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  1. Just letting you know to be careful with this 877988HH buffer, accepts trades and then dosen't buff people, and dosen't reply. We waited 5 minutes, tried to pm , just ignores and dosen't buff.
  2. Mvs

    Testimony of life quest bug

    you need to back to get the last item. It dosent show in quest, go back to the mobs and kill them until it drops, then u can deliver it. PS: it is called Talin's Peridot
  3. Mvs

    classes rarity

    1. Most requested classes right now, probably tanks, sws and EE/SE's 2. Dont see that happening much, maybe sws a little, but there are many sws 40+, so that will be filled soon. 3. Don't think there is one, even clerics raid with bows, and everybody accepts them. 3(Again?) Yes its 100% possible to level without boxing, but you need atleast 20ish. You can go giran harbor many buffers give buffs for free 0-19. 4. Server is growing for sure, I see new people everyday 0-40 range.
  4. Mvs

    Omg this server is so hard for new players!

    I was very reluctant about starting on this server, but in the end i'm really happy I joined. When I asked what to expect from here, people were honest enough to share the hard truth. I took a shot and i'm having loads of fun playing, ye it's a hard experience, but that's what Real L2 is about isn't it? If you're looking for something easy on a L2 Classic low rate server you probably have no idea what Lineage 2 really is. I've met a lot of people so far, also convinced some friends to join. I joined a small clan with max lvl 40, and about 15-20 members online, if you don't want to box a buffer you will have to be consistent to find a group. It's not something you can find in first 10 hours in the game, and you actually have to apply your social interaction abilities, it does take a while, but you will for sure find it. I've been on the same boat recently, and I have no single regret of joining. Good luck with your choice
  5. Mvs

    What to expect?

    Hello, I played here at start, "Hype Hype, Right?", but I figured out I didn't have much free time to keep on, so since then and until now I haven't played it anymore, but now i'm free of work for a couple of months. I saw some posts around the web, saying this is one of the most stable servers around and I felt like taking a look. Made a new character(Mine had crappy NG weapon) and played for a few hours. You guys think there's a chance of me finding a group in nearby future to play along with? I took a look at the recruitment section, and people like me who are/were looking for groups had no replies whatsoever. In-game for a starter, the server looks dead and i don't like playing with a bot-buff-train. So my question is, since you're way more aware of the current game state, what can I expect? And if it was you would you start now? Thanks for reading
  6. Mvs

    What to expect?

    Thank you for your opinions, I guess I'll checking somewhere else, if until the 2.0 update (Apparently seems to be far) there's nothing that entertains me, I'll see if I can roll a group from start. Thanks!