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  1. FryderykChopin

    Overlord advices

    To me it's strange that you have troubles looking for a party, but it's probably just a tough luck, generally speaking OLs are very much appreciated. Also you shouldn't be locked to AOE pts, often I see parties being made to LOA or TOI where the exp is also pretty good. Since these parties are often single-targeting, I'm sure you'll be more than welcome there with Deadman's + Othell there
  2. FryderykChopin

    New to classic

    There're Major Healing Potions in Giran and Aden grocery; they're pricey but they're worth every penny for stuff like this
  3. FryderykChopin

    Small bugs

    half year later your avatar is still poorly aligned
  4. FryderykChopin


    Still don'T get why y'all pick on this guy... Well he tried 'nalin so what, who didn't
  5. FryderykChopin

    Vote for new World Cup Champion!

    Sorry Croatia then 😅
  6. FryderykChopin

    Vote for new World Cup Champion!

    I'd really like to see Croatia win, but if I were to make sober-minded prediction I'd say France will score 1 goal and then make a wall till the end of the match like last time. Now the real question is - are the accessories permanent, or 15-day? That will decide if it's worth the betrayal
  7. FryderykChopin

    Overlord advices

    Around 50 you should already start looking for EV parties. It's not as good as ABG but it gets the job done. Otherwise it's about luck, most abg parties are 60+ but sometimes I see even <60 pt's there as well Just try to farm solo with /partymatching open all the time, it's the best way to level up fast. Also around your level - have you tried Cemetary with the Tormented Souls a bit further? It's a great spot for your level, if you manage to fetch some blunt with othell you can make some great exp there
  8. FryderykChopin


    Stun Resist beats Stigma, Root beats Stun Resist, nothing beats Party Recall
  9. FryderykChopin

    About Update 2.5??

    Avatar checks in, cya on Monday folks
  10. FryderykChopin

    About the elephant in the room...

    Just for the record I gave you a like because you already had 3 of them, and I ride on anything that's mainstream. As for the lags I honestly never experienced anything too awful. For me generally it's 10 sec max during which it's still playable. But maybe they have different set of proxies for VIP and for plebs which may explain a lot. But I've never experienced anything as insane as this, this looks like something from the worst nightmare and should be adressed immediately:
  11. FryderykChopin


    Nahh, no time for recharging. Just 9x WL with Blue Wolf Robe for mana and Wynn rune for weight limit, so you can take as many Bresses and Beers as possible Just kidding, dunno, we'll have to see how the whole situation about these items will turn out, but generally speaking yeah, WL is great for mass PvPs.
  12. FryderykChopin

    Making adena

    ^This. Also you can have as many offline shops as you wish. The best way to make adena is a classic "buy cheap, sell expensive" - it can be COLs (premium currency), proofs of blood, enchant armor/enchant weapon, Talisman Crystals, Energy of Insolence etc., then you can start buying out mats and recipes/keys for stuff which you craft and sell with surcharge... Overall the no limit on shopping windows open a great opportunity to make some mad adena for those who are willing to put enough effort and time into trading btw. to get the 'input capital', I'd suggest making a spoil and rushing it to level ~50 - then you can go to Enchanted Valley and spoil Enrias from Forest Runners.
  13. FryderykChopin

    Silver Ranger Questions

    I'd say the main reason is that Evasion is trash on this chronicle, so when you look at the other bonuses there: The p.def bonus isn't enough to compensate for the gap between light and heavy and technically you get critted for lower ammount as well. Besides higher def, BW gives you the +3 STR and +7 speed which helps you with kiting greatly. About why modoyko suggested Full Plate I have absolutely no idea, maybe enjoys the design, I don't know. But I wasn't hero on SR so I don't judge.
  14. FryderykChopin

    Overlord advices

    Iss or Wynn... Well I'll just go ahead and suggest to start with Othell rune instead. Several reasons - until you have a decent clan, you're going to look for parties. In those parties, you're mostly going to buff and turn your heal from time to time. For that, neither Iss or Wynn is absolutely vital. On the other hand, many times you just won't find the party immediately, so you'll want to get at least some solo exp get done. To that, Othell's rune is your hero - it's basically overpowered Focus SA from older chronicles. You can easily reach 300 crit rate with low level Othell rune without any buffs. The price for Othell's rune price dropped quite a bit and the ones around level 5 are already quite accessible even for newbies.
  15. Note to self: don't forget to cash in the apigas tommorow