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  1. Kse

    Event Winter attack!

    And here is the time to announce the winners of a final round! And here they are: BobSponja - Oh sh*t, I should have taken the blue pill!! Robbin92 - What? I'm not FAT !! I carry a lot of water weight ! Robbin92 - You broke my ice, but not my spirit ! Robbin92 - Star light, star bright, please dont let me melt tonight ! Our congratulations! To claim your reward, PM me your character's nickname Best regards, Classic Team
  2. Kse

    Event Winter attack!

    Here are the winners of Second round of the contest! This time we had only 1 spawning phrase winner, but 3 dying messages winners! And here they are: Jsem - Wait... What i'm doing here? iOrdinator - Let’s use plan B. Run for you life! Autiampouras - At least let me set an offlineshop..... Autiampouras - Oh not again bsoe.... Our congratulations! To claim your reward, PM Kse with nickname if your character in game. There is still more time till the end of Sunday to participate in third and last round! Don't miss your chance! Best regards, Classic Team
  3. Kse

    Event Winter attack!

    And here is winners of the first part of the Event announcement! Since we had a lot of good participations, and it was very hard to pick 1 of each, we have decided, that this time there will be 3 winners for each, spawning and dying messages! Number of winners in next contest parts will also depend on amount of participations! And here are our winners: Spawn phrases: SemenArsonist - Ice to meet you! FryderykChopin - Which one of you spoiled brats took my nose? Doom Gloom - So you want some broken ice? Well, over my melted body! Dying phrases: Doom Gloom - I'll rate you .. sub-zero. MakaveLi - Hope I will never see you again !!! SemenArsonist - Snow must go on.... Our congratulations! To claim your rewards, please, PM Kse with your character nickname And for the ones who didn't win, there is still 2 more rounds! Good luck! Best regards, Classic Team
  4. Kse

    Event Winter attack!

  5. Kse

    Event Winter attack!

    It's almost Spring time, but it's still so cold! Ohh, it's Snowmen, which decided to make winter last forever! We souldn't let it happen! Find NPC Elia in Aden! She needs your help! To take a place in the Event and stop the winter, hunt monsters level 20+ all over the map and get from them Glowing Ice Glowing Ice can be used to summon a Snowman! To defeat it, you will need Dragon's Breath potion, which can be purchased at Elia. As soon as you got both Glowing Ices and a stack of Dragon's Breath potions, get out of the peaceful zone, summon Snowmen and kill them all! Each defeated Snowman will drop for you Broken Ice, which you need to deliver to Elia. As a reward, you will receive Spring Savior Gift By opening it, you will get 1 of random rewards. The list of rewards can be found at Elia NPC. (Pictures of hat/agathion will be posted later) Have fun saving the Spring! But that's not it! We want you to take a place in Event creation! That is why we are announcing mini contest! As you will notice, every Snowman is very talkative. Every time it comes and goes, it has a need to make a comment. But... Their melting fantasy is not allowing them to be very original. Help snowmen expand their vocabulary! Make up original and funny spawning and dying phrases for the Snowman and write both here as a comment. Example: Spawning: Phrase 1 Dying: Phrase 2 Before every restart while Event is running, we will pick the best phrases (1 for spawning and 1 for dying, which can be both from same participant, or from different participants) and will add them to the Snowmen. The winners, whos phrases will be added to Snowmen's vocabulary, will receive 10 Spring Savior Gifts for each winner phrase. Every participant can offer maximum 3 spawning and 3 dying comments per Event duration. Last participation day - March, 17 Good Luck! Event duration: March, 8 - March, 22 NPC will stay till restart on March, 25 IMPORTANT! In order to see Event NPCs and Items, Client update required Best regards, Classic Team
  6. Kse

    Scammer !!

    They are using the one with dot now as well. It looks like live:koll.classic and it is NOT Koll's contact Koll's Skype is Koll.classic without anything else. NO "live", NO "_", NO other symbols or numbers I am very glad to see that we have vigilant players
  7. Kse

    Valentine's Day contest "Love is..."

    Rewards were sent to everyone, who PMed me and got all questions solved . Still waiting for the rest in PM!
  8. Kse

    Valentine's Day contest "Love is..."

    Reward delivery will start today! Whoever still didn't send me PM with your nickname - hurry up.
  9. Kse

    Valentine's Day contest "Love is..."

    1. Noble 2. Golden 3. Silver 4. Guardian 1. Dark knight 2. Iron suit 3. Santa suit
  10. Kse

    Valentine's Day contest "Love is..."

    Dear friends! The time to announce contest winners has come! First of all, we want to thank everyone, who participated! We enjoyed all your works! But since the contest participation was limited by February, 14, works which came after could not compete. Still, by our decision first 2 late birds SemenArsonist and Arkadio will get from us 3x 2nd Class buff scrolls. And, since only 4 people participated in 2nd nomination, we decided to reward all 4! And now what we are gathered here for, OUR WINNERS!: Winners in 1st Nomination are: Daosan and the work Masha and the work Katon and the work Winners in 2nd Nomination are: ZaZaDaKiLLa and the Comics roksteris and the Comics Daosan and the Comics Salazar and the Comics Congratulations to all our winners! To claim your reward, please, sent Private message to Kse with list of rewards you want to get and name of the character for winners and a name of the character for participant.. Please, choose wisely! As soon as rewards will be added, they will stay bound to that character with no option to swap it somewhere. For Winners - Title of the message should be "Contest winner", for participants - "Contest participant" Rewards will be sent as soon as we will get majority of nicknames in PM. Best regards, Classic Team
  11. Greetings, dear friends! We are going to celebrate this great Holiday with Forum Contest! Photo Contest "Love is..." is now ON! Contest has 2 nominations: 1. Single picture, based on screenshot from our server, of how you see Love. 2. Mini-comics about love, based on screenshots from our server. To help you with holiday outfit, visit Dion and find Valentine's messenger! He will share with you Valentine's Blessing (This buff will give you increased EXP/SP gain for 1 hour. Available once every 24 hours during contest time) and will give you all you might need to make great pictures for the contest! To see Valentine's messenger, you have to update your client! Pictures for both nominations can be edited in any graphic redactor Everyone can participate in both nominations. Maximum 3 works in 1 nomination are being accepted. If more than 3 will be posted, only first 3 will count. To participate in the contest you need to make your work and post it as a comment here in this thread. Everything, that is not contest participation work, will be deleted. Works, which will not match the theme of the contest will be withdrawn from participation. Contest time: 11.02.2019 - 14.02.2019 On 15.02.2019 we will pick 3 winners in each nomination with best pictures. The winners will receive: 1 month PA Colored Title Hair accessory* by choice Outfit**/Cloak*** by choice All participants, who didn't win will get: 1 week PA Good luck everyone! * From all hats presented at Nostalgia NPC ** From all outfits, presented in Streamers Club NPC *** From all cloaks from previous events
  12. Kse

    Isno stream!

    Referral link - http://l2classic.club/account/reg/isno8
  13. Kse


    Hello! Please, contact support via tickets system on the website
  14. Hello! Bots are not allowed on our server. This person was checked and banned, thank you for report. But next time, please, send bot reports to correct sub-forum
  15. Kse


    Hello! You need to make a ticket to support