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  1. Rune disappearing from weapon

    I dont know if this happens with all the runes, but here is what happened. I stored a Bonebreaker with an othel rune lvl 1 in the warehouse and the rune was no longer showing in the weapon description, i withdrew the weapon and the rune still was missing and the weapon no longer gives the bonus to the player. I made the rune appear again by putting the weapon in my inventory and restart the game. Edit: ups, I posted this in old reports, my bad.
  2. berserker blade edge

    if im not wrong, l2wiki classic has 2.5 database wich is different from this server, the spoil could have been changed, admins can confirm. 6 rebuffs and no spoil at 2%? it is rare but it can still happen.
  3. Ban - then blackmail to re instate account.

    based on the chat in the picture "$4=10mill" maybe this was the guy, i just took this picture.
  4. help price SB

    compare the prices in giran harbor to get an idea(free teleport from any gate keeper), leave shop or offer in trade chat.
  5. Rune requirements

    Yes, I tested it today, the effect shows on the passive skill bar, it doesn't add to the weapons stats but to the character stats. It also doesn't say the ammount of the bonus, wich could be useful imo.
  6. Rune requirements

    I do see the rune, but m.atk stat of the weapon remains the same, does the rune adds to the weapon stats or character stats? or maybe is not visible? thank you for your answer.
  7. Rune requirements

    Is it necessary that the weapon is enchanted at least +4 for the rune to activate like the old sa system? Cheers.
  8. Drop rate information

    That is unfortunate, i cant go find spellbooks at low chance if i don't know I am killing the right monster, maybe he isn't dropping because it doesn't have the drop, not because it is hard to get it. I have seen this post where @Koll provided info for the specific book. can we have a list with the books and chants drop information? would be much appreciated.
  9. Drop rate information

    @Kse @Koll are the rates the same as the classic wiki?
  10. Drop rate information

    Hi, after the 2.0 update, we lost the ingame drop information located in the monster features/characteristics bar, i have read that this tool will come back, but meanwhile... are the server drop rates for items the same as the drop rates displayed on the classic wiki? Cheers.