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  1. FryderykChopin

    Class change service update ideas.

    Well, obviously the groups need to be changed, I've had different idea in my mind but I liked modoyki's reasoning so I'd sign myself under his list as well. btw @San0 would it be possible to make process automatic so you wouldn't have to manually change it yourself to reduce the waiting time?
  2. FryderykChopin

    Patch Impressions after 10 days

    Just please don't go full "100 to 0", it's good that cloth pieces are dropping more. I feel like when you guys fix something like this you always take extreme measures. Just nerf it a bit, if it's not enough then nerf it a little more, don't straight up murder it.
  3. FryderykChopin

    Temple Knight & Shield Bash

    so they can't PR xoxoxoxoxo
  4. FryderykChopin

    Patch Impressions after 10 days

    Biggest PRO for me anyway is checking party matching around 21:00 and feeling like it's 2015 again (minus the levels ofc):
  5. FryderykChopin

    Temple Knight & Shield Bash

    Still feel like the polls are kinda useless, because 50+% votes are people who vote no just because they don't play the TKs and they don't want others to get anything extra. It should be more about rational discussion rather than some voting
  6. FryderykChopin

    Temple Knight & Shield Bash

    Voted yes... It's not going to make it viable but it's going to make TK's lifes less miserable which I believe was the OP's point. So yes. Sad truth is though that TK is not even the most neglected char right now... For visualization I've made this table comparing BP/SE/EE: +----------------+--------------------------------------------+----------------------------------------+------------------------+ | | Bishop | Shilen Elder | Elven Elder | +----------------+--------------------------------------------+----------------------------------------+------------------------+ | most important | - Incredible healing power with Chain Heal | - Stigma | - Can reroll to Bishop | | features | - Limitless CC removal power with Cleanse | - Very solid buff list | | | | - Greater Battle Heal | - Dryad is very useful in PvP | | | | - Balance Life | - PoWi is situationally as good as CoV | | | | - Salvation | - Purify is very powerful on Classic | | +----------------+--------------------------------------------+----------------------------------------+------------------------+
  7. FryderykChopin

    For PINGZAPPER users

    Dunno, but to me it sounds more like said program's specific error, maybe you'd have a better shot asking their customer service or forum if there's such thing
  8. FryderykChopin

    Drop/Spoil list of Zaken Patch

    /up @Koll
  9. FryderykChopin

    I want an Event

    hhhhihihihi hehehehEHHEHEHEHHEHE xdddDDDDdBENISxdddDDdD too many items in alphabet event, lets make something similar to that meat/spice thing where you had like 5 items in total
  10. FryderykChopin

    Clan for newcomers/ low lvls

    Good idea, +1 from me
  11. FryderykChopin

    Music Thread

  12. FryderykChopin


    Very nice, kinda makes me think why would you want to get rid of it since you're a bishop. Anyway what level LS was it?
  13. FryderykChopin

    Runes: the new 2.0 amazing SA concept

    If you're looking for Rune info, then the stats on wiki are (should be) correct:
  14. FryderykChopin

    what would u do

    I believe robe gives you + 100% casting / +25% atk speed / +20% mp recovery by default because of your lv0 skills: Magician's Movement Lv.1 Increases Atk. Spd. when equipped with a robe jacket and robe pants. Mana Recovery Lv.1 Increases MP Recovery Bonus when equipped with a robe jacket and robe pants. Spellcraft Lv.1 Increases Casting Spd. when equipped with a robe jacket and robe pants. You can buy some basic light and robe pants/top to check for yourself but I'm 90% sure it works like this. As for the weapon, I'd probably go for bow tbh. There's still quite a lack of people on low levels so most raid leaders will take anyone with a bow. Bow > CM > blunt > anything else