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  1. Bug of Enchant

    Omg, such silly tries to scam over the logs. MY GOSH! hahahahahaahhaha
  2. LF CP(Общая тема)

    Aw 65 lf cp, eu ru ua

    Active AW 65 lvl, lf cp eng, ru, ua
  4. account banned

    Those cheaters are so funny?! Isn't it shame to write such stories, and ask why banned? And then Slap in face from admin - adrenalin user, GG
  5. Dagger CP

    Aw 63, nickname Shadowfist, wants normal cp to play:D
  6. Christmas Events!

    Dear Administration, for how long does the Big Xmas tree stand, the one which regenerateds hp and mp out of town.
  7. WTS char

    Ofc he isn't writing from his account. KSe can you check his ip adress and ban his subnet mask
  8. Ахахахах еще и отмазываться стал, типо да щас верну, да пускай не возвращает:D качай новых трейдов хитрожопик
  9. LF CP(Общая тема)

    AW 64, высокий онлайн, прайм, LF ru, eng CP Ts, prime, high online
  10. Набор в мили КП

    АВ 64 подойдет?
  11. Whats up with RR?

    ​Maybe you will read forum more often, and find the admin topic where they announce maintenance, and it's periods. OMG!
  12. 35 37 39 quests

    http://l2db.com.ua/?page_id=1249 here you go:)
  13. LF CP(Общая тема)

    Ищу CP, Lf CP, ua ru eng, я AW 63 lvl, B equip, high online, TS3