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  1. Little update This video is related to the main one so i'm just gonna post it under this topic. Smile :)
  2. Summer 2017 was the time when it all was borned
  3. As i uploaded this video i also made everyone cry. Even myself, tho i've seen this video multiple times while editing. I knew it would hit hard, but not this hard
  4. Gf mate. I luv how u facestabbed me. I felt like zaza regardless that fight with me was harder than with her.
  6. It looks like simple olympiad video isn't it? But is it? Now there's nothing much to say from me since everything been said. After hate under my Hell Knight Olympiad video I seriously started thinking about my existence and been wondering if I should make another one. I've been gone few months already, but I couldn't leave without proper goodbye. So here it is. With help from @Emperior and possibility to use @cancerkid duelist, I've made this. Only some people will understand what it really is about. The rest may just enjoy the show. KYS <3
  7. Is there something u cant understand? U preffer the loot system we had, that was basically letting you create just command channel with anything, touch rb, get looting rights. And it was entire effort you could put, just slap rb ass and watch it dying and dropping all the items which you, of course deserve for SUCH AN EFFORT.
  8. up for Critical Wounds
  9. Dance of Light i believe. You know, for that HOLY DAMAGE
  10. There is no autism without me. Nice clickbait
  11. Why do i feel like i've seen it before?
  12. Nevalon

    top meele cp POV

    Does it even looks like it has 155 replies atm? Tho yday morning its been showing 17 replies here. Keep going
  13. Nevalon

    top meele cp POV

    Tbh i later on though about nrolla party. I didnt have him in mind, it was kinda accident, tho if i had wrote tyrant instead of gladi then it would suit more for now i guess. Anyway dont worry keep clicking
  14. Nevalon

    top meele cp POV

    Ofc, so many dances to click. And you must use them SMURT especially while having necro+glad+th in your party.
  15. Just flag on randoms. EZ