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    GC spoil Gamlin´s
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    GC live L I V E
  4. I confess. yesterday I broke the rules and created a group in the evening to search for people in the clan. 7 people wrote to me during the night. this is a better result than I have seen on the forum and in the discord.
  5. I can't se wich monster are agressive and i need the patch for this, does somebody know it?
  6. Party Matching has to be used for party matching only. Trade messages are forbidden and will be punished with character ban. I propose to introduce an amendment so that in Party Matching you can search for players to join the clan. the "clan search" function is of little use, a large number of clans are dead. and the top clans will not recruit unknown people without an interview. Thus, new players will be able to look at Party Matching, find people and immediately discuss their opportunities and prospects with them. why not a forum? why not discord? I believe that a large number of players, especially new ones, pass by the forum and discord, go straight into the game to evaluate rates, gameplay, and so on.
  7. modoy talking nonsense, admins being played by 1 polish dude WELL DONE MY FRIENDS! at least you provided me fun
  8. We have completed the first stage! Here is the full list of nominations: wilczka, wilczka, nrolla, axzp, nansey, miidas, axzp, san0 , WORK , fl00r, fl00r, Raper, Natsu, axzp, wilczka, axzp, 5rdfl00r, 5rdfl00r I announce the opening of the second stage: voting! For the next two weeks, you can vote for your worst enemy through a poll on my Twitch channel. (✿´‿`) (ღ˘⌣˘ღ) Let's have fun!
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  10. (✿´‿`) (ღ˘⌣˘ღ) CS, Zaken & Baium with the Dark Force Alliance
  11. i dont doubt that you will say "bullsh1t" literally to anything that doesnt go with your conspiracy theories, so no matter what i say, you will say its fabricated or anything my PW account was actually super safe, i dont think i can count amount of people who has it on 1 hand and that already includes people i played with in uchiha party when my char was SR despite me not playing, i still log for them from time to time when asked and now the best thing is, do you know that one of those handful of people who have my account is actually masha? thats mindblowing right, so if she plays, she can log the char whenever she wants, even for clan leaders duties and yeah, they definitely made me clan leader coz they knew ahead of time you are going to make this thread, make screenshot of heroes and idk what more
  12. I dont know how to seriously reply to this lets say, Rizo didnt have access to your char account, especially if you werent playing and clan had no access to clan leader's char let's forget that there is no need of clan leader to accept someone to clan i have more effective idea - they made you clan leader just for this screen! like they made this Angerfist's scam letter who will doubt, can say anything
  13. wow, you are quite salty and clueless, i havent played club for quite some time in past year and didnt play at the time all this drama between them happened, so i never had reason to hold grudge against them (same like you are still holding hands with bizqquit despite what he has done in past, since you had no saying in that event, you dont really care what he did), we still played other games (together with some other members of party) what makes you think rizos invited them back? rizos is not even leader, never was and never will be
  14. Lets be honest, Rizos has EU prime alive, Im like 99% sure that Rizos is getting paid by GMS so he can make people play the server. Where is no chance Rizos put so much work into that server for "fun" if he does, he is stupid. So ofc GM's will help, if they dont, Rizos leaves, Ally dies, EU prime dies, server dies bla bla bla. You are not the kids, use brain. Edit: p.s. it is practice in l2 community, that servers paying sides to play on their server.
  15. Ο πόνος είναι η δυσάρεστη αίσθηση που συνήθως προκύπτει από ένα πολύ έντονο ή καταστροφικό σωματικό ερέθισμα. Ο πόνος βιώνεται υποκειμενικά καθώς επηρεάζεται από την κατάσταση του εγκεφάλου μέσα στον οποίο σχηματίζεται η αίσθηση και ο πόνος ως προέκτασή της. Η συνήθεια, η ψυχική κατάσταση, το αν βρίσκεται κανείς σε ύπνωση, αν τελεί υπό ουσίες που επιδρούν στο κεντρικό νευρικό σύστημα κλπ κάνουν την αίσθηση του πόνου υποκειμενική.
  16. i feel so obsolete,you didn't even included me in the screenshot with list of heroes
  17. Just a brief reminder of that effective case (so effective that san0 even closed it :D ) Angerfist sent epics and baium tali by mistake to wrong char. In order to get items back, Rizo and Angerfist built fake scam case and lied to admins that Angerfist scammed Rizo. Admins "somehow" believed this lie and returned items. Guess what happened? ^_^ After month from this "scam", Rizo's kind and generous heart couldnt stand and not only forgave this EPIC scam (five lvl3 epics + baium tali) and accepted Angerfist and Masha back, but even made them both heroes :D So I upgrade Rizo from "Rizo The Racist" (because reason of scam as angerfist "explained", was "Rizo flaming latinos" :D ) to "Rizo The Merciful!" ^_^ p.s. I wonder, if Rizo trusts Angerfist as before and borrowed him epics for Oly, or Angerfist made hero without them :D
  18. siege
  19. LIVE ON! Vamos meus amigos. Acompanhem agora a SIEGE! Sorteio 1x 1 week PA, 5x Hair accessory ticket (30 days) às 15:30 (BRT). Sejam todos bem vindos! Come on, my friends. Follow a SIEGE now! Raffle 1x 1 week PA, 5x Hair accessory ticket (30 days) at 3:30 pm (BRT). Welcome, everyone!
  20. Today is the last day for the golden elpy award nominations. In the evening I will announce the list of nominees. The next two weeks there's going to be a poll to find out who's the winner ;-)
  21. I just opened LiveStream guys more arrives, today we will farm proof of blood until we can no more!
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  23. up up olympiad today or something
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