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  1. I remember that long term event we had in 2015 where you could only make party of like 7 people. It was wonderful, the exp spots were empty so you could farm anywhere you wanted
  2. In case it's not a troll post... Where exactly do they wander? It's not like other classic lowrates have GM buffers, it just doesn't fit very well on lowrates. People who join Classic usually do so because want a 'hardcore' experience (to some degree, at least). I'm not saying you're wrong but personally I just can't imagine anyone skipping this server "because it doesn't have GM buffer", it's just not expected feature on these kind of servers
  3. I like the theme but unfortunately we had an event fairly recently so we're probably going to have to wait a while before we get another one
  4. 200 IQ question actually, but then real question is... Can you reflect the damage reflected from your reflection?
  5. FryderykChopin


    Discord invite link is invalid, update it @Koll @San0
  6. It's not something I'd worry about. Server is almost 5 years old and the online is just as good, or maybe even better than its earlier years, so there isn't really any indication as to why it should close anytime soon. Leveling up is incredibly fast (unless you're a mage) so you catch up with "lategame folks" very quickly. The fact that "almost all chars here have overenchanted weapons/armors and upgraded epics" (not quite true as far as I know, but there sure are quite a bit of them) naturally comes with another fact - these people have a lot of equip but only one char to control - in other words, since there're a lot of wealthy people means there're also a lot of people willing to help you to gear up. I mean there're even CPs willing to let you drive already equipped chars if you don't like having to spend too much time gearing... I don't have time to explain the whole process, but - leveling up is quick, clans need hands, a lot of pew pew awaits, if you like classic, just get in
  7. Yup, here you can check exact penalties: The speed / c. speed penatly makes using higher grade weapons on mages borderline unusable, but you can fly e.g. a B blunt on a D-Grade fighter if it's well over-enchanted (to overweight the penalties you probably need at least +7 or higher. Much more potent if you're char who has a lot of offensive skills and preferably a recharger...)
  8. CATCH UP THE HAPPINESS (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧
  9. The early-mid game is pretty much dead, but it's because it's nearly 5 year old server and the progress is pretty quick, so don't get discouraged if you don't see anyone in the newbie locations - there's plenty of action in the endgame, you can check for yourself in some of the vids here:
  10. Doesn't ring any bell, who's Link and what's he doing in park?
  11. Yeah I mean it's a good system, I imagine a lot of MMOs have this function of a sort. If you want to get a decent profit without breaking the game with much P2W, it's one of the best options besides the usual hats (which I imagine make only a minimal fraction of profits here because we get a new hat or two for "free" every event). Meanwhile if they were to make Appearance Stone COL-only (i.e. not release them to events at all), I believe there'd be a pretty sick demand for them, especially from people who've worn the same armor/guns for ages.
  12. Don't know how it works over there, but the system is pretty simple and it's already functional on the g.o.d.+ chronicles - it should work similarly here, perhaps with more limitations (I'm not sure to which extent does the official system prevent type of armor change). But generally speaking, A heavy can be changed to D, C, or B or A heavy, B robe can be changed to B, C or D robe and lets say C light can only be changed to C or D light. It's fairly simple and yet it has such a large revenue potential, definitely bigger than those lame 'PvP' casino things they pull up with
  13. ^This way would work for me. And honestly it's time for the appearance stones already in general, at least the very basic 'higher grade to same or lower grade same type' (e.g. TPA to FP or Ava robe to Sage's Rag). Koreans are running in plush bear suits and we still got mf's who get itchy bottoms that they won't be able to recognize one heavy armor user from another in the rare occasions of them not having assassin transform on... It can potentiallly bring crazy money to server with adding virtually zero competitive advantage to its users. Yesterday was the best time to implement it, the second best time is today. Perhaps with the money they get from this they'll finally be able to stop sending those ""PVP"" casino mass mails