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  1. FryderykChopin

    Music Thread

  2. FryderykChopin

    A New Low rate server from the beginning 1.0

    If you want 1.0 experience then just turn off your soulshots. Kidding but it would most likely just cause more damage than good...
  3. I'd also like to thank @chevignon for giving a 'thanks' on my initial post. Sometimes I stop and think about people that helped to get where I am right now. And I know for certain, that if it wasn't for you two guys, I certainly wouldn't be writing this sarcastic passive aggresive comment right now. So, thank you. 🌿
  4. FryderykChopin

    Music Thread

  5. FryderykChopin

    Dagger Smash

    They totally ruined the skill with it's description though: Sand Bomb Hurls a sand cloud onto the enemy. For 30 sec., target’s P. Accuracy -4 and M. Accuracy -4. ^lame, non-interesting description. Meanwhile. Old chronicles: Sand Bomb (1) Active 0 0 147000 Explodes a cloud of sand onto your enemies and instantly reduces their line of sight (Accuracy) making them look like utter buffoons. Effect 1. ^this is what trully made you want to use that skill.
  6. FryderykChopin

    Music Thread


    Buying a lot of D weapons (no ++, no runes, preferably no tops unless really well priced) - send me offers via PM or ingame @KNOfortune

  8. Buying a lot of D weapons (no ++, no runes, preferably no tops unless really well priced) - send me offers via PM or ingame @KNOfortune

  9. FryderykChopin

    New player looking for some insight

    SE solo exp is a royal nightmare, don't start it unless you have some people to play with or you're ready to make your own parties. The server population is pretty good but most people are at higher levels, which means you're going to spend a lot of time just lurking around rather than exping if you're not willing to make your own parties. Also 20-50 leveling is done mostly through RBs, for which you'd also have issues looking for party since summoners are the main healers there. Out of the 3 that you mentioned I'll just be the third one to suggest SK. Red and Rizo did a good job highlighting all the reasons.
  10. ^Title. (e.g.: Mob is lv 20 and spoil is lv 20, but a second char level 80 hits the mob - is the spoil rate reduced or not?)
  11. FryderykChopin

    RMT & Party Matching

    Just curious, but @admins is the nick made available once the spammer gets banhammered? I mean, nobody is probably going to want "Lexa978", but nicks like "Smilyk", "Ferrisa" or "Follis" sound like real player nicknames 👀
  12. FryderykChopin


    You mean if admins deleted the enchants from spoil list? I certainly don't think so 😁 Just the chance is usually rather low so I understand it might feel like it...
  13. FryderykChopin

    [Salvation Army] buying out non-top D weapons

    Roses are red, Violets are blue, Sell me your weapons.