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  1. Clan SoulScar recruiting Active Players

    I'm not the only one complaining, talk to "y0lo" or well, look at this picture
  2. Clan SoulScar recruiting Active Players

    The clan which blows people with no previous warning?
  3. WTB SB: Summon Phantom Cubic

  4. WTB SB: Summon Phantom Cubic

  5. WTB SB: Summon Phantom Cubic

  6. WTB SB: Summon Phantom Cubic

    Forum PM or Mail "Khaligoth"
  7. WTB Sword Of Whispering Death/Homunkulus

  8. WTS Brigandine Full Set +3

    The set includes gloves/boots. PM offer or whisper in game "Khaligoth"
  9. Return market to towns

    I prefer semi-empty towns than having to TP several times to go to giran and to come back. Also, not everybody have enough money to set an offline shop. Indeed, I think one of the reasons there are free ofline shops in GH It's to help newbies to sell their stuff (though NG/D grade is hard to sell anyway). But I have seen several newbies selling their stuff in GH and It's good to see them there imo. Not every newcomer has the same mindset btw. I mean, personally, as a newcomer, I would prefer to have a free TP to a market zone than having to TP to dion/giran to check if there's something useful for me. As a newcomer, I would not TP to dion/giran because I prefer to save adena. I don't know how do you feel about this, but since the offline shops are free in GH I see an noticeable influx of new players. Could the GH market zone be a reason? Could be or could be not. Because let's be honest here, it's "beautiful" to see giran full of shops, yep, I agree, but it's impractical in many ways. If I would be searching for X weapon/armor It'd be a pain for me to keep checking giran/dion every now and then (some people sells C stuff in dion as you may know) because of the TP.
  10. new on server

    Very active, 1000+