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  1. and still you are all commenting about the npc buffer and not for vote reward that its still something important...people need motivation to vote,more votes more ppls on server
  2. ‚Äči didnt made that topic to take a personal advantage i play 1 week i m already 38lvls i have buffer i just made that suggestions because i believe the server will gather more people that way...
  3. Hello all first of all i would like to say that you done great work with the server its the best classic server i ever played but i would like to make 2 suggestions to put thme into a poll for the people of the server if you like: the first one is the vote reward not for the reward so much but to make people vote to give them a motivation so you can add smth little as reward like x2 buff set like you give to the new players or smth little like that and the next one is the npc newbie buffer because i think it would be great help especially for those who start solo,they still gonna have to make buffers etc for higher lvl's but for start is smth...thats all i had to say ty for your time
  4. New GR/INT Clan lvl3 +6% XP Clan Skill Recruiting Active Players Ingame Name Fearless7 Or Apply For D00M