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  1. Dear players! May 30th at 11-00 CEST, we are planning to make server maintenance. Expected downtime - 40 minutes. ATTENTION! All class changes, including scheduled for today, will be made after tomorrow's restart! Best regards, Classic Team
  2. Dear friends! Due to technical issues, class changes, scheduled for today, will be made tomorrow. Class changes, which will be requested today, will be also made tomorrow. We apologize for inconvenience. Best regards, Classic Team
  3. Hello! You need to write a ticket to support via Account Manager Support staff will tell you the reason of the ban and how to get unban (if it's possible) Best regards
  4. Dear friends! Our Web is currently under unexpected maintenance Problems with logging in/services might occur We will inform you as soon as works will be completed Best regards, Classic Team
  5. Dear friends! Name and gender changes can be done by you via Account manager without a need to create a Ticket All information of how to do it you can find in this tutuorial Best regards
  6. Dear friends! We have received a lot of requests to increase the number of available features. For example, someone took the name of your clan leader, just to annoy him, etc. For this reason we would like to provide you with additional functions which can be requested by creating a ticket to the Support Center: - Nickname Change: 5 Euro (If the nickname is already exist, this change is possible only if the  character with the nickname is level 1 and didn't loged into the game for more than 5 days). - Sex Change: 5 Euro - Character's transfer to another account: 10 Euro - Clan name Change: 10 Euro (only available with request from Clan Leader) - Character Look Change: 5 Euro (including Hair Color, Face, Hair Style)- Character Deletion (Instant): 5 Euro - Quick Clan Leader change: 10 Euro (only available with request from Clan Leader. This feature will not be available during sieges after upgrading to the 2.0 version of the Classic). It is necessary to have needed amount of Euro on your account in the Account Manager!
  7. European and Spanish proxys are fixed @BlackJack About German proxy please contact Koll via pm or Skype koll.classic, he will take a look into it
  8. We understand it. We are working on solving proxy issue, so every can have comfortable proxy to play. Please, be patient. Problem will be fixes as soon as possible.
  9. Dear players! We are recruiting game chat moderators to monitor the game chats and keep them clean. If you are a responsible person and you have enough free time and desire, then join our friendly team! Requirements: - Responsibility - Big online time - Knowledge of the rules of our project, which you can find by clicking on the link Ingame chats rules - Skype (constant presence on Skype when you're in the game) Application Form: 1) What is your nickname on the server. 2) Clan 3) How much time are you willing to give to moderating? 4) At what time of the day you can moderate chats? 5) Do you have moderator experience? If so, which? 6) Your login in Skype. For diligence and effort active ingame moderators will get paid with ingame donation currency.
  10. Dear friends! Today new mini contest will be launched! Don't miss the chance to win CoLs on your character in game at 21:00 CEST!
  11. Dear friends! Starting this Saturday, we are reviving Facebook Mini-Events and Contests! Make sure you are following our Facebook Page! We will have both types of contests: with and without your presence in game needed. So everyone of you will be able to win CoLs or items from Ingame Shop for game knowledge of for being lucky! Contests schedule: Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday at 21:00 CEST! All rules, rewards, contests time limits will be announced with every contest, since they may vary. Rewards and prizes are being added to the winner's character within 24 hours after winner will contact the Administration. Good Luck and Have fun! Best regards, Classic Team
  12. Dear friends! Today new mini contest will be launched! And it will be "Guess the Location" contest! The contest will have 2 rounds. Pay attention to the details everywhere you go in game and don't miss the chance to win CoLs on your character in game at 21:00 CEST!
  13. Problem was solved, we hope once and for all.
  14. Dear friends! For the last few days we are experiencing some problems with our Facebook page. Due to that reason it's not being updated and event were stopped. We are working on the issue, and the page will continue functioning as soon as possible. We will inform you about it in this topic. We apologize for inconvenience. Best regards, Classic Team.
  15. Dear friends! We had a very nice party yesterday! And here is the report! Enjoy!
  16. Dear players! We've noticed, that some Brazilian players are experiencing problems with launching our updater, and the client closes without any errors. We found out, that the problem appears due to conflict with another program. If you are facing same problem, please contact Koll via Skype koll.classic, he will help you with solving the issue. Best regards, Classic Team
  17. Dear friends! In this tutorial we learned how to recover Account manager password. But to log in game, you need to know game account password. If you don't remember it, please follow next few simple steps: 1. Log to the Account manager 2. In front of your game account press the button "Recovery password" 3. In the opened window with your email address press "Send me email" 4. System will ask you for the verification code. 5. This code can be found in the inbox of your email. 6. Copy verification code and paste it in the form. Click "Check code" 7. Right after system will ask you to put and confirm your new password Put your password and click "Save changes". 7. After it's done, you will see "Success" message on your screen. Done! Your password was changed and now you can log on your account in game! Best regards, Classic Team
  18. Dear friends! Do you have in mind new unique ideas for Facebook mini contests? Share it with us! All your ideas will be considered, the best contests will be launched on our Facebook page, and their authors will be rewarded! Best regards, Classic Team
  19. Vacancy for ingame chat moderators is open. If you want to participate, please fill the form from the post above. Best regards
  20. Dear friends! Today new mini contest will be launched! And it will be "Guess the Location" contest! The contest will have 2 rounds. Pay attention to the details everywhere you go in game and don't miss the chance to win CoLs on your character in game at 21:00 CEST!
  21. Dear friends! Due to unplanned works in data center, we might experience problems on European and Spanish proxys. If you have delays playing on them, please, try to use another proxy. We apologize for inconvenience Best regards, Classic Team
  22. Dear friends! Don't forget to participate in Facebook contest "Mini comics"! Participation is open till 19.04.2017 23:00 CEST!
  23. But you should not forget, that most of the servers out there are not doing anything against that kind of stuff. So we decided it would be right to warn the person for making such actions first. And if it's not being understood, the character is being permanently banned.
  24. Dear friends! In addition to the Event to celebrate Easter we are announcing Donate Bonus! Every donation, made from 15.04.2017 00:00 CEST till 17.04.2017 00:00 CEST will come to your balance with 10% Bonus! Happy Holiday! Best regards, Classic Team