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  2. + to @Sensei idea ! I also really like the idea to get screen shaking and warning so everyone on the island knows it spawned
  3. lets make baium die in 2 frenzies also so randoms can be happy
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  5. well, as usual it all comes down to what begins ... we do not have time to control him and he is killed by random groups make it so that they could not kill him and he remained to us. The reason? emm we'll come up with For killing him is boring ... and easy. We are not interested so ... one to one every time. come up with something new it will be funny - if the admin listens to you ...
  6. I saw ur sacrifice yday, guy doesnt even bother to wear nothing more than a viper fangs (ng fists)... Okay, 2nd tyrant was wearing more adenkis than Skynet CP, but y, not even close to a challenge
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  8. ^ Exactly. Since there is 0 pvp with the bullsh1t you did and all primes are united, I suggested to make T-rex stronger, so I don't have time to kill it in 1 zealot before i get jumped by 1-2 cps. Literally sacrificing myself for the server's good, but I guess the tyrant nerf will take care of it kappa!
  9. Admins not interested to improve pvp(PR idea on fi, anthy being pve challenge that no1 fight for, trex being rng rather than fighting for it, baium being 1 prime resp limited with insane time consuming quest which u have to farm on blue mobs to fight once per 2 month at 7 am). Let's improve pve experience then, mby we gonna be less bored to play
  10. Time to make PVE interesting, at least smth good will be done:P
  11. Если агрился, то написал как Вы. С матом + замены буквы. А так, это нормальный вопрос. Хотя люди часто читают с другой интонацией, может Вы из таких? Другие тоже скачают, по старой ссылки и напишут в теме " Что все плохо". А окажется, что все работает и Вы человека вводите в заблуждение. Почему не попробовать все ссылки и не посмотреть дату данных файлов? Почему нельзя так сделать?(не агрюсь, это обычные вопросы) Не думайте, что я агрюсь =) Вам показалось.
  12. somewhere .. someone ... something done ? guilty?
  13. There's any news in relation to this one? 6. red/yellow fruit - they take buf slot (you can have max 23 bufs when u have it activated even if u have 24 buf slots) - they shouldnt take bufslot, they are on "exp boost buf bar" It's a bit annoying the need to always check buffs because of this.
  14. let's not argue ... because they are pointless .. compare the location of zaken island for parties or any other - which is more popular? where are more parties or solo players? and everything will fall into place. at the expense of the tyrannosaurus, I generally killed him in one person with my boxes and I'm not a turant ...
  15. Zaken island is ok now btw. You have solo loc and party loc, which u can farm solo with couple boxes tho.
  16. It should be killable with 1 party, not cc, it's still not RB (which can be farmed by 1 player too, but it's another question). I bet 90% of the time tyrannosaurus killed by same people that farming high-end content. Now t-rex can be killed with 1-2 ppl easily. We did it with bd + stigma + tyrant. Just aggro and run in circles while tyr hits, root, dance and do it over again.
  17. your complaints and requests look comical against the background of the fact that you cannot control him ... and random groups kill him and you want him to be killed only by raids --- and not just by random groups
  18. enough for you already ... you've all cried that zaken's island is too weak. and what did you get? that on the island of zaken no one exp ... -------- but generally yes ... Velociraptor up to 2x damage + increase haste + critical damage pterosaur - increase damage and crit chance by 2 times Tyrannosaurus increase damage 8 -10 times. give massive fear stun paralize for 30 seconds + random aggression on any player in the party
  19. IMO, it would be cool if u can give it some nice crowd control and aoe damage abilities, make it immune to debuff and give it some stats. Maybe even add message and screen shaking effect to everyone on FI, like when baium awakens, so everyone on island will know that t-rex spawned and will move to pvp for it. Players like to fight bosses, you can add some monster hunter vibe to FI with this kind of changes. Of course, some reward adjustment will be needed aswell, cause now t-rex drop/spoil/exp is kinda meh Also, maybe we need some changes to spoil for mobs on FI in general? There is no reason to spoil anything besides helmets and robe recipes.
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  21. Silver Ranger (Moonlight Sentinel) - lquiverl [EU] Bladedancer (Spectral Dancer) - Rennie [EU] Bounty Hunter (Fortune Seeker) - Starikan [EU]
  22. PR - Blut (DF) Sorcerer - Spyro (DF)
  23. Espada69


    Можно тут улучшать 3 профные тату или нет ? и как если можно где почитать?
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