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  1. Pretenting to be someone who you are not but you wanna be it's even worse !
  2. crumichi is to retarded .Why even bother explain him ?
  3. Well now it's much better atleast we see people who actually lost all day long trying to drop people in GC / DI . Now what the fuck will floor1 do ? he will need to actually farm / pvp for some time spend on this server ? GZ San0 for update.
  4. Maax

    Kuoga's Souls hunt

    i actually wanted to understand if you can change rate of succes depending on the level of the enchanting. i mean 5% from +5 to +6 for example . Again my problem is that today i tried to enchant bellions . 5 of them from +3 to +8 1st try and all broke from +8 to +9 . I find it funny and i was currious if there is something modified on weapons from level to level ( enchanting level ) . I don't know if i am expresing myself correct for you to understand but i hope you got the ideea ,
  5. Maax

    Kuoga's Souls hunt

    How can you change the rate on 1 to 3 ? i mean can you do this also for rest of the weapons ? because some days +4 to +5 seems so impossible !
  6. Maax

    Test server is available

    Does anyone have l2.ini link for download it ? i can't find for test server
  7. 2 more days event please !!! i have weekend events !
  8. Everyone talking about deleting 100 scrolls but none new player. Of course why you fckers need completion as a soon as possible? when you can still play prime without serious competition. Why should new people come farm these scrolls to come pvp you during your prime. Gz Sano and rest for making this update
  9. yy sorry. i just liked the title and here everyone could read their replies when they had something against dev8 pk'ing !
  10. @iOrdinator My character is Maax + Mooiko .Not many people know me . you definettly don't . I mean i don't speak with people who play the strongest side and every time it changes so does him for some little extra drop . Cheers !
  11. oh , by the way. I post wherever i like to , what you gonna do ? pk ?
  12. Who said, who is bad or who is "guut" ?
  13. I only can laugh at this ! but .. You've never exp my boxex , don't brag with things you did not do . I had in CC alt chars party 1 char ( the char that died for zaken failures, bishop or tyrant and that happened 3-4 times ). wtf are you talking man ? when ever did you CC my own party of boxex ? Give me 1 time or tell me boxex name ? again check history and see that i did not say you guys are bad , you wish maybe this reputation but it's all about you pretending to be like following quote : Yes from time to time i log wc or bd or whatever we missing in party trying to make proper pt . We usually make 2 parties every night ( europeans + brazilians + asians + etc ). PS : And 1 last thing , if you think pk'ing our DD's at the end of the raid will stop us, shows how noob you really are because rest of the chars still get exp. So yes i will come every night for my future/ possible cp members get proper exp or drop !