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  1. FinalFen

    Battle Roar(Duelist) - TSS

    Np, mate I'll leave the lying part to you
  2. FinalFen

    Battle Roar(Duelist) - TSS

    I'm not denying that @GanjaRockzZz. It's quite possible that the server would die in matter of months if it was c4-c6, but doesn't change the fact that in my opinion Interlude PvP where it wasn't just about who is 4 lvls higher was a lot more interesting/enjoyable. It's quite possible as well that I'm lonely in my approach but this crap chronicle triggers me so badly into a rage mode whenever a 75-76 lvl party stomps my CP because we are doing 40-50% less damage then they do while at the same time getting perma CC-locked by enemies who are IMMUNE to our status effect abilities. It's simply retarded that even after getting above 70 lvl you still can't have your fun on PvP (unless you ofc enjoy dying without having a slightest chance of a victory)
  3. FinalFen

    Battle Roar(Duelist) - TSS

    What Yomana Said. Maybe I'm not explaining my thoughts clearly enough as I though these things are obvious KITE = inflicting dmg on enemy without getting damaged. So by this definition KITING differs dependant on the characters involded and scenario when it's applied. Tyrant kiting a frenzied Destro performs different actions then Archer kiting a dwarf or Nukerr on Siege. Obviously when you are talking about Mass PvP (like I did) - Sieges/Epics - kite performed by a NUKER and ARCHER means staying in the deathball and trying to periodically land a hit or two while not putting yourself at danger (walking out of the deathball). Such kiting is exact reason to why ARCHER and NUKERS were always considered the kings of Sieges. Hope this solves the issue of "uh oh I wonder how you wana kite with a nuker a melee enemy who is a faster than you!"
  4. FinalFen

    Battle Roar(Duelist) - TSS

    If you believe that a melee CP which is usualy *always" a minority compared to the number or Nuker+Archer CP's will simply run into ~10 CP's without getting destroyed in middle of the road then you are either delusional or CP's playing on this server are utter crap and can't target/assist. But since I doubt that my enemies are that bad, it probably means the first option is correct. Anyways if you are so eagored to start a flame war, it would be good if you could backup the crap you are trying to make here sound like a truth with any sort of logical arguments and/or explanations becase otherwise I can't see anything to really answer to other then a childish generic rage against enemies which you can't even identify And no, I'm not watching Gran Kain vids. 1) I don't have enough time to waste it watching how some randoms are playing PC games 2) classic PvP and PvP movies are complete crap for the most part. Only thing they show is that if your enemies are 4 levels lower they can afk in town, because they won't have a chance to compete with this retarded PvP "balance". It annoys me to extreemes to see how while being a 70lvl WL I'm hitting robe users for 800 with my abilities, while enemy WL who is only 6 levels higher hits me in a freaking B heavy for 1200+ - in short: last videos worth watching for me were on interlude < and classic is just a PvP crap where people slightly lower (4-5 levels) than you and without epics simply CAN'T compete no matter if there's an ice berg big of a difference in player skill level (and I'm not talking about any specified CP/enemy here, just in general about classic) Now you can commence with your flame, although I gona ignore it completley if you won't handle a simple task of backing up bland statements with any reasonable argumentation.
  5. FinalFen

    Battle Roar(Duelist) - TSS

    Actually I would say that suprisingly enough Glad doesn't burn that much MP in MASS PvP. I mean I'm talking about organised PvP with proper kiting coming out from both sides and not some "FOR SPARTA!" yolo play So in such PvP Glad will be keeping his distance, so he won't have the chance to burn through his mana pool in matter of seconds with TSS, DSS etc spam and instead will simply pick enemies who stepped to close to the enemy lane and banana stun them letting mages finish the job.
  6. FinalFen


    obiously some price negotiations are always available, it's not wise to post your highest offer at the very start ;P But thanks for the insight
  7. FinalFen

    Events :D

    Ok if that's the case I take back what I've said, although honestly I was thinking more about DA"s Horror :f
  8. FinalFen

    Protection from over leveled characters.

    You miss the point. My post wasn't about PK'ers being unhealthy for the server or PKing mechanics being bad, but about your attitude (and plenty of other people on this forum) regarding newbies who get PK'ed by high level chars. I remember when not long ago I was coming back to L2 and was looking for a server to play on. If back then I would encounter such a topic like ths one, where some newbie QQ's about PKers and other players tell him that if he can't deal with PKers he shouldn't play the game/server I probably wouldn't even give a chance to because why would you put your self into a sufferfest if PKing on the server is so common that people warn you to not play the game if you can't handle being PK'ed ? Now if you look on @kktnxbye post you can notice that he's actually giving a valid insight on the server situation and explains why PK'ing isn't a big/common problem. His post definitely won't scare away someone who's considering his start on
  9. FinalFen

    [EU] Rebel CP lf SWS + NUKER [67-75 lvl]

    It's time to start the bump train
  10. FinalFen

    Events :D

    Ye but before you get to your target you will sitll catch 2 fears from Necro/DA. I do realise fear is OP but still this will most likely happen if you try to attack skilled Nuker party :f
  11. FinalFen

    Protection from over leveled characters.

    Stop copy pasting such crap. PK'ing (especially lowbies) is a very minor part of the game. If you analyzed online time of each active player spent on PvP/trading/grinding and PKing you would probably notice that PK'ing on average takes 0.1% of overall online time of a player. So ye PK'ing is not L2, is not main part of this game and definitely isn't a reason for someone who doesn't like PK mechanics, to not play the game/join our server. It's just a feature rarelly used by others (talking about PKing lowbies with high lvl chars now). If you don't have anything smart to say, then just stop after saying "you have to deal with it" because demotivating new players from staying on our server achieves nothing beside harming the server population.
  12. FinalFen

    Battle Roar(Duelist) - TSS

    Still banana stun is more than enough :f
  13. FinalFen

    Events :D

    But even on frenzy he's still reasonably kite'able while you can't efficiently kite Gladi due to his banana stun :<
  14. FinalFen

    sprzęt dla newbie

    No jak spoilujesz niebieskie moby to nie dziw się że nic nie znajdujesz ;] Ze spoilem jak z dropem, na zielonych mobach jest już nieco obniżona szansa, a na niebieskich jest to strata czasu. Ja zaczynając gre na serwie (pewnie jakieś 3-4 miechy temu) wbiłem 3 krasiów na 18 level tłukać tylko te szkielety, więc jeśli robi się już duża różnica lvli między mobami a twoim kraśkiem, to zwyczajnie zrób nowe konto i załóż nowego krasia (żeby miec darmową no grade broń) Dodatkowo jeśli spoilujesz to co napisałem to upewnij się że napewno spoilujesz dobre szkieleciki (Shield Skeleton)).