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  1. SOiL

    Some of Monday Action

    Stop abusing your teamspeak lol
  2. You can't forget my stuns Well, duelist can play many roles but nvm, right lets not spam this thread.
  3. Joined again (as solo) at January while all big parties were 76+, saw that you sold the clan you stole from us and made hero ES and 2nd place on gladiator while 2 different allies were feeding them, saw bugs like 2 heroes per class, left the game. Go try to scam some people, you're good just on it.
  4. Hope you ain't trolling cause I was using that as well ;p
  5. Ye cause i'm not playing atm, just 1-2h max and olympiad. Go to GK forum then
  6. Let me know better if he's a scammer or not, he didn't scam anything of yours cause I guess you don't have something to be worth to scam it. Forum warriors.. My nick and my party had to do about honor
  7. M.def P.def and I really don't wanna try this reflect dmg
  8. SOiL

    B vs C grade

    BOP is more cool than emi