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  4. that moment when classic starts to remind a gracia / high five server. instead of reworking some dagger mechanics, to do it more playable, you add binding blow. now only critical blow, stealth and treasure chests are missing xD yet again patch is from people who dont play this game. anyway gj and gl
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  6. Dear players! Tomorrow, 03.10.2023, at 12:00 UTC+2 we are planning to make Dion server maintenance. Expected downtime - 20 minutes
  7. AO VIVO
  8. AO VIVO
  9. Calculation is here! Turgon - 0 CoL sheyk - 8 CoL 4Ever - 120 CoL dilson - 68 CoL Yoshi - 38 CoL spok1991 - 30 CoL Rodl2 - 0 CoL ShinxaLoL - 46 CoL 이진언 - 54 CoL HaragornY - 0 CoLs wsYPrivate - 0 CoL morgadaogameplay - 2 CoL Following streamers are being removed from the campaign due to inactivity: wsYPrivate HaragornY IMPORTANT! If during the calculation we can not see your videos because they are hidden or any restrictions are applied, there will be no recalculation after calculation results are posted! You need to make sure your content is available for the check before! Streams, which were not announced in your topic as required are not being counted! AFK time on streams is being removed from overall streams time. And if a single stream has a significant AFK time in it, that stream is not being counted at all! Fishing considered AFK! To claim CoLs, PM Kse here on forum with your ingame nickname! You do not need to send it to Live chat/Discord as well. In case you don't see your name in the list or have doubts in calculation numbers, pm me
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