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  1. Salut, Am inceput aici acum o saptamana si am deja 2 chars de lvl 40 un pp si un dd , ma intreseaza daca sunt romani care mai joaca pe server sa facem party/duo/clan. Multumesc,
  2. Thank you guys for the best wishes , i want to say that i know de archer it`s hard to play due to low hp and many other negative stats comparing to human archer, but his critical dmg it`s insane , i have played him alot on interlude and hb.
  3. Hello guys, I`m a new player with a experience on low rate server`s ( i have played old dex from c3 until HB ). After a long break i saw this server and i wanted to play as like in the old times . Currently i`m lvl 28 i have made dark elf archer and leveling also my buffer in the same time. I`m looking for a clan that has active people and want`s to do more then farming... I`m playing like 1-8 hours a day but it depends.....cuz i`m working. If anybody can give me some hits/info about the server and how many ppl play`s here it will help me for my start SharpBlade - archer SoulEat3r - future pp If somebody would like to party with me Thank you & have fun