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    InYourDreams Recruting 


    - Active players with sense of teamwork. 
    - Who are able to use discord for clan and teamspeak for siege
    , can understand and speak english. ower (CP MEMBERS FROM Poland/Portugal/ Brazil / Slovenia )
    - Stable, loyal and mature persons who can follow the clan rules.

    Make sure you are not carebear and you like PVP 
    We Recruting ONLY CP's !!! 9 active ppl no box 

    1 CP LF DD gmt +2 19.30 - 02.00 gmt +2 to join us you need have tyrant 65-74 and archer 78+ 
    Add me discord PureCocain#3857 for clan rulez and voice chat 
    in game pm me PureCocain 
    Info About clan :
    -We have 10 years experience with l2 
    ower old clans and servers
    l2 frienz l2 roxy 5x / 7x WARFARE CLAN 
    l2 dex Wrath 9x OOC CLAN
    rpg club 1x 5x 15x OOC / QQ CLAN 
    l2 off chronos naia 
    now here with cp l2 classic club 
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