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  2. I have checked all chinese can't log to this fourms without VPN. so consider those plenty anonymous chinese players.
  3. 2 hours like u do before, should be really nice.
  4. Last week
  5. Brazil olym time NOW: 15pm ~ 18:40pm normal work end 18pm ... so cant join anyway. at saturday work end 12~13pm ... if reduce 3 hours it wont change anything, BR focus is saturday
  6. Sieges - you can move around to sooner time as its weekend event, probably making them sooner is the way, as waking early on sunday is more possible than staying late sunday for chinese and trying to go to work on monday Olympiad - i think olympiad was kinda early for brazilians and i remember them joining mostly on saturday, coz they were finishing works and stuff, moving it even sooner eill rekt them on friday. Suggestion here would be to make it not same on both days, keep the time on friday and move time drastically on saturday. That way brs can come from work on friday and play, some chinese can stay 1 night to interrupt feeds and stuff (since next day is saturday) and on friday everyone should have oly in some reasonable time to feed and interrupt.
  7. hhhhh Kiss u My Baby Shabi Dear Top dagger Frined . @Rizos Let's come up with a time that works for everyone。 Agree with the way to solve a problem: Oly will last more than 3 hours. Siege will only last 2 hours. So The point here is the starting time of Oly -- Care about the process of the battles the end time of Siege -- Care about the last battle of the results Dear GMs will Make decisions about server development. Let's help them make decisions better rather than control them. <3 L2 CLUB.
  8. Calculation is here! Wanali - 0 Streamer Coins lPoledance - 0 Streamer Coins ZeTrovao - 3 Streamer Coins PJR - 0 Streamer Coins ManoBrown - 2 Streamer Coins Ezk - 3 Streamer Coins OurCure - 22 Streamer Coins Gurpiao - 0 Streamer Coins Aurora - 0 Streamer Coins lFury - 0 Streamer Coins Following streams are being removed from the campaign due to inactivity lPoledance Wanali In case listed streamers will decide to come back, just send me a PM on forum, your topics will be brought back up To claim Coins, PM Kse here on forum with your ingame nickname! You do not need to send it to Live chat/Discord as well. In case you don't see your name in the list or have doubts in calculation numbers, pm me
  9. im from CEST prime, for me better to did olympiad for -2 hour previously, or 3 hour if it more comfortably for china friends
  10. The only change acceptable at this point would be moving every single event to Asia. Otherwise you leave it as it is.
  11. Agree. And i agree about feed waves too. Its boring fight with a lot Ponys and DAs. But i not have a rosolution for this... Im just feel me sad on oly.
  12. Agree, -3 hours for Siege will help ASIANS to sleep earlier to rest and go work the next day and will be good time for BRs also. For olympiad id`like to see more ppl fighting but i dont see a good time for everyone enjoy, so i suggest to back 3 or 4 hours OR stay how it is. And very nice to see opinions from players to see the server improve, gz administration.
  13. IMO make change that suits shabis the most. Most of server population and reason why server is up is Asia prime anyway
  14. 1st of all it's impossible suit everyone. 2nd of all Since olympiad games are twice in a week (8h event), I believe that deserves a bigger change than Sieges once in two weeks (2h event). My suggestion would be -3h oly / -1h siege or -2h oly / 0h siege; (It means both events starting same time in different days). Unfortunately I don't see that "potencial change/help" without big harms. If you push ++hours for these events, you go overnight in europe. if you push --hours it goes overnight for some american countries. 3rd of all 1st.
  15. am from china and state for my self : I would like siege 2/3 hour earlier. and Oly 3 hours earlier (as Oly is long time activity). If change, This will be also helpful to active some women players and most Asia players ( As everybody know about 2/3 players or more from Asia) If not change, as Jacorleon said, we just go sleep before siege and Oly. We have our own life. we play game to release ourselves instead of sacrificing health and family. by the way, if do vote, any approach to avoid any duplicate vote from same person like same ip? thanks.
