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  2. Make it add to your armor. Server is star-wars anyway
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  5. It's just a cosmetic item which is replacing your actual gear They are permanent
  6. Hello friends! Join my streamers and win a lot of prizes! This month's prizes are as follows: 1x Hair Accessory, 1x 1 week PA, 3x Hair accessory ticket (30 days) The winner gets all the prizes! (reward can be split between several characters by your choice,) ************************************* To participate, just subscribe to my YouTube channel and leave the nickname of one of your characters in the game in the comments (only one char per participant). The draw will take place once a month. YouTube Thank you for watching!
  7. @Kse Boss. Can I collect the participant's nicknames for one (or two) week, then draw using "" and record the numbers draw on youtube? The winner receives all prizes. Is this method accepted as legitimate? Look at my ad, see if it's acceptable:
  8. Giveaway items were randomly distributed between our current streamers! What each streamer will get to give away to his viewers: Encube - 1x Hair Accessory, 3x Hair accessory ticket (30 days) Wanali - 1x Cloak, 3x Hair accessory ticket (30 days) Bluewings - 1x 1 month PA, 1x 1 week PA, 3x Hair accessory ticket (30 days) lPoledance - 1x Hair Accessory, 1x 1 week PA, 3x Hair accessory ticket (30 days) Omens - 1x 1 week PA, 1x 1 month PA, 3x Hair accessory ticket (30 days) Nez - 1x Hair Accessory, 1x 1 week PA, 3x Hair accessory ticket (30 days) PJR - 1x Agathion, 3x Hair accessory ticket (30 days) Pastelka - 1x 1 month PA, 1x 1 week PA, 3x Hair accessory ticket (30 days) Shihouin - 1x Hair Accessory, 1x 1 week PA, 3x Hair accessory ticket (30 days) Meany - 1x 1 week PA , 3x Hair accessory ticket (30 days) ManoBrown - 1x 1 week PA, 3x Hair accessory ticket (30 days) ZeTrovao - 1x Hair Accessory, 1x 1 week PA, 3x Hair accessory ticket (30 days) WaterQueen - 1x Hair Accessory, 3x Hair accessory ticket (30 days) If someone do not want to participate in giveaways, you need to inform us about it here in the topic or via PM to me. This way we can share unused items between other streamers. Now what to do with it: Streamer is making draft/giveaway on his stream After stream is over, providing us nicknames of winners, name of a hat/agathion/cloak (if you got a permanent one to give away), date of the stream with giveaway and timestamps of giveaways (via PM to Kse on the forum) Please, remember! Stream has to be saved, so we can watch it! Draw/giveaway winners receiving their rewards Important reminder! Streamer can not keep any of those items for himself or his boxes! If such will be found out, streamer will be removed from streamers campaign immediately.
  9. Hi. Can these costumes be used at the same time as combat armor or not? Are the costumes permanent or do they work as a buff? I know it can be purchased with Streamers coins. Grateful!
  10. We are here!
  11. ZeTrovao's adventures - Heine Solo YouTube
  12. For the cloak you need to pm me Activity reward is the thing. When we see the streamer is active and we want to extra reward him/her, we announce it along with the calculation
  13. @Kse Yes you are right The problem is the limitation of Twitch, I will use youtube... You do the best you can.. 1. I would like to know if I can claim "Cloak Streamer", is this still active? Is this still a reality? Is there a rule to qualify and receive extra coins?
  14. You are the first who doubts my calculations during all the time since campaign is running. Even though it's all open and easy to be checked if you have your doubts. Just do as me - go to your broadcasts and put together every video's time. There is nothing hard in that. But if you think it's a waste of time, your choice, no one is forcing you participating in the campaign, is voluntary.
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  16. I am checking your video times and summarize it all by hands from your Recent broadcasts on the twitch. I don't know if you have any videos not being saved, which got to your statistics, i can only see what was saved (and im checking it once per every few days) Right now you have there videos for only 13 last days, unfortunately, so i can't show it all in there, but total length of all videos right now in your twitch archive has a bit more than 41 hours + the rest (a bit more than 10 hours) from missing days from 7th to 10th makes it worth 10 coins Same here Now on your broadcast history there are videos with total length of 44 hours. + videos already missing make it < 60 hours and so 11 coins it is If you have any doubts in my calculations, you can start counting with me every next calculation. Not from statistics i have no access to, but the real videos and it's times from Recent broadcast tab on your channels. Regards
  17. I posted on facebook with the club's tags, I don't know if they were seen
  18. not count? I also did many hours of transmission, there may not be a lot of public but there was dedication, the lives don't appear on the main page of the site?
  19. @Kse Any intentions of restarting this weekly post? 1) It is encouraging to have devs/admins active on forum. 2)You may be reading what people are writing about, but communicating what the dev team is seeing/working on is encouraging for the population and or just posting fun posts like this. I hinted at this in another post, but thought maybe the Community Club weekly post could be a fun spot to put like a Top Bug Hit List. Ones that are biggest priority and/or need help in replication the most from server population. Anyway hope it comes back, if not 8 weeks was a good run.
  20. @Kse I believe there is an error in the accumulation of hours evaluated, because from January 7th to January 22nd I spent 76 hours of transmission. However, only 50 hours were calculated. There is a very significant difference in the calculation. My streams are just gameplay... I don't stay still for more than 5 min.
  21. Calculation is here! Encube - 2 Streamer Coins Wanali - 30 Streamer Coins Bluewings - 10 Streamer Coins lPoledance - 2 Streamer Coins Omens - 5 Streamer Coins Nez - 13 Streamer Coins VoltureX - 0 Streamer Coins PJR - 11 Streamer Coins Pastelka - 5 Streamer Coins Shihouin - 6 Streamer Coins Meany - 2 Streamer Coins ManoBrown - 2 Streamer Coins ZeTrovao - 10 Streamer Coins WaterQueen - 3 Streamer Coins Following streams are being removed from the campaign due to inactivity VoltureX In case listed streamers will decide to come back, just send me a PM on forum, your topics will be brought back up To claim Coins, PM Kse here on forum with your ingame nickname! You do not need to send it to Live chat/Discord as well. In case you don't see your name in the list, pm me Giveaway items draw will be posted tomorrow!
  22. We are here!
  23. i do it with my box BD with traded gear from OL
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