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  2. who knows, maybe you will even get me to sing some of them
  3. added a song request chat on discord, you guys can request songs there by posting a link for a youtube video and we will be playing those requested songs during the stream. note that songs of bad tone or containing offensive content might be ignored. start preparing our night stream playlist boys and girls.
  4. Today
  5. Drop/spoil on monsters in game is not an option. We had it in 1.0, but ended up canceling this feature. Client is being changed for a new one with almost every update. And every new client needs a new system for the patch. It takes too much time and work to rewrite the whole system, so we rather to put these time and work into new updates.
  6. have some extra works and some RL stuff to take care today so moving stream for a night session, should start somewhere around 21h my time, its now 14h44m my time.
  7. вспомнил, было написано (вы открыли Тайный куб. и получили (.)
  8. Вот мой личный результат на данный момент, я открыл 10 коробок из них (1 XP 30%, 2 XP 50%, 1 XP 70%, 1 Большой Фейерверк, 1 EAD, 1 EAC, 3 Свиток баффа 2-го класса. PS Одна коробка исчезла когда меня призвали способностью Варка, Врата Чант вызывает членов группы. (Так получилось, что я её в тот момент прожал) и она просто исчезла!
  9. Anyway.... This is my favorite video... My wife hate it
  10. 3 parties vs 6 parties, enjoy and they said summoners are useless
  11. Hello, Ticket number EHZ-827-3333 Thank you!
  12. @San0 @Koll you should add the DB at the top tabs on server's site... Not only that it's practical, it looks extremelly pro and anyone who visits the site immediately knows you mean bussiness. btw. you can put the database instead of the 'partner' tab, that program is trash anyway and it scares new players away.
  13. Hi, I'm looking for a clan where they recruit active assistants, I adapt to any game and any character. I'm just looking for a clan to help level up and make good level partys. I'm from Argentina
  14. dont you remember the match with the horror macro?
  15. Yesterday
  16. done for today, cya tomorrow at same time. thank you all for joining. session 3 lvl 32 - 0.54% 484.989 adena and we still didnt do anything with the event scrolls. fishy fishy time.
  17. What can I say, he likes pretentious latin names.
  18. Eh well, I've lost to Pince once so this is nothing to feel ashamed 😅
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