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  1. L2classic.club Streaming campaign

    Are there any rules in place to prevent players from actively stream sniping? Which makes the streamer unable to stream and effectively sabotages the campaign? Or is the only solution for the streamer to set a 12 hour delay?
  2. Stream - Cbiscuitt

    You're so confused. PvP is wonderful, its the reason i play the game. The problem is buffing the RB because you know you wouldn't be able to kill us, so you grief the raid. Then you proceed to follow me around the map and kill me because your watching the stream. Please show some self control, as i told you ingame if you need someone to talk to, just message me. (ingame) Thanks.
  3. Stream - Cbiscuitt

    Player M2 and jbuffs, greifing on stream. Will ruin your streamer contest. Buffing RB.
  4. Stream - Cbiscuitt

    Stream is live! Bump
  5. English Streamer - Come watch

    lol i'm the 1 character lvl 30
  6. Stream - Cbiscuitt

    Thanks guys Stream is live again! Bump!
  7. Stream - Cbiscuitt

    thank you
  8. Stream - Cbiscuitt

    https://www.twitch.tv/cbiscuitt NA Server English Noob Stream!