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  1. Donate is temporarily off

    Dear players! Our donation systems are temporarily offline and donations, made after website got back on, might not arrive to the accounts. If you made donation already, please, contact support via tickets with your donation information. Funds will be found and added to your accounts. If you are still going to donate, please, hold it till tomorrow. We will inform you as soon as donations will start arriving to accounts automatically so you can donate without problems. Best regards, Classic Team
  2. Website situation

    Dear players! In this topic we want to share with you more information about website and forum issue and what was happening. In the evening on June, 19, our web crashed. We immediately contacted data center, and it turned out, their equipment failed. Failed as: On the machine in Data center we have 12 Hard disks RAID-10 (for better data protection - 6 discs are main + 6 discs are duplicating info, which is being written on 6 main discs), serving our web and test server. Some of them failed and started writing corrupted files which were also written on duplicated discs, what led to Windows corruption. To not make a wall of text, will make it as short as possible. After many calls, mails, chats, we managed to take all the files from the machine. We had to sort them all and make sure they are not corrupted (which took longest part of the time), and put them to the new equipment. We were not paying attention to Forum files, because nothing very important was posted lately, so we just took latest backup and installed it. Website is now fully functioning. Test server is offline. It will be turned back on later. Information about it will be posted in the relevant sectionю We want to apologise for inconvenience. As well as that sometimes we were taking long to answer or even some messages were staying unanswered. Our main attention was put into issue fixing. Best regards, Classic Team
  3. Event - Tigers Hunt!

    Dear friends! As a continuation of Summer Celebration, we are announcing an Event - Tigers Hunt! Event period - 18.06.2018 - 09.07.2018 How to participate: Speak to the Employee of Magic Research Institute in any town. Pay her 2,018 Adena and receive a White Tiger Event Pack (can be bought once every 12 hours). Open the White Tiger Event Pack in your inventory in which you'll find summoning scrolls and sedative potions. Use a summoning scroll to summon a Baby White Tiger or Baby White Tiger Captain. Use Cupid's Fatigue Relief Potions or Cupid's Major Fatigue Relief Potions on the tiger until it's life bar depletes. (Don't worry, it's not dead. It's just sleeping.) Receive Apigas or Golden Apigas. Continue summoning and sedating tigers for while, and then talk to the Employee of Magic Research Institute in town to get a reward. Tip: Event items will also drop from regular monsters across the game world. If you run out of scrolls, go hunting and you will find more! Event rewards: Both of them can be used to purchase reward by your choice Reward list contains: Tiger Family Forgotten Chest contains one of two 7-days Hats (given randomly by opening the chest): Granny Tiger hat 7 days Tiger Hat 7 days Legendary Tiger Chest will give you one of following rewards: Pig Hat Agathion - Granny Tiger Lion Fury Cloak Epic jewel for 15 days Bronze Set Chest Which contains: Silver Set Chest Which contains: Gold Set Chest Which contains: How does Hats/agathion/Cloak looks: Event period: Items drop: 18.06.2018 - 06.07.2018 NPC stays in Town: 18.06.2018 - 09.07.2018 IMPORTANT! In order to see NPC and Event items, Client update required. Enjoy your summer! Best regards, Classic Team
  4. Poseidon's Channel

    Referral link - http://l2classic.club/account/reg/Poseidon
  5. Party matching police

    He was banned. Party matching rule is in Rules sub-forum. Players should read all topics in rules section, no excuses.
  6. I got ban without any information

    @Crouela Your account was unbanned. Breaking this rule again will lead to real ban
  7. Party matching police

    Hello! All banned
  8. Dear friends! We are announcing 10% Summer Celebration Donation Bonus! From Tomorrow, 15.06.2018 00:00 CEST till 23:59 CEST on 17.06.2018, ALL Donations will come with 10% bonus! Best regards, Classic Team
  9. L2classic.club Streaming campaign

    Statistics for last not calculated period were published today @LandrarK @StraightEdge @DORVALTpwnz Pm me nicknames for rewards delivery And i want to remember to all streamers: Your own accounts and dual boxes of registered by following your link players doesn't count. It's being counted by
  10. You love playing Lineage on L2classic.club? You like to stream and get profit out of it? Then this campaign is for you! Participate, stream, bring new players and earn rewards! How does campaign work: Create a topic about your stream in Stream section on the forum Apply to the campaign and get your own referral link Add this link to your twitch channel, so your viewers can join our server by your link Bump your stream topic on the forum every time your stream goes live Make interesting streams Save stream videos for at least 2 weeks (if your channel allowing it) Every streamer is being rewarded for bringing new players and good streaming activity. How to apply: Create the topic with your stream channel promotion on "Streamers club" forum. Wait for Administrators to check and approve your topic. Receive your personal referral link and you are good to go. What can you get for the streaming: Streamers gets a reward in a new currency - Streamer Coin (SC) It can not be exchanged, sold or dropped. At this moment there are 2 ways of obtaining Streamer Coins: For players*, registered by following your referral link and achieved several goals (level 30, level 50, level 70) For good stream activity and interesting streams** Rewards are being sent to your character every Saturday. Statistics are being revealed in a first reply to your thread every Saturday as well. Reward for invited player after he reach lvl 30: 1 Coin = 0.5 euro = 5 CoL Reward for invited player after he reach lvl 50: 3 Coin = 1.5 euro = 15 CoL Reward for invited player after he reach lvl 70: 10 Coin = 5 euro = 50 CoL What can you buy with Streamer Coin: This Friday, 08.09.2017, NPC Streamers shop will appear in Giran Harbor. It will have a shop for this currency. In there you can buy everything, presented in common Nostalgia shop, with some extra items, but for SC. Extra items - Suits from events, hats, which are not presented in common shop, agathions, not presented in common shop. Premium Account can't be purchased in Streamers Shop. Streamers can obtain it as a reward for invited players achievements: Every 30th player who will reach level 30 = 7 days PA Every 20th player who will reach level 50 = 7х2 days PA Every 10th player who will reach level 70 = 30 days PA Few Rules, which are obligatory to follow: Allowed: Stream other games from the same channel Forbidden: Bump your topic in the Streams section if you are streaming other game/server Break any server/game rules Punishment for violation - according to server rules + withdrawal from the campaign and removal of all Streamer Coins. * Unique players, dual boxes doesn't count. ** Rewarding for the streaming activity is at the discretion of the Administration. No claims are being accepted. More features will be added to this campaign in a near future! Best regards, Classic Team
  11. how to start

