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  1. FryderykChopin

    newbies start

    You guessed right that most people are 70+, but there're plenty of lv <70 RB parties in EU prime time as well. It's fairly easy to get to 70+ these days even if you solo without dualbox (dualbox is PA only). /unless you're nuker, because nukers usually don't get invited into RB parties; neither do buffer mains and/or classic healers (bish/ee/se), because on low lvls, healing is done by summoners only (recharging pony/cat can be resummoned with full mana, so the summoners have virtually limitless mana).
  2. /up MLK didn't die so we'd have to delete new event items instead of collecting them
  3. FryderykChopin

    Hello guys someone help ?

    1) Most likely not, and even if you manage to get it running somehow you'd most likely get some critical errors during playing, so I suggest downloading the Zaken client from website 2) Population is very good (bigger than offi for sure), but most people are high level so there aren't that many people on the lower levels. Though it's fairly easy to level up via RB parties, they actually form quite often (mostly in EU prime). Notice that you can't login a dualbox unless you have a premium account, so unless you're willing to pay €10 a month you should pick a char that fits into RB party to level up decently (basically anything other than mages; buffer mains and healers often don't get picked either - DDs, tanks and summoners are almost always welcome tho).
  4. FryderykChopin

    Help me choose :) ty

    As Yippie said, it should be more about what you enjoy playing, because a) This chronicle is quite balanced, it's not like Interlude where only archers and nukers were relevant in PvP... You can make basically anything work here, and b) Fastest way of leveling up is via the RBs in EU prime time. To RB parties, basically anyone gets invited except for nukers and usually healers (because on low lvls, healing is usually done by summoners due to their unlimited MP). Chars I probably wouldn't suggest right now are: 1) sorc and sps because a) they are without a question slowest exping chars right now and b) they have basically nowhere to farm on high level. SPH/necro are so-so because at least they have CDL for normal farm, but it's still bad compared to RB parties. 2) Daggers I'd only pick if you really enjoy playing them, they got a boost in this update but I don't feel like it did much to them. They're not necessarily bad, but you really need to know how to play them. 3) EE/SE are basically just buffers/rechargers right now, because bishop got Chain Heal while other two didn't, which means they're virtually obsolete as healers. 4) Temple Knight is, well, Temple Knight. Not much has changed since 2002. At least now with regular RB parties they level up as quickly as other chars. 5) WC/PP as a main... I've seen a lot of people do it, so it's possible, but it's pretty hardcore. If you really just want a specific suggestion, for 2 windows I'd say Tyrant + WC. If you ask why WC and not PP, here's why (also yes, PoWi and PoWa are equeally bad): Prophecy of Fire 1 buff 72 0 8000000 400 - For 10 min., party member's Max HP +10%, HP Recovery Bonus +10%, P. Atk. +10%, P. Def. +10%, Atk. Spd. +5%, Debuff Resistance +10%. Consumes 10 Spirit Ore. Chant of Victory 1 buff 284 0 6700000 -1 - For 10 min., party member's HP/ MP Recovery Rate +20%, P./ M. Accuracy +4, P./ M. Evasion +4, P./ M. Atk. +15%, Atk. Spd./ Casting Spd. +10%, P./ M. Critical Rate +15%, P./ M. Critical Damage +15%. Consumes 30 Spirit Ores.
  5. FryderykChopin

    [WEIGHT IN] Events

    6 - but why tho? It's been said many times, the drop rate is supposed to be that nobody (or nearly nobody) gets it, it's just supposed to make the event more exciting, not just thoughtlessly calculate its worth and stacking up XP scrolls. Virtually all official events (even pre-G.o.D. update) had some sort of jackpot rewards, including RB jewels (back in times where QA was a value equivalent of Orfen/Core lv 3 here). These kind of 'consumables/accessories only' events have never been on an official server, it's basically a relic of 1.0 patch when the game was actually legit hardcore, but since then the rewards took 5 steps forwards while the game itself moved like 5 miles. But again, nobody asks for imba handouts like on NA classic or Skelth, these rewards should be more or less cosmetic.
  6. FryderykChopin

    zaken task Without zaken's blood

    OMEGALUL Still though the single IEWB is somewhat suspicious - runes ammount checks in, cloth pieces ammount checks in but wiki says that if IEWB drops, there should be at least 2 of them... Could've been changed later on though.
  7. FryderykChopin

    Music Thread

  8. FryderykChopin

    [WEIGHT IN] Events

    btw. A-grade Armor Supply Box would be a cool event reward, too.
  9. FryderykChopin

    [WEIGHT IN] Events

    True, the recent events on official servers had too OP rewards. What I suggest though, is that these rewards are set with such drop chance that on average 1 or 2 people get them during entire event. Obviously the mentioned +16 B guns are way too OP even with extremelly low chance, but if 1 or 2 level 1 core rings pop during a major event, it won't move the market prices at all. It should be about making people excited for everyone, not airdrop equip to everyone.
  10. FryderykChopin

    WTB Drake boots +8

    Report NCsoft for trolling... Anyway congratz, those are some real sweet kicks 👍
  11. FryderykChopin

    [POLL] A different approach for the Christmas event

    Oh I see, my bad. But still though, I feel like this was more about poor event style than the rewards - here all events are based on farming, people don't get anything for "free" like on that Skelth event.
  12. FryderykChopin

    WTB Drake boots +8

    Hory fuk WHAT ARE THOOOSE? +10 or no ballz
  13. FryderykChopin

    [WEIGHT IN] Events

    Well I said this in the other topic and I'll repeat myself here - people didn't leave because of this, people left because the game was borderline P2P where you were forced to spend ton of money to remain relevant. If the L2store only had 'basic consumables' as Juji promised, this wouldn't change a thing. Though, I agree that that event was too hardcore. Level 3 epics and +16 guns were way too hardcore rewards and the chance of getting them was too high. However, what we have here is the opposite extreme - there's virtually nothing in the reward list that makes people excited. It's about finding a middle ground between 'too poor rewards for people to actually care' and 'too OP to hurt the server's economy'. As for your suggested rewards - mostly it doesn't matter but 'high chance for bress' is a no-no. Fruits from events is actually a nice idea though 👍
  14. FryderykChopin

    [POLL] A different approach for the Christmas event

    Not true. That server died because of insane P2W (borderline P2P) and crappy administration, events had nothing to do with it. People got pissed because Juji said on official stream that there're only going to be basic consumables in L2store, but the way things turned out, you basically had to spend at least 20$ a month to not be completely crippled and well over 200$ a month to be relevant. This is why people left. Same thing with old chronicles official server that had endgame stuff in it like SC12++, RB jewels or blessed S scrolls in events - none of these times the server was hurt by the jackpot rewards. People were leaving because the game either for natural reasons or beause the game stopped feeling like Lineage 2, starting with the dinosaurs, continuing with kamaels and "ending" with G.o.D.+ update. Nobody ever said "oh 1 guy got SC13 and 2 guys got QA ring from event as opposed to normal farming, I can't play on this server anymore" - well maybe there were a few, but it would be naive that it was a relevant reason for players departure in large scale.