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  1. Lucky Wheel is temporarily closed for the maintenance. It will come back with new prizes
  2. Two correct answers were given in first comments, but we were curious to see which more excuses you will find Second most common excuse is - "My little brother (i never saw a sister) / kid was playing and (accidently) downloaded the bot" Third most common excuse is - "I wasn't botting! It's a mistake! Your antibot is wrong!" Prizes goes to MoDoy and GanjaRockzZz Congratulations! PM me with your character's nicknames
  3. Hello, dear friends! In one of topics here on forum yesterday, there was a talk about excuses for using bot. And on our server, as i said there, the most common excuse - i forgot to turn off bot program after playing on another server, so got banned here. And now try to guess the second and third most common excuses! The person/s, who will guess them first will get 30 CoLs in game! And let's make it 3 tries max per participant! Good luck!
  4. "Using bot on another server and forgetting to turn it off" is in fact one of the most common "excuses"
  5. This is going nowhere. So let's draw a line here. Accounts on the IP were banned due to person's, playing on this IP, abusive behavior. We can't know if theres internet cafe/hostel or whatever players are playing from. IP ban is a very common solution in cases of hard rules violation. And, since we had to stop that particular person, this was the only way. Plus internet cafe = same IP and/or same HWIDs for these players. So in our system - all these accounts are connected. And in this case to know which accounts does belong to abuser and which doesn't, we have to have more than just our system logs. If any of the banned players has nothing to do with the situation, the only right solution is to contact admins/support via forum/skype/discord/tickets. And the problem would be solved immediately. Without dramas/insults, but with full support and respect. And maximum players would loose few minutes, and not hours of talks on the forum without any result. Banned "unfairly" players still can and should contact us to have bans removed.
  6. Forum rules has to be followed. Otherwise punishment is coming. He don't have to call you or anything. You got into the situation thanks to your friends. And instead of making drama you could come and talk. All of us are here and open for a normal dialogue. And probably everything would be solved with all not involved accounts already. But you prefer to go drama way. It won't help
  7. In any case no characters/accounts are being deleted, they are just being blocked (temporarily or permanently - depending of the rules you are breaking) Every rules violation case is being reviewed personally, in some of them only game account is being banned, in others all related accounts So if you will break very serious rules, banning all your master accounts won't be a problems for us neither So if you are not planning on breaking anything, keep calm and enjoy your game! To get newbie bonus pack you can just create another account, there is no need of making chars, deleting them and creating new ones I just don't see the point of going through such troubles. Anyway, none of the bonus pack items can be exchanged with other characters, and not many players are starting new chars over and over again on such chronicles and rates
  8. Hello and welcome! If you are not planning on sharing your accounts with anyone, you can create multiple game accounts on same master account (10 game accounts are allowed on 1 master account) In case you are planning to share your account(s), for your safety better create separate master accounts.
  9. Dear friends! Since G2A is no longer available for donations, please take a look on all donation methods we have at this moment: Donations via Visa/MasterCard - working in automatic mode, might be not available for several countries Donations via PayPal - working manually from 14:00 till 04:00 CEST. To make a donation with PayPal, you need to contact San0 via Skype San0.classic Donations via Webmoney - working in automatic mode Donations via Bitcoin - working manually from 09:00 till 21:00 CEST. To make a donation with Bitcoin you need to contact support service via Skype events.classic Donations via Skrill - working manually from 09:00 till 21:00 CEST. To make a donation with Skrill you need to contact support service via Skype events.classic For players from Russia all donations methods except G2A keep working. At this moment we are working on automatization of all donation methods and adding new ones. We will be informing you about any changes/additions in this thread. Best regards, Classic Club
  10. Please try to use another proxy (not European or Spanish) We are checking it out atm
  11. Dear friends! Due to RMT involvement in purchase of the Bronze Chamber Clan Hall, it's going for the auction. We don't stop telling you, that RMT deals are forbidden on our server and sooner or later the consequences will find you. Best regards, Classic Team
  12. He was chat banned for 600 minutes yesterday. If he will continue after, chat ban time will be increased
  13. Dear friends! Any trade rooms in party matching are forbidden! It can be used for party matching only! Violation of the rule will lead to character's ban. First ban for such violation can be removed by contacting support via Tickets. Such unban is free. If you will be banned for this violation second time - it will be equal to real ban (first or second depending on your character's history). What to do in this case - read Ban/unban politics Best regards, Classic Team
  14. Hello! It is impossible to change e-mail. Every time you are creating a master account, you see a warning message informing about it. But if you have access to the email,you can move your character to another master account. Best regards
  15. Dear players! May 30th at 11-00 CEST, we are planning to make server maintenance. Expected downtime - 40 minutes. ATTENTION! All class changes, including scheduled for today, will be made after tomorrow's restart! Best regards, Classic Team
  16. Dear friends! Due to technical issues, class changes, scheduled for today, will be made tomorrow. Class changes, which will be requested today, will be also made tomorrow. We apologize for inconvenience. Best regards, Classic Team
  17. Hello! You need to write a ticket to support via Account Manager Support staff will tell you the reason of the ban and how to get unban (if it's possible) Best regards
  18. Dear friends! Our Web is currently under unexpected maintenance Problems with logging in/services might occur We will inform you as soon as works will be completed Best regards, Classic Team
  19. Dear friends! Name and gender changes can be done by you via Account manager without a need to create a Ticket All information of how to do it you can find in this tutuorial Best regards
  20. Dear friends! We have received a lot of requests to increase the number of available features. For example, someone took the name of your clan leader, just to annoy him, etc. For this reason we would like to provide you with additional functions which can be requested by creating a ticket to the Support Center: - Nickname Change: 5 Euro (If the nickname is already exist, this change is possible only if the  character with the nickname is level 1 and didn't loged into the game for more than 5 days). - Sex Change: 5 Euro - Character's transfer to another account: 10 Euro - Clan name Change: 10 Euro (only available with request from Clan Leader) - Character Look Change: 5 Euro (including Hair Color, Face, Hair Style)- Character Deletion (Instant): 5 Euro - Quick Clan Leader change: 10 Euro (only available with request from Clan Leader. This feature will not be available during sieges after upgrading to the 2.0 version of the Classic). It is necessary to have needed amount of Euro on your account in the Account Manager!
  21. European and Spanish proxys are fixed @BlackJack About German proxy please contact Koll via pm or Skype koll.classic, he will take a look into it
  22. We understand it. We are working on solving proxy issue, so every can have comfortable proxy to play. Please, be patient. Problem will be fixes as soon as possible.
  23. Dear players! We are recruiting game chat moderators to monitor the game chats and keep them clean. If you are a responsible person and you have enough free time and desire, then join our friendly team! Requirements: - Responsibility - Big online time - Knowledge of the rules of our project, which you can find by clicking on the link Ingame chats rules - Skype (constant presence on Skype when you're in the game) Application Form: 1) What is your nickname on the server. 2) Clan 3) How much time are you willing to give to moderating? 4) At what time of the day you can moderate chats? 5) Do you have moderator experience? If so, which? 6) Your login in Skype. For diligence and effort active ingame moderators will get paid with ingame donation currency.