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  1. Kse

    Ch teleport to rune

    Being fixed
  2. Kse

    Genius Idea

    Actually it's not genius In your case the rock is a tool, which is allowing your character to perform game operations by itself. And rules are pretty strict about it
  3. Kse

    L2classic.club Streaming campaign

    Steaming registering results for today: RedHornCP: Registrations - 2 Achievements - 3 Coins earned - 30 SmilePictures: Registrations - 22 Achievements - 6 Coins earned - 10 Rewards for streaming activity: SmilePictures: - 15 Coins To receive your rewards, please, send personal message with your ingame nickname to Kse. And don't forget to bump your stream topic every time you go live! Best regards, Classic Team
  4. Kse

    Zaken Promotion!

    Only 2 days left till the end of promotion! Hurry to get your gifts!
  5. Data and logs transfer is taking longer than expected. It should take around 1 more hour.
  6. Kse

    Zaken 2.0 Update is Here!

    You can download the updater, put it in the empty folder and run. It will download the client for you Links will be updated very soon
  7. Dear friends! Now it's the best as never before time to join our server! You don't need to be afraid to start from 0 on the server, which is almost 4 years old. And now we will explain why. We have a lot of features, which will help our newcomers! Starting Pack Some Quests increased Adena reward Herb of Progress Moon Knight Quest Achievement System New Permanent Event - Cloe's Hats New Quests for beginners Best regards, Classic Team
  8. Dear friends! Zaken update is going Live 07.10.2019 at 11:00 CEST! Current server will be put down at a usual maintenance time (11:00 CEST). Estimated down time - 3 hours. Please, make sure you have new Client ready! If not - you can find download links in this topic Current client won't work after the update! Every Client has to be updated with the Updater Zaken status when server goes up - Dead (same as it was with Baium) Don't forget to pay attention to new Loop macro regulations, which will apply tomorrow with Zaken patch launch. Best regards, Classic Team
  9. Kse

    Zaken stress test 05.10.2019

    We want to thank everyone, who participated in first stage of Stress Test! It went very good, and you let us make sure, that login is working good, and the server doesn't have any issues with many players performing actions at the same place and/or at the same time. Rewards to participants will be added when Zaken will go Live on October, 7! And now you can participate on stability part of the Stress test! Just spend 2+ hours in game (not on offline shop) till Tomorrow, October 6th, 11:00 CEST! Best regards, Classic Team
  10. Kse

    Zaken stress test 05.10.2019

    Topic was updated. New date and time is in the main post!
  11. Kse

    Zaken OBT is ON!

    OBT server is on the maintenance, it will be up within 1 hour. In order to join OBT server you will need to update the client
  12. Kse

    Zaken Promotion!

    Dear friends! In connection with the Zaken update, we are announcing a promotion! You and your friends can log in your Master account on the Website, press and get the Zaken Update Gift Box ! - - - - - Use promocode - - - > ZAKEN < - - - to get your reward! - - - - - The box contains 2 rewards: 100% reward - Singer & Dancer Agathion for 7 days. Secret Cube with a random reward**. Promotion duration: 30.09.2019 - 20.10.2019 * Only 1 box per Master Account (all accounts tied to one Email) ** All items from Secret Cube cannot be sold/exchanged/dropped In order to see reward, you need to update the Client! Best regards, Classic Team
  13. Dear players! From now on, our G2A is accepting donations via WeChat Full information of how to make a donation you can find in this topic. Best regards, Classic Team
  14. Kse

    Loop macro regulations

    Dear players! While loop macros disabling process is still being worked on, starting with launch of Zaken update, we are applying Loop macro regulations. From October, 7 it is FORBIDDEN to use loop macro while farm! Punishment for the violation - account ban as for everything in rule 1.1 of Project rules. The rule will be edited to include new regulations on October, 7 Also, with Zaken update ALL players macros will be deleted! Make sure you will remember all important (not farm) macros so it won't take much time to remake them. If a player will have saved loop macro for farm while being checked for bot / for´╗┐bidden soft usage, this will be an aggravating circumstance. As soon as final solution for macros disabling will be applied, they will stop working completely and server will have only standard old style macros system. Best regards, Classic Team
  15. Kse

    Provisional Clan Halls

    Dear players! We are happy to announce long awaited Provisional Clan Halls! With Zaken update 18 new Clan Halls will come to become home (even tho temporary) for many players! 10x Orchid Halls: 5x Elia Halls: 3x Laurell Halls: Clan Halls functions and information how to get them will be available in the patch notes within few days! Best regards, Classic Team