    Hello! You can download the game here - http://l2classic.club/download/ How to install the game you can read here - http://l2classic.club/forum/topic/2478-how-to-download-and-install-the-game-client-and-the-patch/
  12. Olympiad period early change

    Dear players! Our server decided to change Olympiad period 1 day earlier. We were trying to fix it and to not bring any damage, but the only way to fix it - roll back the server 1 hour and 30 minutes back. We can not roll server back for so much, it can dramatically affect all the server. So the Olympiad period will stay changed with new heroes showing up today. We apologise for inconvenience.
  13. stream - casual gaming

    Referral link - http://l2classic.club/account/reg/riccivr
  14. Бан аккаунта

    It was discussed and explained many times. You can use loop macro for everything except afk farm. If we are checking you farming with it and you are not reacting, it's being considered as afk farming and being punished according to server rules. Server rules are here to follow, not to argue
  15. Бан аккаунта

    Hello! There is nothing you should be shocked about. Before starting any third party program or loop macro, you should be aware of server rules. When the person is accused of something, we have all the proofs needed. Here is a video of your friend, HappyPanda, farming mobs without any human response to my checks. And by server rules it is forbidden to: 1.1 Use any kind of tool or 3rd party software (l2control, l2walker, l2ranger, l2tower, l2phx, l2net, l2wx, ACP, hLapex, Uopilot, or any other), which allows to automate the game process or overcome game client restrictions. This is as well concerns mouse / keyboard drivers, ingame macroses, allowing the character to perform game operations. (and the video is only 3 and a half minutes, while the full check took over 10, and same was happening all the way).
  16. Easter Egg on l2classic.club via mobile

    In development means it's in development, not that it's going to come out tomorrow/in a week or anything. There is no ETA yet, no announcements, just the info that Zaken is on development, and we are not going to stop on Saviours. So, please, for now just relax and enjoy Saviours. Zaken will come when it should come, and you will know about it from official announcements whenever it will be time for it.
  17. Streamer SPORKY

    Referral link - http://l2classic.club/account/reg/stohc
  18. Stream

    Referral link - http://l2classic.club/account/reg/dorvaltpwnz 06.06.2018 Statistics Registrations - 16 Achievements - 3. 2 - lvl 30, 1 - lvl 50 Reward - 5 SC
  19. L2classic.club Streaming campaign

    Statistics for last not calculated period were published today @W4N4L1 @StraightEdge @LandrarK Pm me nicknames for rewards delivery
  20. Test server is now open

    Dear friends! By your requests, we have opened test server. To access it, you need to download test server updater https://mega.nz/#!EuAyECQB!9XMrVBObRM3uA41s2p72QCYOjthbf5ysJECv4hXb4NU Commands available on test server ( to become builder you need to create new char ): //setparam //setclass //undying //hide //set_siege //summon //summon2 //summon3 //bk ALT+G panel. Best regards, Classic Team
  21. Chatban

    I said earlier, that the ban was NOT given by us or chat moderators. And showed how does our ban looks in your system message. It was a system ban. Increase the delay between messages, it should help to not get banned again.
  22. Chatban

    Manual ban by admins or chat moderators will always show the name of the person, who banned you, and a reason of ban The ban you got was an automatic ban.What was the reason, we will check in logs whenever we will have your nickname.
  23. http://l2classic.club/forum/announcement/60-make-sure-you-know-server-administration-contacts/ I hope this one will be clear enough to avoid topics like that
  24. Yes, it was that person. And before he was using Skype pwnz18. We were warning about him in this topic
  25. Stream

    Referral link - http://l2classic.club/account/reg/pauloalves 13.05.2018 Statistics Registrations - 6 Achievements - 2. 2 - lvl 30. Reward - 2 SC 06.06.2018 Statistics Registrations - 15 Achievements - 10. 5 - lvl 30, 5 - lvl 50 Reward - 20 SC