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  2. TripNip

    Summoner Spell

    Hm.. Thank you.
  3. Today
  4. Kse

    Valentine's Day contest "Love is..."

    Rewards were sent to everyone, who PMed me and got all questions solved . Still waiting for the rest in PM!
  5. Sensei

    WTS +15 Demon Staff, Avadon Rb.set +6

    Bump. Also selling: - BW hvy set - Othell runes 8, 9 - Improved EWC
  6. Yesterday
  7. Flloki

    WTS Demons Staff + 14 770kk

    Pm or e-mail in game ”Flloki
  8. MoDoy

    Summoner Spell

    you have to resummon pet to full his mp, that costs spirit ore and you waste quite a lot of it if you want infinite mana
  9. Torrente

    WTB Recipe

  10. Jsem


    I thought you guys were sws and ee? To bad you did reroll, "WonderOrc its looking for ee and sws 70+ eu prime. If not, pm Starikan, FEAR is the only RU speaking clan here, not sure if they check forums to much.
  11. Daosan


  12. Poseidon

    Melee CP LF

    Mr. NewAvatarEveryDay is gethering a cp? Wish ya good luck
  13. TripNip

    Summoner Spell

    Why is it more expensive? Because of the shots cost? Arent its abou the same if you use 4blessed spirit or 20soulshots?
  14. Cyane

    +soulshot activation problem

    pls, need to apply this fix between weapons of different grades
  15. Kse

    Valentine's Day contest "Love is..."

    Reward delivery will start today! Whoever still didn't send me PM with your nickname - hurry up.
  16. Starikan

    Набор в клан FEAR

    Актуально! Заходите к нам, ребята :)
  17. bazzlaiter

    Донабор в Ру мили пак

    Мили ДД 74+, ДА/ШК 70+ пишите, ждем Вас
  18. Last week
  19. SemenArsonist

    WTB Karmian +6/+8 | WTB IEAC

    bump, also buying IEAC for 14kk
  20. I felt that this was a really good question and i didnt knew the answer too
  21. MoDoy

    Summoner Spell

    if you are pony or cat, leveling until 76 is way faster with mage weapon (because of infinite mana), BUT its also way more expensive, so you gotta decide if you have money to do that or not (personally i would go mage build anyway, but some people prefer chill fighter style xp)
  22. TripNip

    Summoner Spell

    So... Should i get duals or mage weapon is still a better option, even with weak aqua swirl?
  23. MoDoy

    Summoner Spell

    they get it in antharas patch, we are getting that in approximately 2 years speaking optimistically
  24. TripNip

    Summoner Spell

    P.S. because im wondering if i should aim for mage weapon or get a fancy duals on my ES...
  25. TripNip

    Summoner Spell

    I cant find the topic about it so i will ask- in which patch the summoners class gets higher lvls of attack spell (like aqua swirl) past 40lvl? And if possible, approx how far away is that patch?
  26. GrandCrusade

    Cursed Maingauche +16

    sold /close
  27. FryderykChopin

    Music Thread

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