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  1. Summoners while on Mount

    24 y old Ferrari can be worth a fortune you know ?! JK, nvm what I said above if this is how things stand all I have to say is that I regret we can't perma DDOS all of these RMT's :f
  2. Summoners while on Mount

    Well I definitely don't have an extensive knowledge regarding server maintance costs but I feels like you are a bit exaggerating. I mean renting servers nowadays isn't that expensive (I've heared in the past that some servers spent 100-200 USD on that purpose - although I don't have a proof if that was in fact truth) and I do understand that you need to pay/take salaries as well, question is if the salaries aren't too high/ (flame and banhammer incoming :D) I know one game which I loved, which had bright and shiny future in front of it, but at some point owner started to buy a new ferrari each month and suddenly players started to hear that there's not enough funds to maintain competitive scene/advertisement and other stuff after which this game fallen into a downward loophole to non-existance. Now I'm not saying that it's the same story with classic club (because I can see the advertisement and chronicle upgrading work being done) but it makes me wonder of some parts of the "HR" costs aren't slowly rising and forcing the mentioned services changes/discussion of funds not being high enough. Anyways I appreciate the effort and tough work you make to continue the project and you have my clap on the back for that. My biggest concern regarding financial aspect of the server are the RMT services. You don't have to be an math geniuss to quickly realise that COL's bought with adena coming from RMT are ttwo times cheaper compared to the cost of PA bought legitemately from the server DEVs. My question is: if you considered decreasing the PA price wouldn't that make buying adena from RMT not profitable(enough) and intercept income stolen by those focks? Now I don't know the proportions of such sales and if the loss from players who at the moment are legitimately buying PA's for current price would get overcome by the additional income coming from ppl who usually buy adena from RMT OR if after such change adena prices of COL wouldn't drop as well making RMT profitable yet again, but maybe it would be worth to consider/check it out for a test period of I don't know - 2 months maybe ? You can even hide your true intetions and call it a christmas promo/gift from the server crew.
  3. Best Buffer Pro and Cont.

    @Pfann 10/10 for laziness when asking a question/requesting help
  4. New Player, Lots of newb questions!

    You won't get rich by crafting mats or setting up manufactures (at least not so basic ones). If you are just starting i suggest you go to ruins to hunt SHIELD SKELETON <-- they have ~70% to spoil 1-2 a.bone (2.2-2.5k adena each) and are very easy to kill with the novice weapon you get from the starting pack. 3-4h of work there and you will get your D weapon..
  5. +1, please no more League of Legends
  6. You dissapointed me my young padawan, but the force is still strong in you
  7. @FryderykChopin and what do you think about:
  8. I have not played for more than a year

    Is there a chance this is your friend that you played with a year ago, before leaving ? There are rumors that he got very unlucky and by an accident he download and launched adrenaline lately :<
  9. Warlord stuns

    I haven't done any real tests, but my personal observations are similar to @Kure that land rate of Quick Spear is a lot higher than the one from Thunder Storm even if Quick Spear was learned on a lower character level. Additionally my thunderstorm stun land rate on MOBS on my or lower level feels lower than 90% (and yes I took into consideration the limit of mobs you can attack).
  10. [NOT BUG]Deflect Magic

    Does it increase your chance to resist a magic based debuff as well ?
  11. Moon Knight Quest Walkthrough

    IMHO if you want to create really usefulll quest descriptions (I mean I don't see much point in making quest guides of quests that are all over the internet and often with a lot better instruction) you should instead translate the guides telling people how to do all 3 mark quests (required for 2nd prof change) simultaneusly/at the same time. I've never encountered those untill I started playing classic couple months ago and I gota admit they are freaking awesome. Lets you save 50% of your adena and 70% of time
  12. Honestly this isn't that bad of an idea. Well I mean I wouldn't split it into different product categories because it would create great havoc and force players to study/memorize which zone is reserved for what kind of products but what I would l love to see, is splitting trading zone in 3 areas: 1st zone - only sell offers (/vendor) 2nd zone - only buy offers (/buy) 3nd zone - only private manufacture (/dontrememberthisone :f) It would be very easy to memorioze, self explanatory and intuitive. Not sure how much effort would GM's have to put to make such a solution/modification but to a naive guy like me it doesn't look like something too insane to implement.
  13. Violence CP lf...

    Bump. Btw don't get discouraged by Myrtans crappy Gladi skill/plays outside of that he's a nice guy to speak/play with ^^ GL

  15. Best duo for exp/pvp and or money

    Np mate, happy I could help. With that said 1 final remark: If you were to go the DA+PS setup, think I would actually replace BD with a Bounty Hunter. BD is definitely a good option but since Summons have naturally low crit rate they won't benefit from dance of fire that much. Dance of fury definitely offers a nice dps boost but in my opinion it's not worth to skip spoil just for that. So... (this time) In short BD offers proably around +35-40% DPS increase to your "summoner party" while spoil offers probably like +300-400% wealth income. You can definitely go both paths, but I personally would prefer t3h m0n3yZ.