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  1. Hello! Bots are not allowed on our server. This person was checked and banned, thank you for report. But next time, please, send bot reports to correct sub-forum
  2. Kse


    Hello! You need to make a ticket to support
  3. Kse

    Buffing throw wall

    600 minutes chat ban for now. And an invitation to read rules to learn what is allowed and what is not.
  4. Kse

    Buffing throw wall

    Hello. It is not allowed to buff through walls on baium, since baium room is kind of an instance, requiring item to enter. So being a part of it without physical presence in baiums room is an abuse. In this case there is no rules breaking happening. Here is a Project Rule regarding buffing through walls on Baium, which, as i got, you are mistakenly referring to 1.3 Take advantage of the server bugs (including geodata flaws. EX: Using BD/SWS/WC/OL/healers from outside of baium room to support the parties inside).
  5. Kse

    Forgot Pin character

    Hello! You can recover your PIN through account manager on the website But... We don't have Giran server, so there is a chance you are on a wrong forum ^^
  6. Kse

    Zaken OBT is ON!

    Dear friends! The Pearl of Holidays Season 2.0 ZAKEN OBT IS HERE! OBT server is already available! To join OBT server, you have to Download NEW client! (Current Client can not be used) The Client comes patched already, so it's ready for you to join OBT server without any extra work! Links for the new Client: Torrent Mega NZ Google Drive Updater OBT server settings: Rates - Live like Auto registration - On All characters has builder, so they can summon items/change levels of their character etc. Commands available on test server (to become builder you need to create new character😞 //setparam //setclass //undying //hide //set_siege //summon //summon2 //summon3 //bk ALT+G panel. Note!: We are still working on some of errors found and bringing the update to the final state, but it is important for us that you also join and help us find what we may have missed. Best regards, Classic Team
  7. Dear friends! One more important thing we have prepared for all of us this Holidays Season - Website renovation! We are happy to be stepping to the New Year with a new Website design and hope you will like it as we do. And that's not all for the Holidays Season! What's next - you will know very soon! Stay put! Best regards, Classic Team
  8. Dear friends! Tomorrow, December 25th, at around 10 CET Website and Forum will be put down for technical works. Expected downtime - 1 hour Best regards, Classic Team
  9. Kse

    Holidays Season on L2Classic.club!

    Christmas Donation Bonus is coming! Don't miss 25% bonus! Only December 25 - December 26! https://l2classic.club/forum/topic/20483-christmas-donation-bonus/
  10. Kse

    Christmas Donation bonus!

    Dear friends! We are announcing Christmas Donation bonus! All donations, made from December, 25 00:01 CET till December,26 23:59 CET will come with 25% Bonus! Best regards, Classic Team
  11. Kse

    Christmas Event 2018 - Noble Clothing

    added photos to the 1st comment
  12. After the defeat of the emperor Baium, a long time of peace and tranquility hovers over Elmore Aden kingdom making life quality better then it ever was, and to showcast it to the world, the king decided this Christmas everyone should be looking royal. Without looking at the expenses of it the King called Santa and ordered that he would bring to everyone a very Noble like set of cloths to wear during this season. No matter the prices. Santa was a bit overwhelmed by this request, he knew his little elves wouldn't be able to produce such a quality item in such a short period of time, and still he could not deny the request from a King. So... he decided to call out to his dear friends the legendary dwarfs requesting for some help from couple of merchants and blacksmiths to help on this job. For his surprise, not only he got many positive answers, as some of those answers were from very famous and cherished master dwarfs. Among of them Santa selected 4 to help with this task. Of course, they are dwarfs and stubbornness is on their blood so each one of them came with their own conditions. Still, having such a great helpers, this task can not be done without you. The task is not easy, so be prepared! From December, 21, Santa will be staying in Aden of Talking Island x3! To help him making Noble Clothes, kill 20+ level monsters all over the world and get from them Noble Armor Pieces and Noble Armor Creation Instructions. Next step of the task - Find first of legendary dwarfs - Merchant of Mammon. He will be willing to sell you Noble gem. Finding him is not easy, since he is not staying at one place for very long. He can be found at any city. Time of his staying at one place - 20 minutes, so don't waste time! After that, search for Blacksmith of Mammon who will exchange 1 Noble Armor Creation Instruction, 10 Noble Armor Pieces and 1 Noble gem for Unfinished Noble Clothing. Same as Merchant, this dwarf is travelling through all cities on the map with 20 minutes stops. To continue the journey and obtain Noble Clothing, you need to find Master Shadai. He can be spotted on the Wastelands. He is a very busy character so he will be available to help us only during the night time in game. Purchase from him Noble Essence (1 essence can be purchased each 10 minutes). As soon as it's done, head to find Maestro Ishuma on Monster Derby Track He will finish up a job for you and will exchange 1 Unfinished Noble Clothing and 1 Noble Essence for Noble Clothing! And here we are, came to the Final stage of the Event! Now you have to make a choice: You can keep Noble Clothing for you and wear it, or you can find Santa and exchange it for Noble Box. Noble box can contain following rewards: 1 Large Firecracker Quick Healing Potion 1st class buff scroll 2nd class buff scroll Snow Flake Event - Fresh beer 10x Sealed Runes lvl 1 EXP/SP scroll (30%) EXP/SP scroll - Normal (50%) EXP/SP scroll - Medium (70%) EXP/SP scroll - High (100%) Improved scroll enchant armor D Improved scroll enchant armor C Improved scroll enchant armor B Improved scroll enchant weapon D Improved scroll enchant weapon C Improved scroll enchant weapon B Enchant Armor D Enchant Armor C Grade Enchant Armor B Grade Enchant Weapon D Enchant Weapon C Grade Enchant Weapon B Grade Death's deal Certificate 80 % Refined Romantic Chapeau: Gold. 7 days . Magic tablet Queen Ant's Ring (15 days) Orfen's Earring (15 days) Ring of Core (15 days) Noble Cloak Noble Circlet Knight Agathion (pictures of Noble Clothing, Circlet, Cloak and Agathion will be added in a while) Event will last from December, 21 till January, 11 Item Drop period: December, 21 - January, 7 NPCs will stay till January,11 IMPORTANT! Client update is required in order to see Event items and NPCs. Happy hunting! Best regards, Classic Team
  13. Kse

    Holidays Season on L2Classic.club!

    First step of Holidays celebration is here! Christmas Event is now on! Event will take a place on our server from today, December 21, and will run till January, 7th! Full Event description can be found here - https://l2classic.club/forum/topic/20473-christmas-event-2018-noble-clothing/
  14. Dear friends! What a great time of a year we are stepping in! Christmas trees, lights, holidays mood and, of course, presents! Who doesn't like this time?! And, as usual, we couldn't stay aside and have prepared for you a lot! Holiday Season starts Tomorrow, December 21! The first step of celebration - Christmas Event! Event topic, as well as the link for it here will be added tomorrow with server restart. All further steps of Celebration will be announced in this topic as well! Don't miss anything! Happy Holidays! Best regards, Classic Team
  15. Kse

    To Staff

    You wanted response from staff, here you go. Moderators are doing their job to keep the forum clean from the trash. The trash, you flooded this forum with. We are patient, let many things slide, gave you many chances to start behaving instead of what we see during last couple of weeks. Since nothing changes, here is your final warning. You are obligated to visit Rules sub-forum, read it very well and start following it. You are obligated to choose 1 account you want to use here on forum and keep using forum from that 1 account only, or we will make that choice for you. Any broken rule will lead to your ban. No discussion