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  1. Forgot to ask but what Rune should i ues ? Crit or Attack speed?
  2. Ah okey, might be going with DA atlest thats what i feel atm atlest
  3. What do you mean but "less adena from each mob" ?
  4. Hmm is it even cheaper to ues SS on pet then SK ?
  5. Ah forgot about that, dont they also have Hex?
  6. Ahh nice nice, was just thinkin DA might be faster becouse of Pet but i might be wrong there.
  7. Looking for info about Tanks ( DA and SK ) for both / PvE and PvP / Solo farming / party farming / RB's / gear wise / etc etc
  8. ErroR


    WTT: Doom heavy set for BW heavy set WTS SLS +9 WTS Full plate set (Gloves boots shield) Mail ure price inGame "AliyahLove
  9. ErroR

    WTB ~ WTS

    WTB Demon Dagger +0 // CM Dagger +10++++ --------------------------------------------------------------- WTS Top D Duals +10 ( Bastard*Elven) Top D Fist (Scallpo Jamadhr) SB: CDL SB: Divine Power SB: Horror SB: Death Whisper Elven Mithril set 10% EXP Fish stew PM / mail price in game "AliyahLove
  10. ErroR

    WTB Top D Wep +10+++

    Looking for Dagger, Cursed / Mithril +10+++ also looking for Staff (goat) or Sword ( FOG ) all +10++ pm/mail price "At3
  11. For the lvling i'll probbly be doing it on my Dark Knight, since all those are boxes Summoner is gonna be main but since we dont have beast shots atm i'll do it on Knight. and will be much easyer once we get 2.0 with the new macro system aswell
  12. Alright, what armor would be better ? also have mithril set, and top D jewels.
  13. Moon set or whatever it calld from Lv.25 quest and Top D Duals +10 Class will be: Wizard / Dark Knight / Elf Knight