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  1. Dear players! As you might know, the time for Carnival is coming! And to bring carnival spirit to our server, today after restart every player will get 7 days Carnival Masks! Enjoy your stay on L2Classic.club! Best regards, Classic Team
  2. Dear friends! We are very thankful for your involvement in Project life. For your suggestions and advises. And today we want to leave an official reaction on 1 of them and make an announcement. Suggestion we are talking about - opening of a new Classic server. We believe it won't help in increasing the community on our beloved Talking Island. In opposite, it can make a lot of people just leave, because big part of community would go to the new server, and for the ones who will stay, all the time, invested in the characters and the game itself will be felt like wasted. And even merge in some time might be won't bring those people who have left. We just can't do anything like that to our players. With the Classic server at this point our plan is to keep working on update, invest in advertising and keep thinking and realizing other ways to bring new players on our Talking island. But, as we were saying previously in some comments, we don't want to stay on the same point for ever. So, we have decided that as well as work on Classic server, we will start working on a completely different chronicles, ie High Five. We will be following our "Classic" tradition and will open low rate HF server, as it was years ago on official servers, just with higher rates. We have Official PTS files, which were tested on several big project along few years. So we can provide a great game for a lot of people. What will it change for you? No bad changes are expected. Only positive. We picked HF chronicle - to be interesting for the people, but stay as far as possible from Classic, so no conflict of interests will occur.  People, who loves Classic, will never play on chronicle such as HF at this point. So no peoples movement from Classic to HF are expected. But there are still a lot of players, which doesn't know what Classic is, but every one knows what HF is.  So some of those players, coming to play HF, will see Classic. And might check it out, try, like and stay. Don't even think that we don't love Classic anymore! It's our baby, our passion, our life. And never Classic server will stop being our priority. We will keep working on it, looking and analyzing any changes and put all our effort in making it better and keep our status of the Best Free Classic project! Low rate High Five server is planned to be launched on January, 2017 Detailed information will be made in High Five server sub-forum, which will be created later.   Best regards, Classic Team
  3. Dear players! Our forum was fully updated to the latest version to fix all known and unknown visible and invisible bugs. Some players might have problems with login and get an error To fix this problem you need to clean website cookies. To do it on the Chrome follow next steps: Go to Settings Show Advanced settings Click "Content Settings" Then pick "All cookies and site data" In the search bar write our website - l2classic.club and click "Remove all shown" After that you should be able to log on the forum without any problems. If you will find any forum bugs, please report them in Report section. Best regards, Classic Team
  4. Hello! With all ban cases you need to submit a ticket to support
  5. Dear players! We are recruiting game chat moderators to monitor the game chats and keep them clean. If you are a responsible person and you have enough free time and desire, then join our friendly team! Requirements: - Responsibility - Big online time - Knowledge of the rules of our project, which you can find by clicking on the link Ingame chats rules - Skype (constant presence on Skype when you're in the game) Application Form: 1) What is your nickname on the server. 2) Clan 3) How much time are you willing to give to moderating? 4) At what time of the day you can moderate chats? 5) Do you have moderator experience? If so, which? 6) Your login in Skype. For diligence and effort active ingame moderators will get paid with ingame donation currency.
  6. ​Actually, not correct.If you got perma banned on one char, you still can start over with a new char.  You should understand that it's not hard to change IP/HWID, so we won't know that the permanently banned person is on that new char too. Due to that we can't ban one players, which we know who they are, and not ban others, because they managed to hide their identity.  Still, it doesn't mean you can now bot on 1-2-3 chars and stay safe on 4th. Not longer than yesterday all accounts from 2 IPs were banned because of several bots on them (not all were botting at that moment tho) ​It's a joke , there are people botting 2nd , 3rd chars all the time just in case their main gets banned. What a lame policy. There are even videos on forum of a person X botting his lowbie char and main doesn't get banned. ​Please give me the link on that video or topic with it. Full IP's are being banned. And it happening constantly. Still, we can't ban all chars on the IP sometimes, because not always we can be sure that it's all 1 person. You know, that there can be more than 1 person playing on 1 IP, right? Internet cafes/VPNs/just friends/family members playing together. Do we have a right to ban innocent  people?  When we are sure it's 1 person, we are banning whole IP. Here is 1 from just yesterday   Every day we are walking through the hunting zones to clean the server from violators.
  7. ​Actually, not correct. If you got perma banned on one char, you still can start over with a new char.  You should understand that it's not hard to change IP/HWID, so we won't know that the permanently banned person is on that new char too. Due to that we can't ban one players, which we know who they are, and not ban others, because they managed to hide their identity.  Still, it doesn't mean you can now bot on 1-2-3 chars and stay safe on 4th. Not longer than yesterday all accounts from 2 IPs were banned because of several bots on them (not all were botting at that moment tho)
  8. If you are talking about Youtube video, you don't need any code. Just take the link of the video and copy+paste. (Not the short link from share option, the normal big one)
  9. There was short server restart. Now server is running normally
  10. Dear friends! February 10th at 11-00 CET, we are planning to make server maintenance. Expected downtime - 40 minutes. ATTENTION! In order to log in game after the maintenance, you will need to update your client after the maintenance!     Best regards, Classic Team
  11. Only approval to add item to thew auction can take up to 72 hours. After purchase item is being transferred to the buyer within few hours.
