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    WTS 3x FP Armor-4,5kk WTS 2x FP Helmet-2.5kk WTS PL set with gloves-lf offers WTS Mithril set- lf offers WTS 2x BW Boots-lf offers WTS Drake Leather Armor-4.5kk WTS 3x FP Shield-700k WTS Theca Leather Armor ? WTS Orcish Pole-15kk WTS Yaksa Mace-15kk WTS Demons Staff-15kk Pm me here or IG "Thuglyfe.
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  4. We are here with Siege stuff!
  5. Aden siege :))
  6. Koll


    Hello. What method you are choosing? Payssion or Visa/Mastercard?
  7. I7oT


    Добрый день,хочу оплатить через карту,но всегда выдает одну и туже ошибку :Ваш платеж неуспешный! не удается создать транзакцию,подскажите в чем может быть проблема платежа , заранее спс
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  9. Calculation is here! Renan Silva - 0 Streamer Coins AntiFun - 1 Streamer Coins PJR - 4 Streamer Coins Wanali - 10 Streamer Coins malawilczka - 0 Streamer Coins Encube - 2 Streamer Coins ShinxaLoL - 0 Streamer Coins Jeffboya - 8 Streamer Coins OurCure - 5 Streamer Coins Bluewings - 4 Streamer Coins HtaBr - 0 Streamer Coins Amdur - 0 Streamer Coins Firo91 - 2 Streamer Coins Pastelka - 9 Streamer Coins To claim Coins, PM Kse here on forum with your ingame nickname! You do not need to send it to Live chat as well. In case you don't see your name in the list, pm me Following streams are being removed from the campaign due to inactivity Renan Silva HtaBr Amdur In case listed streamers will decide to come back, just send me a PM on forum, your topics will be brought back up
  10. We are here!
  11. Is there a database that I can look up what items a monster drops and at what rates for L2 classic?
  12. Юный маг 35 ищет дружный живой клан ) как у вас дела и можно ли к вам?
  13. short motivational stream
  14. I was checking old posts and I must say how much I love u @San0 hahahahahaha just miss my demonic blade dancer to make me completly loveled hahahahaha
  15. Giveaway on in 1 hour and 5 minutes 1. 1st prize: 200 col its 2x 30 days premium 2. 2nd prize: clean TOP B grade weapon of choice 3. 3rd prize: B grade armor set of choice Enter !ticket on the stream if you want to join. It will be open from 20:00 GMT+1
  16. we are live
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