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  1. you can drag files into your post when creating it as well.
  2. Pegasus

    Party matching police

    ok, when I see someone breaking the rules (party matching, boting, RMT) I won't think about it and just focus on the actual game. This post no longer serves its purpose, you can close it, thank you. @Phoenix
  3. Pegasus

    Academy System

    I will clarify the point of the post. I just quoted and old post made by San0 where academy was mentioned with those points in the OP. I wasn't argumenting why academy should be implemented, I just wanted to know what happened to academy and said it was a good feature. MoDoy gave a good clue of what could have happened to it. It was a plain question, no discussion intended.
  4. Pegasus

    Party matching police

    Should I stop reporting this people?
  5. Pegasus

    Academy System

    If ever. I think it could be good system for attracting more people to the server, because all the counter points made by @kktnxbye are aimed to big clans that have wars, sieges, heroes and various clan boxes. Maybe it could be a good incentive for people, to create clans here to play with friends, even if it is not a competitive pvp clan.
  6. Pegasus

    Academy System

    I didn't made up any of this points, they are inside the post created by San0 more than one year ago I just wanted to know what happened to this feature. @San0
  7. Pegasus

    Party matching police

    Can I suggest that the party matching rules be inside project rules, because people are not reading them separately sometimes.
  8. Pegasus

    Academy System

    Hi, from this post: 2.0 Preliminary patch notes are you still going to add these feature or it was removed? @San0 25) Academy System. We think its more then time for academy to show up, we do not understand why ncsoft havent done it on classic yet, but we dont want to wait more. Academy system will bring to us a lot of solutions for a lot of problems. Clans will be able to have their lower ranks in the main clan without having to create multiple alt clans. Lower level members will not have to be in empty boxes clans feeling alone and they will now have the chance to be in an active clan and chat with ppl, see the actions etc. Clans will have access to some bonus CRPs and will be able to more precisely filter who they want to have in main clan or not cuz they can actually control those lower level players activity and actions. New comers will be able to join an academy and found themselves in the possession of a clan buffer to make their life not so miserable when trying to reach the higher levels. New comers can make friends easier without feeling like they are alone in the world while battling through those low levels.
  9. Pegasus

    I got ban without any information

    Did you read the party matching rules after posting this words? because inside Party Matching post says very clear... Any trade rooms/streams/clan recruiting in party matching are forbidden! It can be used for party matching only! Violation of the rule will lead to character's ban. First ban for such violation can be removed by contacting support via Tickets. Such unban is free.
  10. Pegasus

    Party matching police

    Acording to this Party Matching - Rules And this is the worst, it is an offline shop!!!! If you want to expose a scammer, there is the forum for that.
  11. Pegasus

    Rune disappearing from weapon

    I dont know if this happens with all the runes, but here is what happened. I stored a Bonebreaker with an othel rune lvl 1 in the warehouse and the rune was no longer showing in the weapon description, i withdrew the weapon and the rune still was missing and the weapon no longer gives the bonus to the player. I made the rune appear again by putting the weapon in my inventory and restart the game. Edit: ups, I posted this in old reports, my bad.
  12. Pegasus

    berserker blade edge

    if im not wrong, l2wiki classic has 2.5 database wich is different from this server, the spoil could have been changed, admins can confirm. 6 rebuffs and no spoil at 2%? it is rare but it can still happen.
  13. Pegasus

    Ban - then blackmail to re instate account.

    based on the chat in the picture "$4=10mill" maybe this was the guy, i just took this picture.