  12. Dear friends! Our server has a lot of players from Asian countries, which are celebrating New Year on January, 28th! And since we love all our players, and love holidays, we couldn't stay away from celebration! To congratulate our players, we prepared these small gifts: On January, 28 - January, 29 - We are announcing Donation Bonus! All donations, made during these 2 days will come with 15% bonus! On January, 27 after restart everyone will get Chinese new year Gift Box, which contain:   7 days Opera Mask - Liu Bei    7 days Opera Mask - Guan Yu    7 days Opera Mask - Zhang Fei   3 days Agathion - Blue Opera    3 days Agathion - Red Opera     ATTENTION! To see presents you need to update the Client after the restart on January, 27!     Happy Holidays from Classic Team!
  13. ​i isked for the change thursday but noone anounced me that there was that they had problems   ​Because there were no problems on Thursday. Now all class changes, which had to be made yesterday, are complete.
  14. Dear friends! Christmas is just over the corner! And we are happy to announce, that Christmas Events are starting! Events period: December, 12 - January, 9.   1st Event - Snowball games!   Every monster level 20+ in our Talking Island world will have a chance to drop  Snowball! Bring Snowball to Snowman, which will stay in Giran Harbor and play with him "Rock, Scissors, Paper" game. Each game requires 1 Snowball. If you will win, Snowman will reward you with Christmas Candy. Open it and you can get 1 of following rewards:   Snowflake - by using it, you will get a buff, giving you 2% Exp and 12% SP bonus for 20 minutes.   2nd Event - Classic Christmas Event, where you can build your own Christmas Tree!   During Event period, gather:  10 Fir Tree Branches 4 Star Ornaments 4 Bead Ornaments 1 Flower Pot Bring them to Santa Trainee, which will be waiting for you in any town And he will exchange them for the Christmas Tree. And 10 Christmas Trees he will exchange for Special Christmas Tree, which, summoned out of town, will increase HP/MP regen rate.   NPCs (Snowman and Santa Trainee) will stay till January, 13   IMPORTANT! In order to see Event items, you need to update your Clients on December, 12th after server maintenance!   Best regards, Classic Team
  15. Unfortunately, we don't know your intentions, when you were starting adrenalin on your PC. If it was an accident, or a try to use it. But you, as a player, should know that any 3rd program is not allowed on our server. So we can't just unban you for violating server rules and play on our server with started 3rd party software.
  16. Dear friends! We aware that there were problems with donations, and money didn't reached several accounts. At this moment system works fine and donations, made now, are coming without problems. About "lost" donations, now we are expecting the confirmation of all payments from G2A, and as soon as we will get it, all donations will be added on your accounts. Please don't worry, not a single cent will be lost.   We apologize for inconvenience.   Best regards, Classic Team
  17. Hello! You need to submit a ticket to support center. Our support staff will find your donation asap
  18. Dear players!   January, 10th at 13-30 CET, we are planning to make server/Web maintenance. Expected downtime - 2 hours. If necessary, all updates will be posted on our Facebook page or in Discord   Best regards, Classic Team
  19. Server will be on at 16:50 CET
  20. Dear friends! Almost every day we are receiving requests to add new service - Class change. For a long time we were declining it, because we couldn't know how will it affect game process. And now, after hours of discussions, we've made a decision to add this function. But it will work only by following scheme: All classes are devided by 5 groups. Every character can change his class for another class from his group, or from the group below. First group classes: Overlord Prophet Warcryer Second group classes: Bishop Elven Elder Shillien Elder Third group classes: Warsmith (only to change from it)Bounty Hunter (only to change from it) Paladin Dark Avenger Warlock Temple Knight Swordsinger Elemental Summoner Shillien Knight Bladedancer Phantom Summoner Fourth group classes: Treasure Hunter Hawkeye Plainswalker Silver Ranger Abyss Walker Phantom Ranger   Fifth group classes: DestroyerTyrant WarlordGladiator Sixth group classes: Spellhowler Sorcerer Necromancer Spellsinger   As an example: if you are Prophet, you can change class for any from groups 1,2,3,4,5,6. If you are Elven Elder, only 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th groups are available for you. If you are Blade Dancer, you can change class for classes from 3rd, 4th, 5th or 6th groups. If you are Destroyer, you can change class for classes from 5th or 6th groups. And if you are Spellhowler, you can change class only within your 6th group. IMPORTANT!   Class change request has to be submitted not later than 12 hours before server restart! It is impossible to change class for Bounty Hunter and Warsmith. Class change also available for characters with 1st class. And it works by the same principle. When class is being changed, character's skin is being changed also. So there won'be any Elf - Warcryer characters. To request class change you need to create a ticket in the Account manager and write the class you want to become and look (hair style/hair color/face) with a screenshot.   After class change complete, all skills till level 41 will be learned, all 41+ skills players will have to learn manually. All SP, which was on the character before class change, will be restored and moved to the new class. Tattoos will be removed. Since class change procedure is time and resources consuming, it's price is 20 Euro, which should be on the character's account in Account manager. Class changes are being made after restart within 24 hours (might take longer, depending on amount of tickets in Support center). For this time access to your character will be blocked. About character's availability you will be informed in the Ticket.   Best regards, Classic Team
  21. ​http://l2classic.club/forum/topic/6595-auction/
  22. Hello! You need to submit a ticket to support!
  23. Gear friends!   To celebrate New Year 2017, we have prepared to you New Bonus Donate! All donations for the server will come to you with 17% Bonus! Bonuses will be available from December, 30th 00:00 CET till January, 1st 23:59 CET   Happy Holidays!   Best regards, Classic Team
  24. Dear players!   December 13th at 11-00 CET, we are planning to make server maintenance. Expected downtime - 20 minutes.     Best regards, Classic Team
  25. ​Added to the rewards spoiler!