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    WTB SB AEGIS pm in forum or mail sws404 BOUGHT
  2. TK

    Well its my 1st classic so "casual plebs" will be just superb for me haha
  3. TK

    Thank you all, i am 99% sure now... My goal is just to play with a class i like, i dont care that much about meta in PVP, i like that tank bcuz its a tank suits me well so lets try
  4. TK

    Thanks, well i really enjoy this class, i like it bcuz its so tanky ofc a bit low on dps but my gameplay fits this, but idk how it will go... Just to find ppl to play with, i come here alone , so my question is could i find a clan/cp with lower lvl on this build
  5. TK

    Hello everyone, i would like to know a little bit more of TK class in classic, its seems its pretty rare? Is it beneficiant to make one? Or is it only good for pve? I know in classic SK/DA is strong and paladins are joke, but havent found any useful info for Tk. Thanks for all - cheers. RIP TOPIC coudnt find via search engine in this forum, typed in the google and i found a topic about tk, but it coudnt answer me something like : Can i join some clan or CP, bcuz as i've seen in videos, other topics u use sws to pull... I've played to class it self, it suits me very well (its was on H5 servers, have no clue about classic)
  6. LF new ppl

    Hello everyone just starting to play in here, i dont really know if i am posting in correct place, but i am looking for new commers/re-rolers or some one that is around 30 combat, just to farm mobs and have some fun times, maybe later on we could do it CP kinda thing haha. My "prime is in EU time". PM in game SWS404 or mail, or you could post ur info here. Cheers every one! EDIT: Maybe, just maybe someone could let me in, in that juicy "10% clan" , that would help heaps