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  1. ObiVanKenobE

    WTB Damascus Recipe

    WTB Damascus Recipe
  2. ObiVanKenobE

    Event Winter attack!

    some changes on drop Event item?
  3. ObiVanKenobE

    New player looking for some insight

    unreal prices of spellbooks for SK ) unreal chance of drop )
  4. ObiVanKenobE


    im asking just to know )) can i spoil them in some farm places or not ) someone told that spoil EW EA deleted) cant find any information about this
  5. ObiVanKenobE


    Good day! From all mobs deleted spoil Scroll of Enchant Weapon or Armor all grades?
  6. ObiVanKenobE


    i download some patch to see drop spoil from monsters can i use that?
  7. ObiVanKenobE

    Zaken Update

    i read that u are adding "new treasure chest" it will drop EWeapon or armor scrolls or this mob will be only on zaken island like in offical?
  8. ObiVanKenobE


    Have any normal patch to see drop and spoil from monsters?
  9. ObiVanKenobE


    omg /delete "concrete" and /change to "nearly date"
  10. ObiVanKenobE


    Dear administration can u tell concrete date of update?
  11. ObiVanKenobE

    Набор в клан FEAR

  12. ObiVanKenobE

    Adena sellers

    Good day Server Administration! Can u do somthing with this "spam" adena seller?
  13. ObiVanKenobE


    Есть ли какие то квесты 40-41 подскажите пожалуйста в Ворлд инфо нету..