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item Deadman's Glory - 50kk

item Blue Wolf Tunic - 27kk

item Lance + 4 - 100kk or Trade for your item Demon's Dagger  ++++

item Demon's Dagger - 50kk

item Art of Battle Axe 55kk - Sold

item Adamantite Ring + 5 - 30kk Better than item Ring of Black Ore + 4

item Ring of Seal + 6 - 35kk Better than  item Ring of Black Ore + 5

item Blue Wolf Helmet - 19kk

item Drake Leather Armor + 6 - 15kk

item Drake Leather Boot + 6 - Sold

item  Full Plate Helmet  + 6 - Sold


item Demon's Dagger + 7 or Highter 

item Necklace of Black Ore 

item Blue Wolf Gloves Light Armor +4 +5 +6

item Blue Wolf Boots Light Armor + 4 +5 +6

item Recipe: Leather Armor of Doom 60% or 100%

item Bow of Peril Shaft x10 - 4mil each


Inbox or Pm in game: DoomFox


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