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  1. True, let's keep fingers crossed the Christmas will fix our thirst 😁
  2. y but as I said, we didn't have an event running till December last year, they're just making a gap between the events 👍
  3. Dunno about 2 cloaks per event, there're not that many official cloaks to choose from... Unless we start implementing the L2j serbidor masterpieces like this (please don't): Also newbies make adena in events by selling the event items, I wouldn't worry about it
  4. Last year's event was promoted the same day it started - It's delayed (most likely) because the previous event just ended a few days ago, so it makes sense to make a break
  5. Dunno, what's the chance of Death Knight spawning anyway?
  6. The transforms were pretty cool, they can be the same as last year Cloak would be nice, but with a chance somewhere between the tiger event (where a lot people got it) and the rabbit one (where apparently only one person got it) Would be cool if there were max 5 quest items, when there're 9 like in last event, they're kinda hard to trade with Since it's probably (maybe, perhaps) going to be one of the more rewarding events, I guess there're going to be some scrolls - in that case, since the improved weapon scrolls turned out to be tad more influental than expected (?), maybe they can be switched for either solid/blessed scrolls instead? Since the max enchant for solid scrolls is +7, it would be of great help to the newcomers and wouldn't affect the endgame. Same story with blessed scrolls - when you're enchanting +10 peril you don't care if it breaks or goes to +0, but it can mean a lot to someone enchanting e.g. +5 gun. The improved enchant scroll for armors can remain. Replace the 'filler' rewards such as QHP, firecrackers etc. with something of a small value, but actually useful. Maybe some basic materials, crystals or gemstones? Very small ammount to not influence the market. Jackpot rewards, as explained here (some 0,000nothing% chance to get something imba, so that nobody gets it but people get more hyped) Perhaps there could be some special event item/larger ammount of items dropping from RBs? Not sure about the potential risks, just a wild thought. /discuss
  7. FryderykChopin

    Best Archer?

    True... Can't believe I used to play (and thoroughly enjoy) this kind of stuff when I was younger 😁
  8. FryderykChopin

    Best Archer?

    No idea, all I see is some kind of extremelly orange tragedy
  9. FryderykChopin

    Best Archer?

    Pls you can do it on every BR 9000x serbidor ever since 1897 Though the higher rate server you choose the artistic approach you get, so in reality you get something like this per se (you're not plying real L2 if the guns' glow doesn't burn a mark on your monitor)
  10. FryderykChopin

    Music Thread

  11. FryderykChopin

    Music Thread

  12. FryderykChopin

    Best Archer?

    You shoot the other bow obviously. It's brilliant because you can't run out of arrows if you don't have any. On the other hand you only have one shot so you better aim good
  13. FryderykChopin

    Please, open a New Server

    Tbh, we're going to get an update soon (tm), and it kind of works like opening a new server - a lot of old people come back + some newbies as well
  14. FryderykChopin

    Best Archer?

    Literally the best thing that has ever happened to pribate serbidors
  15. FryderykChopin

    Music Thread