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  1. Haha that's some damn adult approach mate Someone scratched my car, so I'll be scratching other cars because it happend to me to! As long as everyone is getting Attitude like this will most likely be the main reason to why human kind will extinct 1 day. Regarding the QQ I would agree with you, if it was a case of 2 parties on similar level fighting for the same spot. But sorry if some high level crap player who can't compete against players on his level is coming to grief on some lowbies (who are quite likely to quit the server after being griefed couple of times like that) I can understand attitude of some "whiners" here. Before trying to flame players who are crying because of getting griefed by high levels you should understand 1 thing: Lineage 2 is a game. It's not life nor job for 90% of us. If someone is constantly griefing you and killing your gaming experience and due to sh*t game mechanics you can't do anything about it people will simply quit. It's a freaking game, say like "get used to it and deal with it" is completely invalid here. You have to get used to stuff which you don't like in your real life, because most often you don't have good alternatives, but in PC game ? It's simple, you don't like it, you quit it because it brings you no joy and you gain no real benefits from getting stressed and annoyed. Now your answer would be "So if they want to quit, let them quit who cares" and yet again this is the exact approach that killed plenty of private servers before My opinion regarding high level players griefing lowbies is that it's childish, sad, brainless and it's a clear evidence of someone having do deal with hard real life actions (probably some harassment) and taking his revenge on a PC game. It's not, and it never was part of the game. These are just bad game mechanics allowing (no-life?) players to completely destroy gaming experience of players who have less time to spend on the game. Additionally I would risk saying as well that these griefers are usually doing so, because in reality they are crap players and can't compete against equally equipped/leveled enemies. Therefor it's yet again not a part of the game, but a way to make yourself feel better at a cost of someone else who CAN'T COUNTERACT that. If low lvl party when being raided by a High level guy had at least 30% chance to win, then I would consider accepting such player interactions as a gameplay but that's not the case. 2 days ago a high level necro started attacking us during trains. So we jumped him on 2 tyrants, da and 2 more chars (level range 54-60), sadly after first ability I used it was clear to me we have 0% chance because we have 0% stun land rate and my skills are doing 400-500 dmg (then split by TP) instead of the regular at my level 1k+ due to retarded dmg scalling down the high level difference there is. So to sum up: no real way to counterplay the griefness that lower non-factor players are receiving is the reason to why such behaviour should be heavily penalised if not by GM's then at least by the community itself. It's nothing more than no-life players destroying gaming experience of casual/new players who can't do anything against it because a) they are new to the sever b) they have less time to invest into the game. So stop the "this is L2" nonsense because L2 is about olympiad and mass pvp during EPIC's and SIEGE's and not about griefing low lvl players just because you are invulnurable to them due to some crap game mechanics implemented by koreans to encourage RMT.
  2. It is fine to start playing here?

    Don't expect too much from this chronicle man, or you will be badly dissapointed. It has little in common with the old C3-C4 "feeling" because of various game mechanics and community. What's more important, opposite to what it was in the past, classic isn't a mode where you can find 1 or 2 mates and simply 1 by 1 the mobs enjoying the view. Mobs are stronger, you need more exp to lvl up and generally speaking either you will pick correct chars and join some AoE trains or you will be forever in the 40-5x levels. Fighting mobs 1by1 without high lvl gear and or good setup will make you waste all of your income on supplies like shots and pots. Further more even though old C3-C4 community was never perfect, current one seem to uncomparablyworse, filled with either kids or childish people who never grew up. There at plenty of people wasting most of their entire day trying to grief you by stunning during trains, buffing RB's etc. Due to various classic crap-mechanics, some high level noobs who are invulnurable to you roam around some areas trying to make your day miserable, or simply killing you/your mates to free up the spot for their clan mates/alt chars. Classic is unbalanced as hell where if someone is at your level or above he can easily perma stun you (stun duration longer than reuse) to death.We still have a necromancer who's beasically a Mage with double HP, drain and lots of various curses with no real drawback who's wrecking everything around unless kept on a stunlock. One last thing you need to know about the server is that there is crap load of highly OE'd stuff on the server. Every day when visiting trading zone you will notice things like +10/+12 MAGE top C weapons and dozens of +8/+10 EMI bows. I won't elaborate on how unlikely this is to happen on a server that is working only for just 2 years (since this was already discussed :P) but this will have a direct impact on future Olympiad games on the 2.0 update, so if you are counting on that sort of fun, you might get surprised. But if above doesn't discourage you from playing on l2 classic, I gota admit that it's a really active server (when looking at how other private servers are doing nowadays). There's a steady number of players at every level range. Finding a party if you picked correct class, isn't an issue and random ppl who join such parties tend to usually be rather friendly and talkative. What's important to me as well is that generally speaking game knowledge of l2 players increased rather a lot over last coupleteen years. During AoE/RB parties you don't have to anymore explain to everyone inside of party what to do, as most have that knowledge and for the most part are doing what is expected from themm (ofc you can always find a complete noob here and there, but it's a different story compared to the ast). What I appreciate as well when when lookling at classic club is that they tend to do some small modification to some of the mechanic/classes. They aren't just setting up a vanila server and leaving all of the crap that koreans left us, but are trying at least slighlty to counteract some broken parts of the game (those aren't big changes ofc, but are proving to me that the Devs have some scripting knowledge and understanding of the in-game balance/mechanics). Last but not least, I appreciate the fact that dual boxing is very limited on the server. Ofc you can gain the privilage on the server to dual box but you have to work for it, because of what support classes are viable to play and server feels more allive. I just don't like the fact that with 2 PC's you can dualbox for free - I feel like this one is giving too big of an economical advantage to players with lets say a laptop.
  3. Chinese want to say

