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  2. yufeng

    zaken's blood

    thinks,I've created tickets。
  3. Fortuna

    EU CP Recruiting

  4. Jinobi

    NA Clan Recruiting!

    6x glad LF English speaking clan / cp NA
  5. FryderykChopin

    Hello guys someone help ?

    1) Most likely not, and even if you manage to get it running somehow you'd most likely get some critical errors during playing, so I suggest downloading the Zaken client from website 2) Population is very good (bigger than offi for sure), but most people are high level so there aren't that many people on the lower levels. Though it's fairly easy to level up via RB parties, they actually form quite often (mostly in EU prime). Notice that you can't login a dualbox unless you have a premium account, so unless you're willing to pay €10 a month you should pick a char that fits into RB party to level up decently (basically anything other than mages; buffer mains and healers often don't get picked either - DDs, tanks and summoners are almost always welcome tho).
  6. Yesterday
  7. Can i join here with kamael 3.5 client ? if i put the system in ? and how alive is the server ? poppulation is it ok for a newbie ?
  8. Koll

    zaken's blood

    Hello. Please create ticket.
  9. Blbounek


  10. Menudo


  11. 138

    WTS TOP EXP 44+

    info about price for exp updated. Now any customer pay for fix exp, and not per boos!!
  12. 138

    WTB Toi 6 / AQ 1-3 / overenchant

    mail RaidKiller!
  13. 138

    Top Stuff Market.

    upd > High Life Stones Sold!
  14. lf topovih bardov s ruoffa, kotorie pryam ebashat, wow
  15. yufeng

    zaken's blood

    Dear GM: I didn't get zaken's blood after killing him in the last few hours。Please verify.
  16. LuizM

    WTS BOP +11 and othel 9

    WTS BOP +11 WTS Othell 9 Pm or mail: xGracinha
  17. Last week
  18. DaFlow

    Eu CP CRIPPLERS (melee) Recruiting

    LF SWS/EE 70+
  19. JzOo


    or better take OL from the best ol on classic club coz so far it doenst like we could call him even avarage one
  20. SemenArsonist


    Don't worry, I can change to something different, how does DA sound?
  21. Koll

    First quest not working

    Will check it, you can create ticket, supports will add item to you.
  22. JzOo


    i was feeding out today including you, im glad u happy but as i said u have more advantage on ur classes vs my class, the quesion is would you try play something else beside necro/destro which is top 3 classes inside oly.
  23. MoDoy


    yes, i got 1, its good tutorial on how to totally throw a won game
  24. SemenArsonist


    Any interesting matches from today? 😉
  25. Meww2

    First quest not working

    tomb of ancestors
  26. Koll

    First quest not working

    Hello. Quest name?
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