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  2. yes that's the case the last decade , but still i'd like to see the na and asia side compete for castles or adopt a "satellite" role for the major clans during their prime
  3. anything more than 2 sides on same prime is not possible in anything longer than 2 months on any server
  4. i am eu palyer .its dissapointing that asia and na dont compete .i guess the 6 sided servers with 200-300 ppl each side like it was back @ Bartz in 2008-9 is long gone . oh well , it is what it is. thanks a lot for the info i guess i ll see u in game. probably gonna roll mage for some mage cp aoe activity
  5. It depends on which prime u play coz there are 3 prime sides, asia prime - china (no competition), sa/na prime - brazil (no competition), eu prime have 2 end game sides and 1 side still growning up to enter end game content. However now during summer the most action you can see only in sieges.and even those lately is not the same ones that was month ago. About cc numbers for now only china have 150+ cc numbers and brazils around 100+-, EU sides have 60-80 at top right now (during summer not more than 40 each)
  6. Can anyone provide the file responsible for this: (was previously available by Morim, dunno and havent tested if it works for this version)
  7. yes i know thats the case on any server i said i play l2 since the beginning .what i care about is to have an at least 2sided server with sieges/bosses fights with at least 150 ppl in each CC.
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  9. GF China, Br, Perkunas, mobs played big part today and prolly fragged the most . Wast funny evening and finally many pvps after long break. Enjoy
  10. CATCH UP THE HAPPINESS (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧
  11. The early-mid game is pretty much dead, but it's because it's nearly 5 year old server and the progress is pretty quick, so don't get discouraged if you don't see anyone in the newbie locations - there's plenty of action in the endgame, you can check for yourself in some of the vids here:
  12. MoDoy


    @iAxZp you see? wasnt even that hard, few days of cry and its fixed
  13. Malruk Succubus and Soul Of Ruins Drops it
  14. Kse


    Referral link - Please, don't forget to change your current referral link in Partner Program on the website in account manager to pauloalves
  15. we know how big poop daggers are, can i get this one on my dagger please? thanks
  16. Yea it's summoner, where da fuk is light armor mastery
  17. since we are asking for stuff can I get light armor mastery on necro? thanks
  18. Remove spd reduction from thrill fight,and stun resist bonus from bw during oly. Tnx!
  19. i have another suggestion to add: after implementing mental on buff set reduce necro fear to 10% reduce titan fear to 30% and remove slow effect add to summoners 200% pvp dmg boost and blessed pet soulshots add to tyrants lionheart and imortallife allow user enter oly fully buffed with s/d and fruits
  20. Νο. Especially with the latest changes fear is fine. Maybe lower horror landrate. I barely land any fears nowadays with my necro.
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