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  2. Подправил ссылку на гугл диск, должна работать теперь.
  3. с Гугла нет доступа Бро(((
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  5. Hi, I don't think this idea of yours is cool hahaha. This makes the cape reward for the streamer just another silly thing. When you give an exclusive cover to streamers it has more value!
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  7. couldnt find my topic so i make a new one for info you when im stream
  8. Actually, after C4, there wasn't too much of a lore. I mean, on their site (pre-2012) there was a section with the lore. Most people might remember the "Legend". But after reading the Legend, there wasn't too much information revealed about the events in C5, Gracia, etc. Maybe some quests offered something; all I can think of is the 7 Signs chain quests, but other than that, you'd have to really scour the internet for information about, let's say, the Kamael. Other ways one could learn about the world was by making the Baium, Antharas, Valakas, Frintezza, Freya quests. Or from 3rd Class and Noblesse quests. I read on some site that they (the kamael) were created by the Giants, to be God-killing-machines; and that's all I can recall. Other info I have is that the "Seal of Shilen" (Forbidden Gateway, near the Cemetery of Aden) is where Shilen will come into the world. It's a gateway of some sort, guarded by one of her generals. Again, very old memory from the far reaches of the internet. As you said, the potential was there, but it was missed in favor of more money making I guess.
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  11. ¡Tum tum, clap! ¡Tum tum, clap! ¡Tum, clap! ¡Tum tum tum tum, clap! Lineage 2 Classic [ESP/ENG] | PVE - PVP with The Black Team - Come and join us we are here!
  12. We are here!
  13. Hello, My name is Mulish and I play in The Black Team CP. I will be streaming our farms,pvps, events and other irrelevant stuff we do together. Welcome to join!
  14. Hello, im new here with stream, but i will start make stream almost all day's in NA prime. Link stream : yshyl2 - Twitch
  15. We are here!
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    Wednesday up!
  17. Goldik


    FI farm Goldik28 - YouTube
  18. For dagger lovers <3
  19. Twitch suck dick so does Innova Im moving over Youtube now here's my youtube channel link
  20. 大家好,我现在在做直播,快来加入我吧!
  21. 大家好,我现在在做直播,快来加入我吧!
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