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  1. Active WL lvl 76 lf active&international clan or cp Timezone: EU Mail Mamanz ingame
  2. The problem: When hunting multiple mobs (e.g. 3 or more) and killing them on the same time (AoE), the max received quest items can be up to 2. AoE oriented characters such as WL cannot use their unique abilities in order to complete their quests. Steps to reproduce: Hunt 10 mobs - kill them all at once Expected result: In case quest reward rates is 100% - get 10 quest items Actual result: 2 quest items were obtained
  3. Hey, Wondering if will we see these summons again, and when? Thanks
  4. Hey, I'll start playing here although i don't have much time to play. Any suggestion for a class that can solo (without boxes)? nukers are excluded Any wiki for classic Zaken version? Tnx.
  5. Thank you for your answers guys.
  6. Hello, I started to play here yesterday, and i have some questions: 1. I played before on classic server - innova "skelth". can anyone note what's the possitive advantages comparing to skelth server (expect that this server is F2P)? 2. How many ppl playing here? (or at least average online per evening) 3. There is ETA when the 2.0 version will be released? Thanks