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  1. Also being too toxic in clan chat can make you get kicked,be aware
  2. I had a case when B grade guy came and kept stunning me untill mobs kill me,while im with d grade...makes no sense for me but i just switched spots and moved on...posting on forums won't help u get the exp/items back...if you have such problems either move to another location or find friends/clan to help you deal with ths problem
  3. Sometimes even distance matters...i've noticed that casters/healers have a higher chance to take the aggro from the tank, if they are close to the boss...also different spells/skills have different ammount of aggro generation...while the tank only uses aggression, the sws/bd are hitting and using skills which can generate more aggro. Also the level difference matters...sometimes the rb focuses on the lowest level player in the group as it is considered an easier target....those are just personal observations might be all wrong
  4. cursebg


    Мисля да започна на този сървър с танк,но се чудя дали ще е полезен....на последния лоу рейт който играх, ми беше трудно да се облека и да фармя соло, а повечето цп-та не търсят танкове...та има ли смисъл да правя танк или да си играя дпс....?