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  2. с нуля да еще и на сборке 1.5... да уж лучше против мобов, тем более тусовки моей так и не нашлось, так что потихоньку gutta cavat lapidem
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  4. Ezk


  5. Не наю как остальные, а я остался на токинг айленде
  6. live on
  7. I can prob send u one if still have it.
  8. I think you're miscalculating your IQ
  9. Yesterday
  10. vamo que vamo que o farm nao pode parar !
  11. Return of the dream! Online! ♥
  12. Arranca el stream!
  13. Wanali


    stream in 15 mins - soon LIVE iwanali - Twitch
  14. все ушли на флаурон и иже с ними? или выиграли этот сервер и пошли дальше?)
  15. Dear players! The voting is over, all votes has been counted and we are now ready to announce results! I can participate at 18:00 ONLY - 655 I can participate at 16:00 ONLY - 524 I can participate at both of them - 339 Listed voles are unique votes of characters level 45 and above. Following votes were not included in final result: Duplicated votes from characters on the same account Duplicated votes from characters on same HWID 214 players voted for more than 1 option from the same computer. We are unable to accept those votes at all as we can not determine which of them were preferred, and which were not. So they are not included in the final result as well. That means, sieges time will not be changed and sieges will start at 18:00 UTC+2 Sincerely, Classic Team
  16. Hello. We will have event, it's in development, with TI update and some changes for Dion.
  17. Fin se semana señores, arranca el stream
  18. Who said not to pvp and use lvl 1 char? I've never did that with 1 lvl char, they can increase the epic lvl to 70 or they can make high lvls get raid curse in pvp zone so we can pvp with low lvls. Also you can't bring lvl 1 char to hit the Epic Boss when it's pvp zone, don't make me repeat myself cause you have no excuse on this
  19. Ezk


  20. Hello, Is there a logical reason for not having events on DIONx3 server? It would be nice to have every 2 or 3 weeks an event with event items that can be sold in the market. Or to use them for any reason, but please let's have an event for GOD sake. Thank you!
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