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  1. You love playing Lineage 2 on L2classic.club? You like to stream and get profit out of it? Then this campaign is for you! Participate in remastered Streamers campaign, stream, bring new players and earn rewards! How does campaign work: Create a topic about your stream in Stream section on the forum Add this link to your Twitch* or any other streaming platform channel, so your viewers can join our server by your link Bump your stream topic on the forum every time your stream goes live Make interesting streams Save stream videos for at least 2 weeks How to apply: Create the topic with your stream channel promotion on "Streamers club" forum. Wait for Administrators to check and approve your topic. What can you get for the streaming: Streamers gets a reward - Streamer Coin (SC) It can not be exchanged, sold or dropped. At this moment there are 2 ways of obtaining Streamer Coins: For every 5 hours of stream you will get 1 Streamer Coin** For good stream activity and interesting streams*** Rewards are being sent to your character after statistics are being revealed as a reply to this thread every 10 days. What can you buy with Streamer Coin: PA, suits from events, hats, which are not presented in common shop, agathions, not presented in common shop, buff scrolls and other. Streamers Shop can be found in Giran Harbor And that's not it! We have prepared a new perks for our streamers! From now on our streamer's channel can be put to our website main page! Get more visibility! If you want your stream to show up on our main page, please, contact us with a link to your stream post. Few Rules, which are obligatory to follow to be added to the main page: Forbidden: Stream other servers/games while on main page. If you want to stream something other than our server, contact us via Live chat and we will remove your stream from the site. Bump your topic in the Streams section if you are streaming other game/server Break any server/game rules Punishment for streaming other games while on main page - permanent removal from the site. Punishment for streaming other Lineage 2 servers while on main page - permanent ban. Punishment for other violations - according to server rules + withdrawal from the campaign and removal of all Streamer Coins. Note: At this moment only Twitch streams can be added to the main page. We are currently working on adding YouTube streams there as well. For now streams will be showing on a page only if 2 or more streamers are live. Soon it will be changed to one. AAAAAND... there is more! Every month we will be sharing several items to be given away to the viewers between our streamers. Giveaway items are: 30x Hair accessory ticket (30 days) 5x Hair Accessory 3x 1 month PA 7x 1 week PA 1x Agathion If there is an active event - 50x Event rewards Once every 2 months - 1x Cloak First items set will be shared between streamers on March,1 If the streamer participating after, he has to wait for the next items share. How will it work: Streamer is getting a list of his portion of items for giveaways Streamer is making draft/giveaway on his stream After stream is over, providing us nicknames of winners and a date of his stream with giveaway (via PM to Kse on the forum) Please, remember! Stream has to be saved, so we can watch it! Draw/giveaway winners receiving their rewards Important! Streamer can not keep any of those items for himself or his boxes! If such will be found out, streamer will be removed from streamers campaign immediately. There is no more separated referral program for streamers. Now there is one for all referral program, so don't forget about it! *Your Twitch account may be blocked by Innova reports. So by choosing this platform to stream, you are taking all risks with your account on yourself. ** We will not be able to reward you if you don't save videos of your streams for at least 2 weeks *** Rewarding for the streaming activity is at the discretion of the Administration. No claims are being accepted. Best regards, Classic Team
  2. Dear players! This weekend we are celebrating 2 Holidays! St. Valentine's day and Lunar New Year! To celebrate both of them we have prepared a lot of presents! All Donations, made during 12.02.2021 - 14.02.2021 (CET time) will be coming with 15% Bonus! From Friday 12th server maintenance and all the way through till Monday maintenance, EXP/SP gain will be increased 2 times! Every our player will get 30 days holiday Agathion - symbol of 2021! For the next week, starting now, you can share your love with anyone important to you in the game! Use Cupid's Bow on other players outside of town, and charge them with Overwhelming Love! The buff, which will increase player's EXP/SP gain and will get stronger every hour for the next 4 hours! But remember! This buff can be only used outside the peace zone! Lovebird cloak is coming back! During the week starting on February 12, you can purchase Lovebird cloak at Nostalgia NPC vault and use it yourself or present to your loved one! Lucky Wheel will be also launched for the Weekend! So everyone can try to win great prizes! Important! In order to see items, Client update after Friday's maintenance required. Have a great Holidays with L2Classic.club! Regards, Classic Team
  3. Dear players! Streamers campaign is being paused at this moment due to it's full rework. In a while it will be back in completely different form with many interesting perks for our active streamers! Stay tuned for the news and prepare your streaming channels! Best regards, Classic Team
  4. HelloMake a ticket to support. Support staff will return it to you
  5. Dear friends! As year 2020, which has been eventful and challenging for all of us, winds away, we want to thank all of our players for being with us, for all your support, loyalty and trust in us. We want to wish all of you happiness, health and good fortune. Take care of yourselves and each other! And let year 2021 be a lot better in every life and game aspect. To celebrate Christmas, we are announcing Donation Bonus! From 24.12.2020 00:01 CET till 26.12.2020 23:59 CET All donations will come with 15% Bonus! And that's not it! From Friday server maintenance and all the way through till Monday maintenance, Enjoy x2 EXP/SP gain! Happy Holidays! Cheers, L2Classic.club
  6. Dear friends! Welcome our New Mount - Elk! Elk is available on Nostalgia NPC from December 21 (after server maintenance) till January, 4 Make a cool Christmas present for yourself or gift it to your friends! As any other mount, it can be used by characters completed 3rd class quest. Best regards, Classic Team
  7. Dear players! Today's planned maintenance might take a while longer time than usual. In order to play after the maintenance, client update required. Best regards, Classic Team
  8. Kse

    Christmas Event!

