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  1. SOiL

    LOA Again

    Normal Banshees, not Maluk they are spawning a lot at the place you kill them
  2. SOiL

    LOA Again

    Yea but normal banshee are respawning like ak47, you forgot to do the same with them, also I don't get why you change that after 1 month, if we knew that we wouldn't lvl up our epic toons on this month.
  3. Good evening, well.. You changed it like 6 times. Last week you made banshee's and sniper to spawn at spots, but then you removed it since it wasn't that good. So this week is good? Also respawn time increased and Pytans are running back to spot and if you hit them they are "immune". Spawn mobs if they had 15-20% now they got 5% to spawn. Good stuff **Not even 5% we farming since server is up and got 2 Bloody Snipers (1 spawn). I was waiting for easter event not this, come on.
  4. That would fire up a bit the server, people are started to getting boring. But with terms of no big rewards, no hero weapons (or change their stats similar with top B weapons), no hero skills but you need to add talismans as well (also modify them to be available only inside Olympiad) Imagine playing olympiad without overenchanted armors, weapons, full set jewells. What do you think?
  5. Yea it's complicated, since I was like I agree with you and answering to Koll with you xD but still Skelth was bad in compare with Gran Kain, the official files are only Korean and Russian, EU failed hard
  6. Malaka, real official was Gran Kain not Skelth. Skelth even had Moon armor quest at the opening :'DDD At the end you can see no Aden Castle captured. Here you can see first Aden Castle siege and people got 3rd class, do you think they were waiting for 2.0 to come to capture Aden with all these amount of people?
  7. We were talking about pvp zone and mixed parties/lvls, since day 1 we joined epics. But you didn't want to increase the lvl of them, since you were getting rekted hard in that time, so you could lose even AQ and you coming now after a month or two to repeat what we've said. Friendly advice, admins won't change and won't listen to us since they don't care. They won't even understand it's 1.5 at 2023 to add/remove things that can make the gameplay better for people playing on it even if they are not close to official. They believe it's similiar to official and that's it, let it be until we ragequit from lack of enthusiasm and getting bored hard all together. As warlord main class, my only way to farm is to AOE. I can kill around 15 to 25 mobs at BS, do you know how many quests do I get from them? like 5 or 6, depends how many mobs I'll kill on the same time, they know about it, but it's fine. So for me to do the daily, I need to log a mage (again mages around) to finish it faster and your problem are the cubics which are fine, they won't change simple stuff not that.
  8. It's not a gamer changer I agree but is something that others don't have. They don't respect the classes and by not saying that they don't respect the players as well, this is why I'm getting upset, but nvm our SPH is 62 xD
  9. Ofc we noticed that, first day at LOA we did like 3 drops in 11-12 hours of farming, after that in 10 days of farming we did 2 drops. -Ninja-
  10. But that should exist on features of the server before opening, right? Cause i'll invest my time on playing a class, if you wanna make Elemental mages to kickasses, it's fine, but say what you gonna do to the server, so everyone will create classes depending on the features or don't play at all if they don't like it, not wasting 2 months of playing and discoring stuff that shouldn't exist but they do. Damn malaka if I didn't have the clan, I would already stop playing.
  11. I was wondering why mages are hitting like that while they got +3 top C staffs mostly. I mean you can feel the difference from old 1.5 with this and I found out that all Elemental nukes got +5 power than normal power. So a 71 lvl SPH is hitting with power of 74 lvl SPH. Wait for the best part, at 78 lvl you get 31 lvl Hurricane with 111 power, now if you get the 74 lvl on char, Hurricane has 113 power, so they hit harder than 78 lvl Elemental mages, TADA!
  12. You can't find 1v1 in the game, olympiad is a great feature of L2 and should be in every Chronicle. If you reduce the rewards there's nothing to lose, however people will sure like it. Keep the dualboxing away from it and gg. Olympiad also will keep people at summer, which most of the games got lower activity at that time.