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  1. FryderykChopin


    TFW "likelets"
  2. FryderykChopin

    Auction Logic?

    Fckin straight, man... It's exactly the kind of freedom that you don't get to appreciate until you experience otherwise. Especially now that summer is starting. Ontopic: @Koll people have a good point here about the prices, since 1€ basically transfers into 2kk, it makes a lot of stuff unsellable. Would it be possible to lower the minimum price to 0.1€?
  3. FryderykChopin


    But that doesn't make sense, you can't do that, that's illegal
  4. FryderykChopin


    The voting seems sketchy tbh, last time I check it was like 22 to 11
  5. FryderykChopin

    Music Thread

  6. FryderykChopin

    Time for summer event?

    The summer event's to-do list: 1) Make the cloak rare 2) Make the cloak accessible at higher quanitity than 1 per entire server (hello rabbits hunt)
  7. FryderykChopin

    Music Thread

  8. FryderykChopin


    I'm all for it unless this change delays the release of Zaken patch by 2 months
  9. FryderykChopin

    WTB MJ Robe and Helmet

    Your dog? He's cute
  10. FryderykChopin

    mana regen wtf?

    I'll just add for the record, that if your sole aim is mana regen, you're probably better off just enchanting any D grade robe set to +6 and wait for zaken patch - such set will give you +6 MP regen (per tick, not %) when standing/standing, so most mana problems you'll have solved.
  11. FryderykChopin

    Music Thread

    ᴍᴏᴅᴇʀɴ ᴘᴏᴇᴛʀʏ
  12. FryderykChopin

    Music Thread

  13. FryderykChopin

    First lvl 80 (Reupload)

  14. FryderykChopin

    Music Thread

    The official "I don't really understand this world & I'm missing home" soundtrack
  15. FryderykChopin

    Zaken Update

    Well technically, provided it ever gets released, you're correct whenever you say it. But's a bit like Tim Cook always saying that the new iPhone is their best iPhone ever, like duhhh, it would be weird if it was legit worse than previous model.