    Dear players! Please, welcome our guest Santa's Elf! He came to ask for your help! Santa's Elves are preparing for a happiest and busiest day of the year! And now they are busy with making Snowmen, which will decorate cities with their presence and bring even more magic on this day. But Elves garden was robbed and all carrots were stolen. And that is what they want your help with! Hunt monsters level 20+ all over the game world and gather Carrots! When you will gather good amount of Carrots, come to the Santa's Elf. He will teleport you to a magic place, where Snowmen are being made. Your job is to use a skill Throw Carrot (which consume 1 Carrot) on a Snowman you prefer. After skill is used, you will receive Finished Snowman Selfie. Gather 30 Finished Snowman Selfies and return to the Santa's Elf. To do so, find little fellow Green. He will teleport you back to town. Santa's Elf will take them from you and as a reward will give you Elf's Gift. And every 12 hours you can get from Santa's Elf a Elf's Blessing Gives a buff, which randomly increases 1 of stats* and EXP gain*1 of following stats, picked randomly:+STR+DEX+CON+WIT+INT+MENBuff improves every hour and lasts 4 hours in total. Level 1 buff gives + 1 of random stat + 3% EXP/SP Level 2 - no changes on stat + 5% EXP/SPLevel 3 - +2 of the same stat +9% EXP/SPLevel 4 - no changes on stats + 15% EXP/SP But look who is sitting next to a Santa's Elf! It's Evil Bunny! He is here for your Carrots as well. And he wants you to give them to him instead of helping to Santa's Elves with making Snowmen. You can exchange 30 Carrots for a Bunnies Gift And you can also get from him Bunnies Roar Gives a buff, which randomly gives +1/-1 random stats* and EXP gain *1 of following stats sets, picked randomly: +STR -DEX +STR -CON +STR -WIT +STR -INT +STR -MEN +DEX -STR +DEX -CON +DEX -WIT +DEX -INT +DEX -MEN +CON -STR +CON -DEX +CON -WIT +CON -INT +CON -MEN +WIT -STR +WIT -DEX +WIT -CON +WIT -INT +WIT -MEN +INT -STR +INT -DEX +INT -CON +INT -WIT +INT -MEN +MEN -STR +MEN -DEX +MEN -CON +MEN -WIT +MEN -INT Buff improves every hour and lasts 4 hours in total. Level 1 buff gives +1/-1 of random stats + 3% EXP/SP Level 2 - +2/-2 of the same stat +5% EXP/SP Level 3 - +3/-3 of the same stat +9% EXP/SP Level 4 - +4/-4 of the same stat + 15% EXP/SP But remember! Once every 12 hours you can take either Elf's Blessing or Bunnies Roar. You can not have 2 buffs from both at a time. So choose which you prefer wisely. Both of them will be cancelled while on Olympiad. List of rewards, which can be obtained by opening Elf's Gift. (1 reward from the list at the time): List of rewards, which can be obtained by opening Bunnies Gift (1 reward from the list at the time): Hats, Agathion and Cloak looks: Event Duration: December, 14 - January 8 NPCs will stay till January, 11 In order to see Event NPCs and Items, Client update is required! Have a great Holidays with L2Classic.Club Your Classic Team
  9. Kse

    Lucky Weekend!

    Dear friends! Starting today and all the way till the end of Sunday, it's a Lucky Weekend! Try your luck in remastered Lucky Wheel And get a chance to win good prizes Have a great weekend on L2classic.club! Best regards, Classic Team
  10. Dear players! Black Friday on L2Classic.club is coming! Get 20% Bonus for ALL Donations from 20.11.2020 00:00 CET till 21.11.2020 23:59 CET And from server maintenance on Friday 20.11.2020 all the way till maintenance on Monday, 23.11.2020, enjoy Double EXP Weekend! Have a great time with L2Classic.club! Best regards, Classic Team
  11. Dear players! Tomorrow, November 11th, at 10-00 CET we are planning to make server maintenance. Expected downtime - 15 minutes. Best regards, Classic Team
  12. Kse

    5th Anniversary Flash mob!

    And here is our Flash mob report! We are very happy that so many players joining us on such events! More Flash mobs are to come! Best regards, Classic Team
  13. Dear players! With tomorrow's server maintenance, new update will be installed. Server will be put down at 10:00 CET time and will stay under the maintenance for at least 2 hours. In order to log in game after, client update will be required after the maintenance. Best regards, Classic Team
  14. All requested rewards were delivered. Exception - Runes for Perma PA for the winners. They will be delivered tomorrow. If it happened that someone is missing something, please, pm me and i will check it out.