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  3. Yeah, farming lvl 75+ mobs (like, in theory lvl 76 plus should be grade-S use). Droping items of a lvl 52... on 70+ mobs... sooooo appealing. Anyway, the suggestions are there, goddard has so many content, just need to be well implemented.
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  5. It's hard to defend the server when it comes to fun at prime lv 78+ There's simply nothing to do, there are no spots to farm items, the boss doesn't drop ANYTHING other than Phoenix Gems and some runes.... It simply loses its appeal, the majority of people only enter for Epics, Sieges, oly etc... We don't even have a bracelet size 6 to make us want to do the daily work. I'm not even going to go into the merits of the new areas that have flopped... Just go now and you'll see for yourself. The update is not 15 days old, it shouldn't be like this. Staff must urgently pay more attention to 78+ content Unfortunately, this is the reality today. I don't even have the energy to come and make suggestions here anymore. But I hope that changes. Setzer has some great suggestions! Listen to him.
  6. Hello. Check other players answers in this topic. Some people want more A gem, some people don't want more A gems in same topic. 1) Gemstones where added to Goddard mobs. 2) Cloth Pieces where added to normal bosses in Goddard.
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    Dion/TI - Adena drop in Goddard locations increased. - Added adena to mobs that dropped nothing before in Goddard locations.
  8. Agreed on everything but this part... You can drop full B items UNDER GC (Shamans, warriors, etc.) Drop top B weapons/jewelry and such. Generally, the server economy is F****ed when it comes to A grade - admins and GMs need to empathise with the player base of 70+ (presumably most of active players anyways). Because of already thinning numbers of players we don't have enough mats in circulation to support any sort of crafting. Unsealing or crafting super runes using gem A is another whole game of the impossible. The ceiling for gem A, MTs and now cloth pieces have been long discussed as a virtually adjusted problem by the admins and seems like an opinionated and subjective way to control the progression for server's player base.
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    live today, follow usLineage 2 Classic Club Dion 3X - RetroMMO (
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    Live Oly
  17. I would agree that PI was a nice move and game changer. Tyrannosaurs and all. Bracelet chances were a bit too low but there was more to it. I do not see the end game perspective as good as Setzer but I can claim that the catch up players always had a tremendous difficulty in actual catching up. It just cuts a lot of players. Coming to the spot, and having an understanding that it is almost impossible to defend yourself is not so cool in the long run. You introduced the Exp Runes 1-76 (78) before for COLs, I do not think that any end game player would be against it. 1rst, 2nd class transfers for CoLs is a great move. But expanding the donate base for catch up players is OK, just help those that want a bit quicker way to the big guys a bit quicker. The end game players, though having 0 interest in helping or inviting new people, also struggle from the lack of fresh blood who wants to put a claim on top things.
  18. Online!!!! Come On!
  19. Facilitating the drop of Gem-A is a necessity, since as Xanaks said, it is simply unfeasible to try to craft an A-grade weapon, even jewelry and equipment in general. What's the point of trying to craft a majestic ring using 3 Gem-A (each gem costs more than the ring itself), or a weapon that possibly won't even cover the crafting cost. It's very unbalanced. Not only that, but to this day I still can't understand why up to lvl 75 (farm LOA), it is possible to drop TOP weapons in the game by hunting normal monsters (is the chance minimal? Yes, but at least there is a chance). However, after lvl 75 (GC farm and now Goddard), there's simply isn't any full drop, not even normal equips have a reasonable chance (not to mention that top items like mj circlet and armor don't drop from these mobs). Please note that here on the Dion server the chance of even dropping boots and gloves is ridiculous compared to IT, if I dropped 5 full items to date it's a lot (I've already raised about 3 characters to lvl 80). Despite this, 1-2 players only need to kill a raid boss 60 to get TOP B weapons, enchant scrolls, stones (if DK borns), huge exp, etc. I ask, why does a mob that hits really hard, like (4k+ per turn) on goddard cannot drop even a single low or top A weapon or a good piece of armor? (since crafting is impossible as i mentioned before). You can see for yourself, practically no one is farming in Goddard, except the weaker mobs for dailys. Server needs a huge change for newcomers to catch up, and even more to keep players attracted. Most of my CP just log for Epics now, why farm hours and hours and no chance for a single good drop? No Bracelete 6, no new skills for clan, no new talisman (at least PI had it), no new bosses (at least for now - stage 2 will take at least 1-2 months since nobody hunts on goddard). Talk with your playbase and see what's happening.
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