    That's some serious google translate action ^^
  4. classes rarity

    I would risk saying that when asking about rarest "class" he actually wanted to ask about "class type" so not PW but dagger - although in this case answer is similar And I agree that there are quite a few mid lvl sws raising on the server now Although we never know how many of those will keep on playing a longterm game.
  5. Actual Raid Boss META and 2.0 META

    Oly PvP is a good example. Ofc if you play an archer and are matched against an overloard you can't do anything about it, no matter how skilled you are, but there are plenty of matchups where you have tryhard to win it and skill difference is easily noticable. Remember my c6 oly games as Oveloard. I was swapping couple of times from ROBE to HEAVY armor during the fight according to the enemy and situation. Was using Mage weapon to nuke, Bow to dps and conserve mana, swapping to dagger and turning on soul cry to maximise my DPS against some classes (i.e. PP healing himself). In a lot of matchups, I had to constantly toggle the soul guard to conserve the mana. Start the fight with dual s +4 for extrra cp/mp that helped me survive couple of initial hits from Destros. Augmentations made it that much more complicated But yeah, outside of oly there aren't that many real skill requirements in the game, outside of ASSIST ASSIST :f
  6. Unable to stream

    Gota admit that this is a repeating issues that most of randoms and non-factors seem to have no real idea of how to play the game outside of farming. I myself noticed such behaviour as well, when while training on AI some dagger (think he actually had C grades) was flagging on our tank, trying to get him killed. Even though we had like 5-6 people in our party everyone seemed to be petrified with fear. I myslef spammed on party chat like 4 times to attack this guy because he's just a solo dagger, yet EVEN a necro who was in my party ( M2 ), stood there doing nothing but running. In the end I unloaded my Tyrant combo + additional blaster and started running back after mentioned dagger dropped me low and then finally our pussy necro decided to nuke the guy (2 nukes were enough to finish him off). Funny fact is that even though this M2 was big enough of a pussy to not go for the ez kill on the dagger (who is at a great dissadvantage against a necro), he then PK'ed me during next train because apparently I hurt his childish feeling when saying "mate you need to grow some balls and attack faater next time" ;]
  7. WTT Peril +3 for SOES +5

    If I'm correct you need to burn on average around 6(?) SOES's to get 1 enchanted to +5. Think about it for a moment and then think about EWB price and how many of those you need to waste to get mage weapon to +5
  8. Actual Raid Boss META and 2.0 META

    Yap. They are boring, unbalanced in terms of effort-reward and tedious to do - checking if they respawned, easily exploitable, hard for newer players to find them. Biggest issue of mentioned raid's is that they are basically a CP/Clan feature. Non factor/casual people will never have the chance to participate in killing of higher lvl raids. So it's a feature for very small and selected group of people which at the same time is giving them insane advantages over vast mojority of community. L2 raids have almost all of the possible basic design flaws :f
  9. Buff Scammer be carefull

    Agreed that your example should be considered a scam as well and get punished, but doesn't change the fact that not selling buffs after taking the payment should be penalised as well mate
  10. Unable to stream

    I would say that buffing Raid Bosses is the prime example of NcSoft/Korean mentality: There's an exploit which we didn't notice when making a game update, it's unhealthy for the game and brings no real benefits, but hey IT WAS PLANNED because WE NEVER MAKE MISTAKES in our game. Won't fix it because it would mean we made a mistake! Anyways didn't want ot join the QQ discussion but will still throw in my 5 cents: GJ on trying so hard to kill the server that you are playing on. You managed to surprise me even though you'r a Rus player
  11. I like your approach man: If game becomes unplayable for you, then fock you, go hug GK or leave the server! Plenty of people thought so to, couple of months before their servers became empty and then die slow deat The fact is that you can't ignore non-factors and casuals. If you run out of these type of people, plenty of hardcore grinders won't have targets on which they will be able to exploit their equip/lvl advantage and will loose their interest to play. Additionally casuals often are the ones who sponsor the server the most, since hardcore grinders - grind to fund themselves premium content and casuals donate to not have to grind I like classic as well and like the fact that it's considerably harder to progress compared to regular chronicles BUT hard =/= impossible. Blocking progression of plenty of players due to limited ammount of farm zones and/or people who PK / exploit clan wars just for fun, can seriously harm and shorten the lifecycle of a private server :< Keep that in mind mate
  12. Buff Scammer be carefull

    Actually I "Can whana" ban ppl for scaming It's not part of the game, it's just a side effect of lack of any sort of control over scamming kiddos. Saying that scamming is part of the game means most likely that you are either a scammer or was never scammed meaning you shouldn't vote here mate. Such approach is one of bigger reasons to why modern L2 servers aren`t sitting on 5k online
  13. TYRANT (5x lvl) LF CP (EN/PL)