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  1. Hello everyone! My name is Dimitar, from Bulgaria (GMT +2), 34 years old. Im very dedicated to my work (programming) and sometimes I have a lot of time to play, but sometimes I dont, therefore I can not join any party with fixed prime. Im looking for a clan with a community just like me, so we can gether in small groups, farm and have fun I prefer playing on my ES or SE both 40 + something lvl but I can play whatever is needed to fill the party. The main goal is to play L2 and have fun Also I speak russian (Im 1/2 russian ) but my english is better.
  2. Здравейте, присъединих се към сървъра вчера. Има ли български клан, за да вляза в академията (ако има академии и репутация)?
  3. OK that brings everything to another level. I have around 10-12 PCs here
  4. Here is one off topic question: can I log my second account on another PC, or I cant because we share the same IP?
  5. When it is expected 2.0 to come?
  6. Thanks for the replies guys
  7. I just started here too. Is this troll? I'm still in DE village and I see no people.