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  2. this video shows why people dont want catacombs
  3. Lv1 provoke has lower range(around 400-500). At Lv3 or 4 is when u get full range which is 750? at best, as u can see on video.
  4. IDK whats the range here but this is official range on provoke.
  5. I think the skill range is 1200 on offical server. and it's about 200 here. Are you guys planning change it as same as the offical server? @San0
  6. Yesterday
  7. Kse

    5th Anniversary Contest!

    Greetings! There is a list of all contest participants for today: Gift Card: Zanzilas harkerez Queni xCranium x2 Alternative Setzer steelpulse FoxbK Grimzorg x2 EncubeWasTakenLOL Corsario edardna bento16 SpellG x2 Kirk x2 Video: edardna harkerez Oet lPcOo Art: xCranium Coronel KastaZdes SpellG Kimballs Grimzorg Comics: Salazar Oet 1 of the Gift Cards came by email without Forum nickname. Author, please, contact me. if you don't see your names in participation list, but you have sent the work, or have any questions, PM me here on Forum.
  8. If you already have a train on you and trying to even pull more with provoke,you cant,it has target limit and u most likely keep provoking same mobs over and over is what it is xd
  9. How do people manage to get more than one weapon at once? There's something fishy going on...
  10. VILEN

    РУ КП

    РУ КП суммонеров в поиске: БД 72+ СВС 72+ ЕС 77+ ЕС 77+ Танк (предпочтительно паладин) 76+ Прайм тайм 20:00-23:00 (Киев/Мск) ПМ в игре VILEN
  11. They know exactly whats causing the bug its been reported
  12. Thank you! Edit: but we get pendant for free for 7 days from free awards system. Probably that's all we get?
  13. these items dont exist in this server
  14. Oet

    Aden Castle

    You manage to preserve a really good spectator view. Cool video.
  15. @Koll Help pls. Warlord's skill Provoke bugged
  16. VILEN

    РУ КП

    РУ КП суммонеров в поиске: БД 72+ СВС 72+ ЕС 77+ ЕС 77+ Танк (предпочтительно паладин) 76+ Прайм тайм 20:00-23:00 ПМ в игре VILEN
  17. Am I the onlyone who got this problem?
  18. Last week
  19. Hello. It's Java server feature. It might affect perception of server platform.
  20. Hi, in some servers when you Shift+Click or Ctrl+Click the monster you can see a in-game windows that shows drop and spoil of that monster. I believe that this feature would improve our server a lot, it is indeed better to look at website if u are looking what mobs are dropping what you need, but when you are in a hunt and wanna see what that mobs in that area are dropping its kinda hard to open site all the time to check it out
  21. How I can get brooch and the jewels for it? How I can get pendant?
  22. Trojan

    РУ КП

    go go guys need ppl and go to fight
  23. I'm a lvl 43 Warlod . Skill Provoke range is very small. Is this skill buged?
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