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New Player Active LF Academy with %Exp - CH

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Hello everyone , i just started on server and i am looking for support academy during my early levels.

atm i am 21 lvl Rogue and going to be Hawkeye.

I play 5~ Hours/day and 8~ on weekends .

If there is any clan with Ch and bonus exp interesting u can PM here or ingame (GTultimate)

Ts3 + Discord + Mic + english.

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Welcome joined our community,

im sorry i cant offer clan for you,but just suggest make lvl 25 then done moon knight armor quest.Is without any stats,but still better then non grade.Save money for bow .All raids partys needs bowers,so easy lvling progress :)Good luck  

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yeah i know :D
The only problem is the buff think :P
There are not alot of low lvls atm plus not fishing scrolls for buffs like might , making my kite on mobs endless :D

Anyway thanks for advice :D

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