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  1. If the whole healer thing was being rebalanced, step no.1 anyway should be giving both EE and SE chain heal like back in good old days™
  2. Y but like, the durations would need to be reworked just as well as the landrates; as he mentioned it before, that it would require a series of updates, so that if some skill is OP it can be boosted quickly and vice versa if it's complete garbage it can have e.g. duration increased...
  3. Yeah I'd also find the gameplay much more enjoyable if it worked this way. I'd even go as far as making all debuffs fixed 100% landrate (with obviously massively reduced durations), with resists reducing the actual time and/or damage (in case of bleeds/poisons, whose damage would be massively increased in its base) instead of landrate. It would obviously need some work around reuse timers to prevent insta-locks (e.g. stuns, despite having 100% landrate, would need to have much higher reuse timers). Also e.g. necros would need to have much weaker damage nukes than regular nukers... Overall it would need a lot of tuning but I'd much prefer this system over what L2 has. I'm not saying I hate RNG or anything, I really like the whole enchanting thing for example, but I feel like in PvP it has annoyed me more than not.
  4. It would be a cool addition tho... Since we already have our own database, I suppose it would be doable now? @San0
  5. Just because some people would like to do something stupid or illegal doesn't mean we should let them. Rules and laws exist for a reason.
  6. Don't be such an obnoxious drama queen. Nobody's having sleeping issues over this, it's a simple report of a vulgar nick which is obviously against server rules. If you were having a dinner in a restaurant and someone hopped on your table and piss all over it, my guess is that you'd also have a certain disagreement over that guy's course of decisionmaking. Same here, most people have sufficient IQ to make chars with normal nicknames, why should this not-very-gifted-8th-grader behaviour be tolerated?
  7. If you're a complete newbie, like legit never played L2 before, then... Run Classic (the version of L2 that we have on this servers) is targeted at seasoned old-schooler who've played L2 in past, it's not really supposed to be enjoyable for a complete newbie. You might try it of course, but it's really not very newbie-friendly. And besides, isn't it more fun if you figure out stuff on your own? If you're newbie as if "played L2 in past, would like this Classic thing", then: 1) Classes - generally you should play what you enjoy, but if you're not sure and just looking for suggestions, then summoners (especially WK and ES) are great for newbies. Other than that, tyrant is possibly the best PvE/PvP all-arounder right now. Also one thing to know - the dualbox is for PA only (10€ a month); it's not necessary since you level up a lot in RB parties, but don't even bother playing nuker unless you're willing to pay for the PA. 2) PvP, well, what would you like to know? Compared to old chronicles basically everything lands now, WL has long range stun, EE/SE are garbage for healing (bishop has chain heal while EE/SE don't, go figure ), daggers are kinda garbage, TKs are... Well just like they've always been... Anyway you should check media section for some PvP vidki, there's plenty of footage from mass pvp or oly, might give you more idea how things work here. Anyway you definitely need to wait for high level for PvP, it's almost 5 year old server, don't expect much activity early on. 3) Raids - RB status (whether they're alive or dead) can be seen through map tab, so the RB parties are being formed all the time - you just always have /partymatching window open as you farm and scout for RB parties around your level. Or, if you see an alive RB and no room in partymatching, then form your own 4) Well, obviously do the early quest; I believe it should guide you as you level up, but just run around your starting village and pick those chain quests. At level 25, do the 'Moon Knight' quest in Gludin, it will give you a free D armor. If you play fighter char, try to get some basic Othell rune (runes alternative to SA from back then) as soon as possible (Othell lv 1 gives you flat +75 crit rate, and you can buy one for like 1kk or less... Extremelly powerful for farming). 5) Other stuff, well... Giran harbor is main marketplace, you can set offline shop with .offline_shop, you can do afk fishing (gives you some exp and some fish that you can either sell or buy buffs with at fish manager), you can easily do the 'Quest Mania' daily achievement by re-taking repeatable quests twice (you know, the "bring as many quest items as possible and I'll give you reward based on how much you bring" kind of stuff (e.g. the Abandoned Camp blue/red/black badge collecting quest)... Just take the quest, say that you quit, take it again, and say that you quit again... Boom free 50% xp scroll). Also keep your XP scrolls for raids... Dunno what else
  8. Can't see a damned thing over those heals most of the time lol
  9. I'd like to not open it and keep the cube as a collector item, is it limitless and warehouse-able? Also, is it one per master account?
  10. Let me tell you story of Bolek and Lolek. Bolek is a guy who plays on this server. He actually plays on this server quite often, and because he's enjoying his stay here, he actually donates from time to time to buy himself a nice hat or a death certificate. And since he donates, he's glad that there's a promotion for donation bonus from time to time, and he's also glad that this fact is announced on both forum and site, and usually even ingame, so that there's virtually no reason he can miss it. Lolek on the other hand doesn't play here right now - but he used to. The reason why he left is unknown, but he - just like anyone else - gets bored from time to time. And since he still kind of miss this place, he's just waiting for a little push to give it another shot. What could bring him back? Maybe an update to check the new skills, maybe an event to let him farm up and kickstart his comeback. What Bolek and Lolek have in common though, is that both of them are on the Classic Club's mass mail list. Now let's take a look at what both Lolek and Bolek recieve in their mails: The GREEN marked messages are announcements of various updates or events. Great news for Lolek! Bolek doesn't care since he's an active player and already know of these, but he doesn't mind them either, as long as they're not being sent too often. What neither of them understand though, is why they recieve two copies of virtually the same mails within the spawn of 5 days. Useful as it is, one reminder is enough. The RED marked messages, however, provide absolutely zero value for either of these two guys. Bolek doesn't care because even though it could be an important message for him, he already knows of such donation-related bonuses from forum, site and ingame announcements. Lolek doesn't care either, because why should he care about "new donation methods" or a donation bonuses on a server he doesn't even play on? Even if Lolek used to be solo player with a dualbox, so he could theoretically welcome the fact that he can buy PA for 9$ instead of 10$ (he'd much more likely welcome free PA week/ends during events or after update so he can actually try to check in again without having to pay for it), the problem is that: Both Bolek and Lolek have a limited attention span for mails that don't interest them. If either of them keep getting these mails with no interesting information in them, they're eventually going to unsubscribe from these mails, and the chances of bringing back people like Lolek will become close to zero because he won't hear of actually great news like another update or the upcoming 5 year celebrations. /shoutout for this mail though. This is probably the only red marked one that I'd let slide for a mass mail because it's legit cool:
  11. Well you can change your class for 20€, check more info here: The reason he's saying that is that in the past, the limitations for class change were much more strict (i.e. back then only few characters could change to TK /supports, healers and other tanks/, but now literally any char can do it, so if you see someone playing TK you don't know if he's actually hardcore TK or just a reroll)