  16. About siege , time is necessary. Becuase of ppl need to work tomorrow. About Oly , More important than time is this thing that FEED WAVE making。 I just want to enjoy real 1v1 match, tell the truth we like L2 oly here, More important than Getting Hero is that we can enjoy it。 And Because of there is the best balance here Club serve. That's why we chose to stay here Club serve. In fact, There are old friends here who know me. They know i just play for fun in oly. And I don't care about heroes. The funny thing is, we have defeated enemies without heroes. So about getting more funning in oly If you move the game up by two hours or more, you can get more active players in oly. So you can get more chance to have funning of real 1v1 match. Not all boxes in oly as now
  17. What are interests of SOME players ? Let me give you my opinion: Fxck the oly , Fxck the Hero , Fxck the Epics . What are interests of SOME players ? The interests of the RMT ? I remember that This server is provided to you on "free to play" basis。 I remember that This Server does not allow RMT。 SO, What are interests of SOME players ? - To feed Hero, To win of PVP, To farm epic ,then Sell out ? Let me tell U What are interests of ALL players who like L2 in this serve? Game L2 is entertainment that keeps everyone happy and healthy. Get healthy is the most interests of ALL players . Who wants to give up sleep and get up in the middle of the night to play games ? - Almost are RMT man! So Do u want to make real vote , Or Let RMT man control the vote count ? ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Tell my truth I really dnot care about time of oly and siege , and I'm sure GM will fit them in at a reasonable time。 IF The time suits me,i play it. IF not , I go sleep , and almost Asian ppl have to go sleep. Who wants to stare at a computer screen all night like an jackass? And speak loudly “Reg”“Reg” Reg “ maybe RMT player would like to do。 but i dnot care。 i need my sleeping , i need my hair , i need my sex , i need my health。 Thats all。
  18. Id like to change time that allows the most people to attend. You cant safisfy every1. As a Korean, it will be very helpful for me to change time by 2 hours ealier. As jacorleon said, we can vote in forum, or discord, or somewhere else.
  19. For me it´s very simple: Sieges: Brazilian Time - 10 a.m - 12 p.m - (right before players going for lunch with their families) CEST - 03 p.m - 05 p.m - (right after players went for lunch) Koreans - 22 p.m to 00 a.m (not too late for players that need to work on next day) Chinese - 21 p.m to 23 p.m (not too late for players that need to work on next day). Olympiads: Could stay how it is, or, maybe, considering that the majority of players today are from asia region, going back like 3-4 hours in-game for this events would be a good idea, so they would not need to play late at night, and obviously, more players would join.
  20. It would be nice to have a full poll in the future. Here's a hint: 90% of Chinese players can't register to use this forum. we need find real way to do full server vote .
  21. Dear players! In this topic, feel free to give us your opinion on which changes should be done (if any) along with your reasoning. When giving your vision on the matter, please, don't generalize and speak for yourself. Other players also have the opportunity to express their opinion. Because, as we have seen earlier, many players, in whose interests some players spoke out, at the end of the day were unhappy with the changes. Sincerely, Classic Team
  22. Dear players! On Sunday, after many requests throughout the years, we finally have made a decision to change several server events time. With that change we tried to help Asian prime (without affecting other prime times much) and moved Olympiad/Sieges time. After change announcement we got mixed reaction. Some players said this change will help, some said it won't and, in opposite, will harm them. Last few days we were talking to players and trying to understand both sides positions. What we came to so far is: we can either change the time for potential help, or not change the time and prevent definite harm based on information from one of the sides. Our next steps are: 1. We will reverse time change decision for now. 2. We will continue discussions to get time change that will suit everyone. 3. We are preparing full server vote to get information from all players of which time suites them best. 4. All previously created by players suggestion topics regarding time change will be removed from the forum. Instead, all players can leave their opinion in this topic. Sincerely, Classic Team
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