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How to recover Game Account password

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Kse    576

Dear friends!

In this tutorial we learned how to recover Account manager password.

But to log in game, you need to know game account password. If you don't remember it, please follow next few simple steps:

1. Log to the Account manager 

2. In front of your game account press the button "Recovery password"


3. In the opened window with your email address press "Send me email"


4.  System will ask you for the verification code.


5. This code can be found in the inbox of your email.


6. Copy verification code and paste it in the form. Click "Check code"


7. Right after system will ask you to put and confirm your new password

Put your password and click "Save changes".


7. After it's done, you will see "Success" message on your screen.




Your password was changed and now you can log on your account in game!


Best regards,

Classic Team

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