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  1. Good evening, well. So far there's big problem with pulling from far, mobs spawn back or next to us without agro. Hammer Crush and Blaster, even Hammer Crush from OL on same lvl are like 50-60% chance, dunno why, so prolly we have to reroll to other chars since only class you can play competitive is mage. Abusing blessing of protection, with lvl 1 chars you can stop from farming a party in abg. We also done it and its stupid. I still don't get why there are areas like ABG but not LOA. In TI, we had only EV, DV, Cruma and then you added LOA. Now at abg you can go 70 and 100% and some part of LOA you will miss it. However ABG has better exp than LOA in these lvls, so I miss the point here why it doesn't exists, but the other does.
  2. SOiL

    Epic Zones

    Good evening, I'd like to make a suggestion about zones of Epics. Actually we were wondering why you changed them like this, in first place they were like arena and now you get non stop flagged but you lose no exp and you get no pvps, I miss the point here. People could quit if they lose exp, that's the hardcore of classic and there's a point on it, I mean you got fun but then you press alt + T and you go sad. P.S Remove spawn range from mobs, it's messing up the gameplay. Just punish the people that abuse it.
  3. Here you can see a great dagger and ooc party that stole Westworld. xD Sadly awaken won't play.
  4. SOiL


    Happy new year pals Looking for EU parties and one 'Greek' last slot for our party, propably for SWS slot (we need beta to finish our setup). Just pm me here or in discord.
  5. SOiL


    Easy Peasy pal
  6. SOiL


    Recruiting organized parties, solo criminals and Greek arseholes for our party. Qualifications: multi-year prison sentence without appeal, substance abuse, gun possession will be appreciated. You can pm me here or at Discord as well, I just joined server's Discord, you can find the same post in lfclan section. Here's a teaser:
  7. SOiL

    The start

    Good morning fellas, since you pay for teleport from the starting day (which is right!) I wanna ask about the Moon Armor, I hope it doesn't exist, since both of these features (No free tp, No quest for Armor), let me know if I miss something else like this, are made for newcomers in old server and not in first days of the server. Also you can boost a bit all of the quests, 6a or 10a per mob they give, being useless. However I wanna give a suggestion about bards, you were ready to give a rush to Tyrant and other warriors. You can give one of these to bards with like 1 or 2 seconds duration time and like 10 seconds reuse time, anyway you will find the timers for balance.
  8. The CH thing is cool. The x1 or x2 no dualbox, nah.. Rates x3 with zero access to EXP Scrolls could be the best.
  9. SOiL


    AT LAST! Yeah! Long time, no see. How folks are doing? Some action is coming, there's no server out there to enjoy, I've been out of L2 for like 2-3 years. I'll regroup my party and if we good with 'time we can play' maybe you should except Vigilance to join again. Where are my lovely Koreans? Missed them, hope we see some names from old times. also hope you doing well. See you around, cheers!
  10. SOiL

    Some of Monday Action

    Stop abusing your teamspeak lol
  11. You can't forget my stuns Well, duelist can play many roles but nvm, right lets not spam this thread.
  12. Joined again (as solo) at January while all big parties were 76+, saw that you sold the clan you stole from us and made hero ES and 2nd place on gladiator while 2 different allies were feeding them, saw bugs like 2 heroes per class, left the game. Go try to scam some people, you're good just on it.
  13. Hope you ain't trolling cause I was using that as well ;p