant Archer 1 0.30% Dragon Valley Dragon Bearer Archer 1 0.30% Dragon Valley Perum 1 0.40% Cruma Tower Nos Lad 1 0.20% Alligator Island Scroll: Enchant Weapon D Kanil Succubus 1 0.30% Forgotten Temple Marsh Spider 1 0.20% Cruma Marshlands Roughly Hewn Rock Golem 1 0.20% Dion Hills Turak Bugbear 1 0.20% Gorgon Floran Garden Silenos 1 0.20% Plains of Dion SIEGES/CASTLES: - Coins for Castle owners doesn't exist on our server - Sieges will start in 1 month after server start (exact date will be announced separately) - CRP lost and gain added to the clans who win/loose a castle. * when conquering or defending a castle clan will be rewarded with 1500 CRP. * when loosing a castle clan with be penalized with - 1500 CRP. - Exp loss on sieges: 2% SKILLS: - Vampiric Rage effect working as on older chronicles for close range attacks only. QUESTS: - 1st Class quest reward is given according to 1.0 Database - The following quests have been removed from the game: Love message What women want How to remove the curse? Illness Lord Pa'agrian Instruction Miner Sword of Solidarity Strange fever Spirit Master Spirits Mirrors Skirmish with the Orcs Forgotten really Cruel punishment Diamond fever Medicine for fever Repair temple Delivery of goods Victim Sea Search Sir Windawood Eternal Love Contraband Evil seed Protection of water sources Please Nerupy Fruit of the Tree of Life Curse of the Underground Fortress Legacy of the poet Blood enemy Hunt in honor of Shilen Dark Mass Strange kinship Resource Delivery Happiness of Hell Dangerous Temptation Revenge of Maris - Progress Tracker Strix Strix will stay in Giran Harbor and will have daily/repeatable quests for everyone after level 25. Adventurers Progress Guild NAME LEVEL RESET TYPE MISSION REWARD Progress Hunting 1 25 - 35 Daily Solo/Party Hunt 100 Monsters in Cruma Marshlands 147.700 XP 4.400 SP 200.000 Adena 10x Daily Coin 3x Buff Scroll 2nd Class 1x High XP/SP Scroll - 6 hours Progress Hunting 2 36 - 40 Daily Solo/Party Hunt 150 Monsters in Plains of Lizardmen 330.750 XP 9.900 SP 250.000 Adena 12x Daily Coin 3x Buff Scroll 2nd Class 1x High XP/SP Scroll - 6 hours Progress Hunting 3 41 - 50 Daily Solo/Party Hunt 200 Monsters in Sea of Spores 632.000 XP 18.800 SP 300.000 Adena 13x Daily Coin 3x Buff Scroll 2nd Class 1x High XP/SP Scroll - 6 hours Progress Hunting 4 51 - 55 Daily Solo/Party Hunt 250 Monsters in Outlaw Forest 1.264.000 XP 37.750 SP 300.000 Adena 12x Daily Coin 3x Buff Scroll 2nd Class 1x High XP/SP Scroll - 6 hours Progress Hunting 5 56 - 65 Daily Solo/Party Hunt 250 Monsters in Fields of Massacre 1.467.750 XP 42.250 SP 350.000 Adena 13x Daily Coin 3x Buff Scroll 2nd Class 1x High XP/SP Scroll - 6 hours Progress Hunting 6 66 - 74 Daily Solo/Party Hunt 250 Monsters in Blazing Swamp 3.984.750 XP 119.500 SP 15x Daily Coin 3x Buff Scroll 2nd Class 1x High XP/SP Scroll - 6 hours When completing a mission Strix will also give the players a experience buff "Adventurer's Progress Guild Benefits" for 1 hour increasing SP and XP by 30 %. NOTE: It does not stack with EXP scrolls. (if use a scroll while this buff is on it will replace this buff with the scroll buff) PLAYERS STATS: - DEX bonuses slightly improved: DEX 1-30: +0.9 → +1.2% per 1 point of DEX DEX 31-99: +0.5% → +0.8% per 1 point of DEX - WIT bonuses slightly decreased: WIT 1-30: +5% → +3.5% per 1 point of WIT WIT 31-99: +2.5% → +1.5% per 1 point of WIT. EPIC BOSSES: - Epic Bosses areas are PvP zone, Epics can not be moved out of their location. Orfen is spawning in it's nest - Epic Jewelry upgrade system is not available at the start L2DB.Club Database currently has ONLY Talking island x3 information. Dion x3 will be added to the database before server launch. But we won't stop on this point. We are looking far into the future of this project and within the development of Classic we will provide you with only the best of it. Sincerely, Classic Team
  10. Dear friends! We have been saying it many times, but now it is a good time to repeat it again for everyone. Talking Island x3 server WILL NOT be wiped. On the contrary: It will keep running. So if you enjoy playing here and made Talking Island x3 your home, there is no need to go anywhere. Server is staying and will keep working for as long as our project is alive (and we are not going anywhere)! It will keep receiving updates! As now, we will keep watching over the server and work on new updates to improve players experience and bring new content to the game. It will keep having full support! New server will not affect support speed for Talking Island players. We are very grateful for all the support during entire 7 years, no matter if you was with us from the start or joined our family not long ago. All of you are in our hearts. Server would not survive and grow into what it is right now without you and your support. We will keep bringing new updates, our custom ideas, events, will be sharing sad and cheerful moments with you. We are very grateful that one day you chose us, and we will continue doing all in our power to bring you the best the game can have. In the undetermined future new server Dion x3 will be merged into Talking Island x3. Undetermined time means, we will not do this until it feels needed as in when server gets to a unsustainable state This can be in 2 years or in 7, depending on server conditions. Sincerely, Classic Team
  11. Hello my name is iCoolNes . Will be stream pve, pvp, olympiad The language of communication RU, UA, ES Here is the link >>>>>
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    Black Friday 2022!

    Dear players! Black Friday is here! And that means, EVERY donation, made during 25.11.2022- 27.11.2022 CET time will come with 15% bonus! Best regards, Classic Team
  15. MMM i don't think this is respect then you just do PVP videos on boxed chars. His videos was way better. If you respect Rizos change the name dont bring disrespect to his nick name.
  16. maybe even 15k online, during the events!
  17. Playing together in one alliance with people you hate - best feeling.
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  19. here its 1080p 60fps.... but u need reg acc of bilibili first, i can help with that if u need
  20. going to be interesting to see all those "burned" bridges being magically rebuilt out of strict necessity if a new server is made. how many times did it happen on old club? reading up the list of names of old players in this thread makes you realize that pretty much everyone hates everyone
  21. YOU GOT IT BRO Here new vidoe u can watch it.,i-think-i-scared-you-dear-hangle-2/
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