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  1. Low lvl clan recruiting

    Hey, I will pm you if its still relevant because I am on holiday until the end of the week. You, read the postscript and then go back to your cave.
  2. Low lvl clan recruiting

    Hey, The clan's purpose is to find people who have no friends/no topD equipment/no endless free time and are just a bit bored of farming alone until they're lvl 40, put them together so all can go together maybe. With that said, only requirement is to speak english, be friendly etc.. there is an xp bonus too. Find me ingame on the same name as here. PS. forum warriors with 70+ chars seeing no point in all this don't need to judge and comment, thanks
  3. 2.0 dagger damage

    I play a dagger class (always have in fact). They are fine.
  4. Another new player thread

    I would say fun starts at level 1, thats the reason a lot of people are here. The point is to log in after work for an hour and clear my head just by killing the same 3 mobs in lets say abandoned camp, where I havent been for 10 years. Guess its different for you and you cant imagine not everyone wants to be on top of the server but its all fine.
  5. Another new player thread

    Hey, so I just started here, completed first class recently. I always thought playing a low rate server alone is pissing in the wind, so since I don't know anyone and can't decide in the ingame clan function if a clan is real or was made just for the xp bonus, I thought I might try here to find some people who would accept another new player. Currently I'm a human rogue, playing around 1-2 hours a day, sometimes even skipping a few days because of lie, just some casual fun, enjoying the simplicity of the old times again. IG name is the same as here.